Meeting minutes

November 8, 2010

BOARD:  Ed Ledger, David White-Espin, Kimery Hern, Jerry Z, Ed Haywood, John O’Hearn, David Cannon, Tony Young, Vanessa Hunter, Saul Kinderis, Lauren Mathews

CONTRACTORS:   Chuck Bartlet, Brian Oster

GUESTS:  Tahoma

7:05 PM – meeting called to order by Ed H.  Minutes from September’s meeting will be sent out via email to all Board members for approval or changes per Tony.

Committees asked to present their findings and give progress reports.

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Bill Roe, Ed Haywood, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young

Spoke of the need for a clear(er) vision for Club.  Put in a contingency planning dollar amount that will establish a 6-12 month reserve budget to fall back on in any slim years.  $20,000 was the number thrown out to the Board.  Told of how the committee meeting worked.  Saul spoke of the history of Northwest Runner Magazine and the search for a good editor that would support Club’s interest.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Lauren Mathews, Vanessa Hunter, Carl Winter, Tom Potter

(Handout) – with the following information.

It is the mission of Club Northwest to provide for its members and for the community as a whole, leadership in and support for track & field athletic, long distance running, cross country running, race walking and mountain/ultra/trail running.

Group Runs – Gaining some traction, working on set list of group run leaders, have only 9, need 4 more to step up so each leader has one run per quarter, looking to make this self managed starting 01/01/2011.

Facebook – Looking at how to use sparingly, Ben past weekly runs-need to make him an administrator.

Social Events – Would like to start a small quarterly event to start, likely be a group run followed by pizza, Greenlake area, David setting dates.

**Motion made to Board** – “Approve the Membership Committee to, at their discretion, spend $600 per year for social activities.  We will NOT be buying members alcohol. “  2nd by Kimery – All approve.

Ed spoke of being careful about Replying to All on emails to keep these to a minimum

Discussion of creating a BLOG discussion to stimulate CNW interests. 

Becca has information about our current members that may be of interest in gaining insight into what they WANT from CNW and are interested in.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  BILL  via Saul’s phone

Actual dollars on hand - $33,712.29 including checking, saving, paypal, checks for deposit, cash, NWR monthly.  Due in - $2,000 including XC Masters contributions & cash support for Winter Grand Prix.  Total of $35,712.39.

Due Out or Liabilities - $21,818.93 including rent, XC travel, XC hotel, XC entry, Winter GP, Screening, Business card, and minor expenses.

Leaving us a balance of $13,893.36

Good start to creating our Reserve amount for 2011.

TEAMS:  Jerry Zyskowski, Becca, Kimery, Rose Wetzel, Mark Mandi, Meghan, Vanessa Hunter

PNTF XC report showing all of our teams doing quite well.  National teams selected and posted online.  Schedule of remaining XC meets.

Sat., Nov. 20        NW Regional, Sandy, Oregon
Sat., Dec. 11        USATF Club Champs, Charlotte, NC

Total to send teams to XC Nationals is $13,900, after Masters athletes paid their $350 each.  37 athletes going to North Carolina.  Leave Thurs and return Sunday.

Club Nationals Event Athletes must submit for reimbursement within 30 days after event.

Becca would like us to include a race-walker(s) for next year’s Track Nationals??

EVENTS:  Bill Roe, Brian Oster, Tony Robinson, Tahoma, Nick Fleming, Kimery

Resolution Run looks GREAT!!  Goal of 2,100 runners should be surpassed.  May change start/finish area slightly.  John Curly will be the MC again!  Heating tents (on pavement) provided by Whole Foods.

Grand Prix two mile series are set.  Super Jock and Jill to sponsor.  Presented by New Balance Hosted by Super Jock 'n Jill and Club Northwest. December 4 & January 8 Cross Country Runs (3100m), December 18 & January 22 Road Runs (Two-miles), February 5 Track Races (Two-mile heats),  February 19 "Chase Race" Road Run Finale

PNTF XC had 158 athletes participating with a sea of orange in each race!

Magnuson Series – After Turkey Day Trot on Sat November 27th


$2,736 FOR October, over budgeted amount!!  Seattle Marathon will need volunteers to work the booth!

COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE:  Martin Rudow, Chuck Bartlett, Tony Young, David Cannon, John O’Hearn, Ed Ledger

(Handout) – by John

Questionaire sent out to our other Committees to gain some insight on how to proceed.  This is what was asked with results:

1)       What do we want to be? 

CNW Elite, CNW Social, CNW Thrower, CNW Masters, All of these?, Add another workout and coach or two??, SEATTLES Running Club!!

2)      What level of membership do we strive to become? 

2x, 3x, 4x, 10x???, Not a function of numbers-quality of membership not quantity, realistically growing 10% a year is good, if we are at 400 now and 440 next year, this is a win and costs do not go up measurably – we are not a corporation needing top line growth organic/inorganic growth to return $$ to shareholders.

3)      More events? 

Most said they wanted more-but resources are and continue to be our biggest issues, general consensus is maybe one more road event and more social events, golden mile-road?  Pro-Elite-Masters-Age-Youth?

4)      What is our message going to be?  What do you think it is?

Right now it is do a better job with what we have, better website-enhance  user friendly, utilize all free media we can including but not limited to newspaper (press releases), social media-like Facebook, PacePal (David spoke in length about how this would work!),  get better exposure for our athletes immediately-lowest cost approach until we decide our most cost-effective strategies, provide Chuck with comments on races, PNTF and also Masters 5K Vancouver XC

David spoke of how the technology that he is developing with his new company “Pace Pal” could really enhance the overall CNW experience and make us THE running club in the Northwest.  Going forward – BRANDING will become key.

8:30 PM meeting adjourned – next meeting will be January 10, 2011 with all Committees reporting.