January 12, 2015


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Laura Mickelson, Carl Winter, Spencer Walsh, John O’Hearn, Bill Roe, Talia Ringer, Tom Potter, Frank Field, Kimber Hinson, Rick Albright

CONTRACTORS: Tahoma, Mark Bloudek, Brian Oster

GUESTS:  Rex Philpott, Jon Ricardi, Levi Keller, Jamie Cheever

Start of meeting: 7:10pm

Approval of November minutes

a.     Ed reviewed and found no issues

b.     No one else suggested changes

c.     Ed motioned that the September minutes be approved, Spencer seconded, motion passed


No new news to report. All will be covered in the old and new business.


1.     Martin financials will be provided to Brian/CNW up to 12/31 soon. No financials for Frank until at least February

2.     First issue was proofed at printer today

3.     A few ads in a month earlier than in previous years

4.     Lots of advertisers asking for pricing consistent with deals received in the past

5.     Future plans for advertising involve offering all platforms for one purchase, or separate web v. print purchases. Will be offered on a percentage of impressions the advertiser desires

6.     Some new content, “Double Take” and “Scenic Route”

7.     Best Times List takes annual month off in March, will resume in April

8.     Results may be moved entirely online via links. No advertisers are clamoring for this

9.     Awaiting new logo. Re-design will proceed after that

10.  Working on website next. Moved to new host. Will partner with Chuck to install AdSense or similar in Jan. Re-skin in Feb

11.  Will then attack Social Media accounts (creation of, and execution)

12.  Talked with Stephanie Tastad about selling ads on a commission-only basis

13.  Heather had baby in Dec, and is going to be Publishing Asst., and will manage business operations type of things

14.  Ironing out what events I will attend in 2015. Do not plan to hand out free magazines, but instead of considering offering pace bands made of TyVek

15.  March issue is “Wellness issue,” will feature a roundup of fitness monitors, anticipate story from Portland about a young former drug addict who used running to turn life around and qualify for Boston

16.  Will be in Portland Fri-Sun. Efforting meeting with Portland Marathon director and run show owners to sell NWR or advertise


CNW   Budget 2015




Reso Run







XC Nats


Sponsored Athletes










RRCA membership


Gear purchases


Annual meeting


Wild Apricot


Merchant services


New member exp.


Authnet gateway




All other events breakeven




-Expenses don't include:

$800 in estimated B&O taxes for 2014

$6,000 in estimated Federal Income taxes for 2013

$6,000 in estimated Federal Income taxes for 2014

$1,000 in estimated costs for tax filing review

$800 in estimated 1023 refiling costs


Current Balances:

BECU Checking


NWR Checking




People’s Bank Events Account



-Received $3,262 from NWR for December

-Have not yet received $2700 for our share of Track Nationals

-Tax filings to be reviewed by Matt Matson at Peterson Sullivan

-Merchant Services being evaluated.

-Club gear purchased in 2014 totaled: $4897


We are reviewing our current status regarding the 501(c)3 and our relationship with RRCA.




1.     Approved Tracy Wollshlager as the Membership Coordinator starting 3/1/15

2.     Merchant Services-2.2% currently and looking to lower this

3.     Talk of tacking on transaction fee for membership

a.     Trying to figure out what they are charged for each membership transaction and better decide a few

b.     Action: Committee will get together to discuss membership fee change and let us know in 2 months


1.     Sunday Run Day has been getting about 8-10 participants a week

2.      Joe will be leading St. Patty’s Day weekend run

3.     Trying to keep location consistent

4.     Committee open to a split run to attract more leaders


1.     Vanessa started an idea about offering more to our members beyond Tom’s group which is a closed group

a.     Possibly hire a coach to lead workouts on the Eastside and Westside

b.     Possibly connect with Shelby’s group up north

2.     Heather has been typing in membership renewals


1.     Mark and Ed made a motion to get boards concurrence on the team members who received stipends and Brooks Gear packages for 2015.

a.     Spencer seconded and all was in favor of this motion

b.     Money was given to Olympic potentials and age was considered

c.     All Brooks athletes are required to get same jacket and pants that will be screened to make team look more like a team

d.     Teams committee will spend money purchasing a few more outfits for other non-contracted athletes

2.     There is no track nationals this year so money will be allocated differently

3.     Club track nationals award money will be dispersed immediately as well XC money when given by USATF

4.     50’s men team won Club XC nationals overall!!

YOUTH: No one to report

No new news to report.


Most recent

Resolution Run

We had 1759 entries and 1521 finishers, down from the last few years, but not so far down that we aren't normally when the race is on a three or four day weekend.  Our volunteers were great, although we could have used a few more.  But Kimber did a GREAT job in recruiting.  Even with the overwhelming positive feedback we've received, there are ideas for improvement floating around.  More space blankets, clothing check getting that front table out earlier and using tags for personal bags, and more.


Winter Grand Prix

Race #3 had 150 finishers, and our revenues and expenses will result in about $1,000 profit from this year's series, despite higher parks fees.

Magnuson Series

Monthly race finishers has continue modest growth overall in our sixth year.  This really gives us a presence every month on the racing calendar, and our branding with Tahoma has been very positive.


Spring Break Open Meet

We are scheduled for March 28, and the meet will either be at West Seattle Stadium or the new Husky outdoor track facility.  A memo has been sent to the UW and met with initial positive response; however, nothing since that contact 45 days ago.  I will try to meet personally with UW personnel at the first indoor meet this Saturday.  Becca will be meet director.

Summer All-Comers

Shoreline is ours for 2015.  The track has been re-striped.  We have been told to expect our rental to be about the same as it has been.

In order to make the meets profitable, we need to sell all twelve meets plus at least one of our overall sponsorships.  Please forward me ideas.

Subway™ Washington Games

We have separated the meet from the all-comers, as it has grown too big.  We are working out a "qualification system" which involves all participants required to have a mark from our meets or another regular 2015 all-comers series, a 2015 Hershey meet, 2015 USATF Junior Olympics, or collegiate TFRRS marks from 2015.   We have already had a lot of inquiries.

A New Event

We need one more large income earner.  Lots of ideas have been floated.  A meet of miles or road mile seems to be leading, but other ideas are welcome.


We need a meeting, so we will schedule one in February.



1.     Club Northwest Facebook page has reached over 665 likes

2.     We have been posing volunteer and #sundayrunday reminders, which has been reaching about 300 people

3.     Posts of pics and updates from Club XC Championships reaches 2,281


1.     January Enews went out 4 days before January 1 to encourage people to sign up for Resolution run

a.     Sent out to 615 contacts

b.     44% opened (273 members)

2.     Looking for someone interested in writing “Athlete of the Enews”


1.     Prioritize top areas where website needs some work

a.     Call upon Chuck to help us make these changes happen

2.     Athlete profiles went out to all elite/sponsored athletes as a part of their application so these will be posted after sponsored athletes are chosen for 2015

Committee is looking for new members to join our committee if you know anyone interested!



Contract between CNW and Frank at NW Runner was sent out to all board members

Ed made a motion to approve Ed and Frank to sign the contract. Bill moved and all were in favor.


Annual meeting is set for March 21, 2015

a.     Membership committee will send invitation on Wild Apricot

b.     Location will be at the Brooks store in Fremont, which will save lots of money

c.     Ed, David, and Carl are going to visit the store

d.     Fremont Brewing Co will most likely donate beer

e.     Executive committee nominates board nominees

f.      Lauren Matthews resigns from the board

Meeting adjourned at 8:59pm


Next meeting at Brooks headquarters on Saturday March 21, 2015 for the Annual Meeting