November 9, 2015


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Kimber Hinson, Rick Albright, Craig Kenworthy, Carl Winter, Matt Krier, Laura Mickelson (@ 7:25pm)

CONTRACTORS: Heather Romano

GUESTS:  Becca Peter

Start of meeting: 7:00pm

Meeting minutes will be voted upon by email for the month of November and on.

Motion passed to approve September, 2015 meeting minutes-Rick started motion, 2nd by Craig and all were in favor.a


1.     Ed met with Brooks.

a.     Any CNW athlete (including field) that makes the Olympic Trials will be automatically offered a 2 year Brooks contract

b.     For field, they understand they may not have correct shoes to wear so athletes can wear whatever they want but will need to try and color in the logo.

c.     This is in addition to the 20 gear packages we receive.

d.      Brooks may even cover some travel cost if they will wear a Brooks kit.


1.     Working to increase subscribers

2.     Out of state (BC, Idaho)

3.     Stephanie Talstead will be working on advertising and collections on a commission basis

4.     There will be 10 issues in 2016

5.     Look forward to a 2017 marathon event guide

6.     Looking for Seattle Marathon volunteers-Kimber has an action to look into this

7.     Magazine will add results back in for big events

8.     There is going to be more local features

9.     Digital issue (subscribers only or pay option)



1.     Trying to get rent down and eliminate costs where we can

a.     Bill is going to wait after Reso to talk about possible decrease in rent and will be the action person on this agenda item

2.     $1300 going out each month to various things without much coming in to make up for these costs

3.     Need to focus on Reso-get 60 volunteers so we don’t need to pay volunteers

a.     Ed will talk to the open teams about our mission and possibly helping volunteer at Reso run

4.     Ad revenue that comes in should help us out

5.     $600 won from PNTF championships

6.     Grant for travel from USATF for $500 for each open team that should be coming in after nats

7.     We were listed under the wrong status so we changed status of club with IRS in order to get employee match for volunteer hours


1.     Kimber will send out a separate email just to ask for volunteers for Reso run

2.     Bill thinks we will have up to 2200 registrants and that is our max

3.     Kimber will send Heather a poster to boost Reso run participants

4.     Encourage friends to repost posts regarding Reso on social media

5.     Sunday runs

a.     Runs are consistently going well. Thank you to everyone who lead a run already

b.     If you want to lead a run in December, let Kimber know

6.     Volunteering

a.     Resolution Run volunteer sign up is live on Wild Apricot

b.     Winter Solstice Run will be Tuesday, December 22.

7.     CNW Women’s run

a.     Alki Beach

b.     Possible date: Sunday, January 24 at 9:00 AM

c.     Followed by coffee

8.     Tracy found that we have 187 new members this year and 117 lapsed members

9.     Tracy renewed all board members, but Heather doesn’t see this so people are not getting their magazine

10.  Kimber is going to see if NW Runner graphic designer can help with CNW ad featured in NW Runner

11.  Add to Enews: benefit of being a member


1.     Eligibility approvals went through on Masters (Jeff Hashimoto, Rick Becker, Joe Shereen)

2.     Budget for next year will be based on this year’s actuals. If revenue from NWR stays the same we may only have a 6,000-dollar budget. We are hopeful things will improve.

3.     Money to teams next year will focus on those who’ve  qualified for the Olympic trials

4.     Lois wrote team news in Enews with highlights on Joe Gray and Seth Bridges

YOUTH: No one to report

No new news to report

EVENTS: ED for BILL (Report below)

We are open for registration for our two winter events, the 31st Annual Resolution Run and 12th Annual “Trip ’n Drip” Polar Bear Plunge and the 20th Annual New Balance / Super Jock ’n Jill Winter Two-Mile Grand Prix.  The registration for the former is on the GetMeRegistered site, and the Winter Grand Prix is on our Wild Apricot-based site.  



Friday, January 1!  10:30 a.m.!  Magnuson Park at Sand Point, at the boat ramp parking lot.

Leadership positions and "worker bee" open for several volunteer areas, including clothing check, registration, post-race area, chili and beverage prep, course monitors, parking control, finish line, the “plunge” zone, and the beer garden.  Sign up on-line on the volunteer signup page Kimber Hinson has prepared.  Remember — we need to have 60 or more volunteers signed up to work the event by December 23 or we will need to hire a group such as one of the local clubs or cross country teams to work the event, and that eats in to our profit!


Run and plunge!  The code for this year is CNW16RESO, so sign up now for the early rate!  Remember — your CNW membership must be good through January 1 in order to use the rate, and you must have a family membership in order to share it with members of your immediate family.  You can only use the code online, not at an outlet.  We do compare the users of the discount code with the current membership list, and — as we have for the past several Firecracker and Resolution Run events — will pull non-member bibs and chips from packet pick up until the membership is made current or the discount is paid.  This is one of our best sales’ tools for membership — do tell ALL of your running friends about how reasonable our membership fee already is, and how they can save for all of our events throughout the year, which is over thirty opportunities for savings (not to mention the other discounts and bargains they get with membership!)



Begins Saturday, December 5, with the road run on the Magnuson Park waterfront at 9 a.m.  

We make a donation to support Nathan Hale Cross Country for each of the six races, and they supply the bulk of the volunteers on the courses we use and the finish line.  So there’s no reason for you not to come out and take part in the series!


This is the 20th anniversary year for the series, and there’s no doubt that it is very unusual — and appreciated — that our two major sponsors have been with us since year one!  This year, we are looking to add a new wrinkle — one of our races on January 9 is likely to be at Marymoor Park in Redmond, to take advantage of the annual participation we get from the Eastside and in particular Redmond High School and Cedarcrest.  


Dates this year:

Saturday, December 5, road race at Magnuson Park, Seattle

Saturday, December 19, cross country race (before the Magnuson Series holiday runs) at Magnuson Park, Seattle

Saturday, January 9, road race at Marymoor Park, Redmond

Saturday, January 23, cross country race at Magnuson Park, Seattle

Saturday, February 6, track races at Nathan Hale High School, Seattle

Saturday, February 20, finale “chase race” and awards at Magnuson Park, Seattle


The website has recently been updated, and we are looking to add more past results during our anniversary year!


There isn’t a need for a code for the discount for the series, since we use our in-house registration system, and it doesn’t make the member rate available unless you log into the system using the e-mail associated with your membership (and, of course, your membership must be current as well.)  



Join us either Thanksgiving Day for the 5k or 10k holiday runs at Magnuson Park, or on Saturday, December 19, at the Holiday-themed 5k, 10k, and 15k runs.  The series website at has all of the details, and you can use your Magnuson Series discount for any race in the series!  Contact Tahoma at for the current code.



We are working over the past documents about selling sponsorships for our many events, and can take inquiries at any time from potential sponsors or from members who have sponsorship ideas for our events.  Bill Roe is the current central person to contact, but we are working to get several board members and others up to speed on selling sponsorships.  The range of sponsor opportunities is very broad, from title sponsor of Resolution Run at a value of $8,000 or more, to single event sponsorships like an all-comers track & field meet at $500 value.  Let us know if you, your business, or someone’s business you know has an interest in supporting one or more of our popular community events!


Kimber Hinson and others on the Membership Committee and Communications Committee are working on a plan for social media for Resolution Run.  Contact Kimber if you’d like to participate!


At this time, we are looking to hand the Spring Break Open Track & Field Meet held in late March at West Seattle Stadium off to Seattle Pacific University as new hosts and managers, although we will continue to assist where we can.  Seattle Pacific has long supported the meet, and desires to have a “home” meet associated with its program.  As there are no open dates on the calendar, they asked if they could assume responsibility for this meet, which CNW has been running since 1989.  Because it is always a struggle for us to staff the event properly, Bill Roe agreed that the meet would be in a more stable position under their auspices.  The meet will still be a competitive opportunity for our team.




1.     Meeting minutes review

a.     They will be emailed out 7-10 days after board meeting

b.     Board members have 48 hours to review them after they are sent out

c.     Laura will make a motion to approve them as written in the email

d.     Ed will second the motion to approve the minutes and call for a vote

e.     Minutes will then be sent to Chuck to post on the website

2.     Enews

a.     November enews was sent out on Sunday, November 8

b.     Featured Nick Welch for “athlete of the enews

c.     >51% opened enews by Monday morning

d.     Added reso run discount code and will plan to send out January enews before January 1st to increase participant numbers

3.     Membership letter

a.     Working with Tracy to edit new membership letter

4.     Reso run and social media

a.     Working with membership to increase numbers from last year

b.     Plan to make it easier for members to sign up from homepage on CNW website

c.     We will increase presence on Facebook and post fun videos and pictures to get people engaged 



Follow up on notifying membership about pending bylaw changes. In the ENews, Ed announced they would be reviewed at the January board meeting. This will give anyone the opportunity to comment that would like to come. If there are no comments we will accept prior board votes as the final approval.


Ed made a motion to change the signers on the NWR operating account at BECU (ends in -511). Specifically we need to remove the previous NWR publisher, Frank Field, and add the new publisher, Heather Romano. We are also removing Tahoma Khalsa from this account. Craig 2nd the motion and everyone was in favor.

Motion by Craig: Club President to handle Heather’s contract with terms similar to terms with Frank Field. Kimber 2nd and everyone was in favor. Ed will send contract out to all board members. Board passed a motion to approve contract between Heather, NWR publisher and CNW for the management of the magazine. Electronic vote was opened on 12/10 and closed 12/14.

Discussion of Presidential candidates for 2016: Becca Peter cannot, Kimber Hinson cannot, Craig Kenworthy cannot.

Fundraising idea: each team is responsible for fundraising annually. Talk of possibly bringing on a fundraising chair


Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Next meeting at Magnuson Park on Monday January 11, 2016 at 7:00pm