January 11, 2016


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Kimber Hinson, Rick Albright, Craig Kenworthy, Talia Ringer, Levi Keller, Drea Garvue, John Ricardi, Laura Mickelson (@ 7:25pm)

CONTRACTORS: Heather Romano

GUESTS:  Brian Oster, Gavin Tucker

Start of meeting: 7:00pm


a.     PresidentŐs report in Enews

b.     Received several follow up emails which were positive in nature


á       Paid sponsored athletes

á       RRA membership

á       Winter Grand Prix income is looking good

á       $10,500 currently, hoping $11,000 more from Reso Run

á       This will be used to pay off Cross Country debts

á       Northwest Runner payout from the last 2 months of the year

á       Northwest Runner payouts are now quarterly


á      We need to wait and see how much money we will have for teams since there are limited funds at this time

á      One way to raise money is the board members can donate money and Saul/Ed will match up to $2000. Fundraiser goes through Sunday.


á      2015 Membership Stats

o   19 new family memberships

o   70 new memberships

o   189 renewals

o   Tracy is ordering our 2016 bath of t-shirts (which will be Blue).


á      Womens Run: January 24th @ 9:00 am at Alki Beach

o   Social Run followed by Top Pot/Starbucks

o   Event on facebook page, mentioned in E-News, and will send dedicated email next week


á      Sunday Run

o   Looking for leaders Feb 14th and 21st – Anyone interested?


á      Annual Meeting: March 5th at Experience Momentum

o   Proposed new format

¤   Less speakers

á      Shanon - keynote

á      Ed – State of the Club

á      Elections – is there a board member who wonŐt be on the ballot who would be willing to lead since Bill will be absent

¤  Informational flyer

á      Teams update

á      Communication update

á      Membership Update

á      Events Update

¤  More social time

¤  Possibility of brief yoga session

á      Northwest Runner Ad

o   Will use stock photos initially

o   Need high quality photos

o   Thank you note/gift to Erik


á      Applications sent out for travel fun stipends and Brooks gear

á      Formed new email account so applications are in one place

á      Mark, Ed, Tom, Carl and Levi will review applications

á      Unaware of what 2016 budget will be, but for now $4000 will be for teams. This will be reviewed after spring when they will have a better idea of budget and incoming funds

á      Focus will mostly be on getting people to trials: $500 travel stipend for those that go to trials and wear orange, $250 for those who go to the trials but wear a different jersey

á      If they are an ID athlete, they can wear orange all year, but Brooks wants them to wear Brooks kit at trials

á      Teams committee is working on drafting a uniform standard


No new news to report

EVENTS: Bill (on phone)


The 20th annual series continues about as it has in the last 19 years.  We have about the same number of entries as the last few years, although the number of open men and women has dropped and the races are now dominated by high school athletes.  Nathan Hale has provided a good number of workers and Redmond, Ballard, Jackson, Edmonds-Woodway, and Cedarcrest have the largest numbers of entries.


Budgetarily, we have taken in a bit more than in years past, most of which has come in on the online registration.  I tried to help sponsor SJJ by moving one race to Redmond to support the new store, but rental rates for any proposed course on the Eastside were more than double the cost of Magnuson, so we stayed home.  The series should provide about $1,500 in income for the club, which is normal.



Our 38th annual dry and 12th annual wet races werenŐt up to the most recent numbers, due to the race day falling during a four-day weekend which sends many folks to the slopes or otherwise out of town.  But a new city permitting system saved us nearly $2,000, BrianŐs smart ordering of fewer tee-shirts saved nearly $3500 over last yearŐs Óoverly optimisticÓ order, and we eliminated several other costs.  The bottom line currently — with only a few unknown bills at this point (security, music fees, pick-up truck rental, all of which are budgeted) — is just over $17,000 before any revenue-sharing is discussed with Pro-Motion Events.


Kimber did a GREAT job of marshaling the teams and other volunteers to help out, so we were very well staffed.  The tags she bought at Office Depot for bag check worked extremely well.  Many thanks to Spencer W, Jacob L, and John O — among other — for being flexible enough to be put in areas they probably hadnŐt contemplated.  And kudos to Rick A and Jeanette B who were there very early, spent long hours, and were among the last (along with Kimber) to leave.


Overall reaction to the run by participants was very positive, and the only hitches I am aware of were the long load-out time after the event, the mud-ice stretch along the base of Kite Hill, and the icy stretch in the shade from the boat launch to the finish, causing finish line folks there to move eventually the ÓwetÓ folks to the ÓdryÓ side, which down the road complicated the kidŐs dash.  


Next year, we need more tags for bags, maybe a concessionaire for hot beverages, maybe the kids dash before the runs to avoid kids slipping on the ice at the finish, and way more vendorsÉ  Other thoughts?



As was mentioned in an earlier report, this meet — which very often I am unable to attend (was not there in 2015 and will not be around in 2017 and 2019 as I attend World Cross) — was the subject of a conversation between Becca and Karl Lerum at SPU during last yearŐs meet, and Karl and I subsequently agreed that SPU would take over the meet.  They were desirous of having a home meet, and we were always struggling to get enough folks to work all of the events.  CNW members will still be welcome to compete and/or help, but SPUŐs assumption of the budget will mean that they can contract with PNTF officials to do the lionŐs share of the work.  It has been renamed the Doris Heritage Distance Festival, but offers most events we offered, and keeps our meet records, a few of which date back to the early 1990s.



As most of you know from my previous reports, Shoreline is getting a new track and infield this summer, and they are starting right after their last event on May 25.  So we need a temporary one-year home.  I made a few site visits and considered other sites:

        last time this happened we went to Redmond for the bulk of the season.  Numbers were low.

        West Seattle was a regular site long ago.  I am unwilling to drive through Seattle traffic to get there on a weekday.

        Shorewood has a new track, but insufficient lighting and no way to have a single, secure entry gate.

        Lynnwood — a site in 1997 when Edmonds closed for repair — has a new track at their new site, but no amenities.

        Nathan HaleŐs throwing field events are too short.  Same for Ingraham.

        UW is probably too expensive for a whole season, and may not be available.


So I focused on Edmonds-Woodway, our site from 1993 to 2004 (except 1997), even though we all remember that generally speaking the first meet always conflicted with their middle school final meet (as it does again in 2016) and the third or fourth meet generally conflicted with the set-up for their Thursday commencement the next day (which it does again for the June 15 meet).  Al Bonney and I have talked, and we are strongly leaning to a return to E-W, and are going to try to bargain with the district a little to move the middle school meet so that we have only one conflict, June 15.  For that date, I hope we can get a deal for UW.  IŐm hopeful Tom Cotner can broker a good deal!


Most other items on my checklist are awaiting the confirmation of the site.  But we all know that the series usually BREAKS EVEN because I donŐt have the expertise to sell more meet sponsors.  We could MAKE a tidy sum if we did a better job here, but itŐs not my strong suit and IŐve run out of leads.  So right away we need leads on sponsors at $500 a pop.  And/or a title sponsor at $2,400, and/or a presenting sponsor or two at $1,200.



After last yearŐs low numbers and break-even budget, it has been assumed that we want to change how we do this run.  I immediately thought of trying to retain the midnight feature at a new site, but our only cost-effective option is Magnuson Park, and it does not have enough lighting along enough roadway areas for us to insure safety for participants.  So we turn to EdŐs suggestion of a Fourth of July event at Magnuson, with some sort of added feature like a chili cookout or a salmon BBQ bakeoff.  Brian may have a report on MagnusonŐs availability, and we already know the costs are about $2K for park rental, compared with $14K in various costs (Memorial Stadium, Police, City Permit, National Barricade cones and no-parking signs, etc.)  But we need to make a decision on what way we are going to move soon.  Very soon.

Winter Grand Prix had a $1500 profit and SJJ was very happy with the series



1.     Enews

a.     January enews was sent out on Sunday, January 10, 2016

b.     Featured Lana Lacey for Ňathlete of the enewsÓ and highlights board meeting coming up on March 5, 2016

c.     Also highlights club nationals results and a summary of cross country done by Lois Keller

2.     Membership letter

a.     Edited letter for Tracy/Kimber, which is now complete and ready to be used and sent out to new members

3.     Reso run and social media

a.     Posted pictures/resolutions for elite athletes each week to promote Reso Run on Facebook

4.     Website

a.     Focus this month is to update sponsors. SRC, In Health, etc are still listed.

b.     Would like to get websites up so athletes and members are aware and can use the companies that sponsor CNW



á      Board meeting was open to all members to review bylaws

á      Book of contracts will be kept in office


á      Executive committee will get together to create board ballot and then send it out electronically

á      Ed made motion to put Saul back into position #6 on board and board passed motion

á      Working to figure out a way to attract/recruit more athletes

á      Remember to make donations by Sunday

Meeting adjourned at 9:16pm

Next meeting at Experience Momentum in Lynnwood on Saturday, March 5, 2016 with time TBD