CNW Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                 January 10th, 2011

-Saul called meeting to order @ 7:03pm

- guests: Tahoma, Becca, and Lane were in attendance

- not enough board members for a quarum so not voting will take place

-review last meeting minutes: no questions (but no motion to approve because no quarum)

-NWR Report: 2010 was the best year for CNW profits

- Finances:

                - Began 2010 with $5,841.95 and ended with $13,516.71 -> BEST STARTING POSITION FOR 2011 EVER

                - Getting close to keeping a ‘reserve’ fund mentioned in last meeting (approx $9,271 in savings)

                - Reso Run last year was a highlight in profits

                - Membership money is WAY UP

                - Firecracker:  we took in < anticipated because we had to hire volunteers (we need to have more board/club members organize and commit to volunteering so we don’t hire volunteers at a loss)

                - team expenses were down because we took in a lot of money in donations to cover the expected loss

                - We need to begin to note, in the financial reports, how much prize money CNW teams win at all the different championships.


-          Starting 2011 awesome with $3,000 already from the Reso Run.

-  Ed questioned Bill about past credit card issues and inquired about the possibilities of changing banks

                > The executive committee is supposed to investigate a new way to link cards and accounts (whether or not that means changing banks)

-Tahoma suggests linking PayPal money directly to accounts so money is immediately deposited.


                - Jerry presents XC satisfaction survey to board & guests.

                                > Overall, people were satisfied (2/3 of participants responded)

                                > Things rated highly were; communications, WWU experience, national experience

                                > Things people would like to see improved were more social activities and the regional meet experience.

                                > Subjective comments are to be analyzed by the teams committee at the next meeting and present results/solutions to the board.

                - Key goal in the next 6 months is ELITE ATHLETE FUNDING!

                                > currently compiling an official list of our ‘elite team’

                                > raise more money for these athletes, make donations possible via the CNW website

                - Uniforms; Meghan (teams committee member) will now be taking over uniform duties from Becca.

                - Teams committee and Becca will begin preliminary arrangement for 2011 Club Track and Field National Championships.

                - 2014 is the 1st opportunity to bid host for T&F National Championships; possibly at Shoreline or W. Seattle stadium…Bill will look further into options for bidding to host this.

                -Brooks Funding;

                                > Currently working with Steve

                                > there are 14 athletes and maybe 5 more because some are Brooks ID athletes

- Membership:

                -Ed presents:

                                > Committee is still working on group runs: avg. of 9 runners per group (it is a lot more work than we thought….)

                                -Social events:

                                                > 1st one was last month; the X-mas light run and gathering at the Greenlake Grill.

                                                > Would like to keep all social events very small initially until organization is better.

                                                > Plan to keep events to coincide with the solstice calendar

                - We dropped the ball entirely on t-shirts and welcome letters for our new members!!!!!

                                > This is a top priority for the membership committee and are working to fix it.

                                > Bill; option to combine distribution and ‘welcoming’ with the magnussun series to save on delivery costs, etc.

- Communications:  no one present from committee.

- Events:

                -Reso Run:

                                > was HUGE success, with lots of volunteers!

                                > record numbers for registration; >1,900 people

                                > Many people lost their chips so didn’t get their times

                                > For next year, we would like to have another mat @ the corner so the announcer can announce the runners names as they come around the corner….and also another mat to register WHO actually goes into the water.

                                > Cold; problems with ice…need to be prepared for deicing!

                -Magnussun:  111 + people

                                > Slowly growing; there were lots of first time runners and lots of members!

                - Winter grand prix: averaged 140+ for the first three races!

                - We are already beginning to line up sponsors for the All-Commers series

                -> To use Husky Stadium for the spring Break open?

                - Emerald City track and Field is on June 11th

                - Bill discusses his technological hardships with his aging Mac...

                                >Ed makes a motion to for Bill to buy whatever computer he needs up to $3,000

                                                - David 2nds the motion

                                                - We ‘life lined’ John O’Hearn in order to make a quarum and pass the motion: he votes yes and motion passed

                                                > While we had him on the phone we also voted to approve last meetings minutes: Approved

~ Guest, Lane, questions the board how and if we would like to reach out to smaller running clubs? > She volunteers to be that voice and medium if, in the future, we so choose.

·         Saul adjourned at 8:47pm.