Minutes, CNW board meeting,  2-8-2010


Board members attending:  Ed Haywood, Ed Ledger, Bill, Saul, Shelley,

David, but, unfortunately no quorum. Guests, Jerry Zyskowski and



Contractors,  Martin, Chuck, Brian, Becca


7:15 PM, open Ed Haywood


Minutes of the last meeting will be read at the next meeting.

Bill, Financials:


The revised financials will be e-mailed to the board.


Bill will purchase a new PA speaker

Bill will have the budget ready next month

Bill discussed the planned club audit

Martin, NW Runner

The last part of 09 was slow but this year is looking better

Lots of action on the facebook page


Martin is working with Ed Haywood on the renewal letters


Chuck, Membership

Chuck is adding new content to the web page and wants all our opinions

on new features.

We will feature community and team member’s information.


Ed Haywood, Membership


Discussed Brooks shirts

Brian, Events

The Reso Run will net from $9k to $10.5k

Bill discussed the Washington Games

Shelley, Team

She and Becca and everyone discussed the athlete’s contracts

Chuck discussed fund raising and how other clubs are doing it.

Bill discussed the PNTF banquet


8:39 PM, adjourn, Ed Haywood.

My apologies for misspelling Ed Haywood’s name on the draft copy.

There is never an excuse for this.

Ed Ledger