Club Northwest Meeting Minutes

March 14th, 2011

Annual Meeting




Social Hour with Pizza, Salad and Drinks from 6:00 – 7:00 PM with meeting called to order @ 7:01 PM.  Vote to approve meeting minutes from January.  1st Ed H, 2nd Jerry Z,~ all approve w/no changes.

Financial Report:  Bill

Handout showing our 2011 Club Northwest Budget with comparisons to 2009 & 2010 (Budget & Actual).  Highlights include: 

Beginning Balance = $13,516 for 2011 vs. $5,842 for 2010.

Total Revenues = $150,000 expected for 2011 vs. $127,287 actual from 2010.  **Major difference maker will be the $30,000 for Club XC Nationals in 2011.**

Total Expenses = $149,700 expected for 2011 vs. $119,612 actual from 2010.  **Highest anticipated expenses coming from hosting Club XC Nationals for $40,000 and the Summer All Comers Track Meets for $17,000.**

To summarize, the NET revenue to the Club for 2011 will be a reflection of the Volunteers, Weather and Attendance @ Events.

Membership:  Ed H

Handout with the following:

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Club Northwest to provide for its members and for the community as a whole, leadership in and support for track & field athletics, long distance running, cross country running, race walking, and mountain/ultra/trail running.

It is the goal of this committee to work with our current CNW members, the CNW board of directors and centers of influence in the local running community to increase the size of our membership base.

Lots of good things going on!!

Tahoma taking over from Becca – membership tracking/data base, new member communication, shirts getting sent.

Group runs have really grown – 20+ people almost weekly, most times splitting into two groups, Lauren has been managing it and sending out weekly emails, Not doing anything with Facebook yet, still need more Group Run Leaders (replace board members).

Social Events/Solstice Runs – David White-Espin is the coordinator of these, spring equinox run (03/21/2011), Tutta Bella 6:00 for a run around Green Lake then go back for pizza, CNW contribute $150 for food.

Club Northwest Summer BBQ – Tom Potter/Tahoma coordinating in July or August after a Magnuson Park run.  Could we spend $$ on this and market the event big to members to get more entry fees?

Communications:  John & Tony

Main topic was the current website and feedback as to what would look best.  Handout showing the site with each page/tab broken down to show content.

Pages include:  Home, About CNW, Events, Team, News, Membership, Contact & Photo Gallery

Add on requests were:  Donate Button, Link to NWR and its calendar, All Comers Sponsorship Page for attaining $$’s.

Get consistent feedback about our site each meeting.  This will help the site evolve into the best running website with current information for Club members and future Club members.

Northwest Runner:  Martin

Needs to communicate with a CNW emphasis.

Four record month’s in-a-row!!  April could be the BEST issue yet?!

Big opportunities in the Digital area, might need investment $?  Possibly put online Digitally in the near future?!!

#1 in Editorial pages in ALL regional pages.

2,500 Facebook friends.

$2.95 – $3.95 after 15 years.



Events:  Bill

Handout with the following information.  Also spoke of raising fees at All Comers to compensate for new electronic timing.

Review of calendar:

Resolution Run – best ever in 2011.

Winter Grand Prix (6 events)

Magnuson Series (12 events) with last two races with 325 finishers

Spring Break Open Meet with SU & UW

Summer All Comers (12 events) with 10 meets sold for roughly $500 each

PNTF Emerald City Track and Field, Firecracker 5000, Washington Games Athletics (4 events), Emerald City Cross country (with SU), PNTF and PNW Regional Cross Country, and special events (like Nationals this Fall).

Consideration for new events which would include: 

Cinco de Mayo run, Father’s Day Dad ‘n Me revival, Golf tournament, Annual dinner, Zoo run, Emerald Downs Milk run (in planning stages) and others.

Equipment with Inventory, thoughts on future acquisitions and future storage.

Pro-Motion Events stating current relationships and letter of agreement revisions.

Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) resurrection and management with a volunteer coordinator to be named later.

Web site, web links, and other electronic resources

Team:  Jerry

Club Northwest Q1/2011 Team Activities:

Excellent performances by CNW athletes at National Meets including:

·         USATF Half Marathon Nationals with Mike Sayenko (9th) and Ruth Perkins (25th)

·         USATF Indoor Nationals with Levi Keller (4th) in the Pole Vault and Daphne Sluys (2nd) in the 60 meter dash/Masters

Elite athlete funding selections completed for Brooks and CNW.  Notifications are being sent out to athletes and Board members.

Elite athlete profiles are now up on the CNW website – Kimery Hern.

Team uniforms has transitioned to Meghan Lyle.

Donation system is in the process of being set up on the CNW website.

Sports Reaction Center Physical Therapy sponsorship was rolled out for CNW athletes.  Athlete satisfaction survey sent out to gauge how we can improve this program.

Results of the Annual Club Northwest Board Elections:

Here is the composition of the new Board:


Elected members:

1       Jerry Zyskowski (to 2014)

2       Saul Kinderis (to 2014)

3       Bill Roe (to 2014)

4       Ben Williams (to 2012)

5       John O'Hearn (to 2012)

6       Tony Robinson (to 20120

7       Tony Young (to 2013)

8       Ed Haywood (to 20130

9       Kimery Hern (to 2013)

At-large members (all one-year terms to 2012)

David Cannon

Nick Fleming

Vanessa Hunter

Ed Ledger

Lauren Matthews

Kevin Murphy

David White-Espin

Carl Winter



President       Ed Haywood

VP Teams        Jerry Zyskowski

VP Members      Vanessa Hunter

Secretary       Tony Young

Treasurer       Bill Roe

Past Pres       Saul Kinderis





Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM with next CNW meeting at 7:00 PM on May 9th, 2011.