Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes (Annual)

March 8, 2010


BOARD:  Saul Kinderis, Bill Roe, Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Tony Robinson, John O’Hearn, Tony Young, Ed Haywood, Ed Ledger, Carl Winter, David White-Espin

GUESTS:  Shawn Lucas, Loren Hill, Tom Cotner, Bert Wyman, Dwight McMaster, Kimery Hern, Kevin McGinnis, Marvin Claussen, David Cannon, Jerry Zyskowski, Sean Sandwall, Brian Jackson, Vanessa Hunter, Lauren Mathews, Tahoma

Prior to Annual Meeting, a CNW Social (Pizza and Beverages – of course) was held with Becca giving out handouts that explained Athlete’s Expectations, the year’s track schedules, and other notes of interest.

Call to order for Club Northwest 2010 Annual Meeting at 7:00 PM.


Prior to Club meeting, Ed H, Tony Y, Saul and Bill discussed CNW finances in depth and will develop a plan to better summarize our monthly reporting.  The main thing is to understand the cash flow process including all revenue generating events and all expense occurrences and the impact on CNW’s bottom line.  Also discussed having more volunteering efforts from Club members or contacts to save $$ on hosting events.  More to bottom line means more to athlete sponsorships.  This group will meet quarterly and report to Board.

Current balance of $23,086.68 in all accounts.  This includes a $7,000 check from NWR magazine.  For the year NWR has made deposits of $10,000 in January and $7,043 in February.  There is a seasonality to the amounts, but 2010 is off to a good start.  For years ending 2008 & 2009, total deposits were $51,000 & $46,000 respectfully.

Overall budget for 2010 includes expected revenues of $120,000 with expected expenses of $114,000.

Bill discussed the need to update software with a small purchase.   Will make amount known next meeting.


New website design during the past few months – please check out for feedback.

50 new members added from Resolution Run.  E~news email to go out monthly.  Looking at future event sponsors to do input on website.

South Sound Chapter – Olympia will be part of CNW!! 

CNW has Road Runner Club of America (RRCA) designation. 

EVENTS:  Bill Roe

Resolution Run ~ new course discussed for 2011 to accommodate an expected increase in participants from 1,800 in 2010 to over 2,500 next year.

Winter Grand Prix ~ awards given out to all winners which included:

Females ~ under 15 (Sophie Cantine), high school (Devin McMahon), 20-29 (Kari Garruto), 30-39 (Alice Fraser), 40-49 (Elizabeth Stahl), 50-59 (Gail Hall), 60-69 (Phyllis Nelson), & love handles (Ann Pearce).

Males ~ under 15 (Jack Pearce), high school (Aaron Elefson), 20-29 (James Conrick), 30-39 (Jesse Pacem), 40-49 (Larry Uhlman), 50-59 (Ray Prentice), 60-69 (Paul Muto), 70-79 (Elbert Field), & love handles (Randy Paddock).

Spring Break Open Track meet will be March 27th.  Sign-up sheet passed out.

St Paddy Dash ~ contact Brian O for entry.

2010 Summer All Comer’s Track meets ~ $500 for corporate sponsor.  6 of 12 sold to date.  2009 entries were over 6,000!!  Washington Games will again, be a Big part this Summer, including Magnusan Series Road Run (Sat), High School Elite East vs West Cross Country meet, & Master’s meet at West Seattle.

PNTF ~ June 19th (Sat) will be LAST CHANCE meet for NCAA qualifications.

Officials Clinic Certification ~ on May 16th at CNW headquarters.  Send email notification if interested.

Firecracker 5k ~ Possible Sat/Sun event with Buca di Beppo as a corporate sponsor!!

TEAM:  Shelley and Becca

16 athletes sponsored for funding for roads, track & field, cross country events thru Description: Brook Running

Use USATF standards for qualifying amounts. 

Free roundtrip ticket IF in the top 3 at Track Nationals or top 7 at XC Nationals.  PNTF gives $100 to each athlete that qualifies for Nationals!  Master’s athletes qualify for entry fee reimbursement and airfare to “Special Elite Exhibition” events.

Team application is online for those interested during the year. 

PNTF:  Tom Cotner

2010 Schedule for Road Race events:

5k ~ Run for the Mill

8k ~ Beat the Bridge

10k ~ Snoqualmie Railroad Days

12k ~ Bloomsday

˝ Marathon  ~  Super Jock n Jill

*June 19th for track at Kings and July 9/10th for Nationals in San Francisco.

New Business:

Saul sending out massage therapist information for Board revue.


1.       Saul Kinderis - President                                               Saul Kinderis - President                              

2.       Bill Roe – Treasurer                                         Bill Roe – Treasurer *with amendment to By Laws

3.       Nick Fleming                                                      Nick Fleming

4.       Shelley Neal – VP                                             Shelley Neal – VP Teams                                             

5.       Tony Robinson                                                  Tony Robinson

6.       John O’Hearn                                                    John O’Hearn

7.       *Tony Young- Secretary                                               Tony Young - Secretary

8.       *Will Conway                                                    Ed Haywood – VP Membership

9.       *Regina Joyce                                                   Kimery Hern

*denotes position open for 2010                             

At Large positions

1.       Ed Haywood                                                       Venessa Hunter, Lauren Mathews, Shawn Lucas,

2.       Ed Ledger                                                            Jerry Zyskowski, Carl Winter, David Cannon, Ed Ledger,

3.       Carl Winter                                                         David White-Espin

4.       David White-Espin

Next meeting April 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM (CNW Headquarters)