November 10, 2014


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Carl Winter, Spencer Walsh, Talia Ringer, Saul Kinderis, Tom Potter, Frank Field, Kimber Hinson

GUESTS:  Brian Oster, Rex Philpott, Craig Kenworthy, Drea Garvue, Ryan Brown

Approval of September minutes

a.     Ed reviewed and found no issues

b.     No one else suggested changes

c.     Saul motioned that the September minutes be approved, David seconded, motion passed


Seattle Running Club (SRC) has challenged Club Northwest to a Beer Mile.

*Ed accepted the challenge on behalf of the club

*SRC is responsible for organizing logistics (permits, location, etc.)

Annual Meeting

*March 14, 2015

*Ed has asked Brooks Headquarters about hosting it there

Review of board nominating procedures

*Get nominations to Ed within the next month

*Executive committee will present nominees to Board in January

*Bill will run the elections at the annual meeting

Possible new Board members

*Drea Garvue

*Matt Krier

*Levi Keller

*John Ricardi

*Craig Kenworthy

Board members with terms expiring

*David White-Espin (plans to re-run)

*Spencer Walsh (plans to re-run)

*John O’Hearn (does not plan to re-run)

*Tom Potter (at-large term ending)

*Lauren Matthews will resign in March


a.     Martin and Frank will hand off publishing duties between 12/15-12/31

1.     Frank shared some of his ideas and upcoming changes at NW Runner

2.     Board will vote on Frank’s contract at the January meeting

3.     Volunteers are need for the NW Runner booth at the Seattle Marathon Expo

b.     Financial Report (Brian Kutzera)

1.     BECU Checking Account: $6776.35

2.     BECU Savings Account: $23,329.97

3.     Received $1200 from USATF related to team expenses for Club Track Nationals

4.     Will be receiving $2800 as our share of the proceeds from the event

5.     Club Northwest is funding $15,000 in working capital for North West Runner

                                                                        a.     This is coming from our reserves

                                                                        b.     Frank will become the signer on one of our BECU Checking accounts which will become the NWR checking account

6.     IRS fillings for 2011-2012 are almost complete

7.     Form 1023 is in work to reinstate our tax exempt status

8.     Upcoming meeting with pro-bono legal counsel regarding NWR contract and our responsibility to B&O taxes and sales taxes for NWR

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership needs to have a meeting


Notable Performances

*Joe Gray             

*Champion at Grouse Grind in British Columbia

*Champion and course record at Canadian 50k Ultra Marathon Championships

*Ruth Perkins: Olympic Trials B Standard at Twin Cities Marathon (2:40:02)

Field Event Athletes

*Looking for sponsorship opportunities

*Did photo shoot to assemble a brochure

Athlete Contracts

*Travel grants instead of stipends

*John Ricardi will assist with writing the contracts

*Removing Club Nationals requirement for non-runners


*Travel arrangements are made

*Team is selected but Teams Committee is struggling to confirm spots

Look ahead for funding

*Possibly 2-5 athletes for Indoor Nationals

*Possibly 5-9 for Olympic Trials in 2016

Team’s committee meeting needed since there has not been one recently

YOUTH: No one to report

No new news to report.


There are still a few outstanding sponsorship checks expected for the Summer All-Comers Series; overall a very small financial loss this year

PNTF Cross Country and Emerald City Open

*Start and finish managed by Club Northwest

*Successful events

Winter Grand Prix

*Information should be on website by the end of the week

*Race Schedule re-arranged to better mesh with Magnuson Series

*New balance and Super Jock and Jill are sponsors

*Nathan Hale HS is providing volunteers

Resolution Run

*Registration is open

*Rack cards are ordered

*Ads in December and January edition of NW Runner

*Likely eliminating chili service from the post race celebration

*Everything seems okay with the boat ramp permits; Brian and Bill to attend City of

Seattle Special Events Meeting this week for a final resolution

Events Committee meeting planned before the end of the year


Facebook page up 40 likes to 640

Beer mile post reached 1600+ people

Recaps of cross-country races with pictures have been posted the day of the event

Promoting volunteer opportunities

Promoting Sunday Runs

November E-news went out today

Looking for someone to write “Athlete of the E-news”

Let the Communications Committee know if you need help with Wild Apricot


Vanessa is less available due to the recent birth of her 3rd child

Tahoma is considering not continuing as Membership Manager

Frank Field will resign from the board on 12/31

Motion to add Frank to the BECU Account:

“Frank Field is to become a signer on a Club Northwest BECU checking account designated by the treasurer, Brian Kutzera.”

Motion made by Saul Kinderis, motion seconded by Spencer Walsh, motion passed.

Rex noted that Peak Spine and Sports are interested in providing treatment at events. Rex will pass this message along to Bill.

Executive Session was held following the meeting


Next meeting at Magnuson Park on Monday January 12th 2015 at 7:00pm.