MARCH 12, 2012


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, Bill Roe, Tony Young, David White-Espin, Lauren Mathews, Jerry Zyskowski, John O'Hearn, Vanessa Hunter, Carl Winter, Saul Kinderis, Ben Williams, and Kevin Murphy.

CONTRACTORS AND COACHES:  Martin Rudow, Heather Romano, Tahoma Khalsa, Brian Oster, Chuck Bartlett, Tom Cotner, and Becca Peter.

GUESTS:  Bennett Grimes, Lois Keller, Rose Wetzel, Stan Chraminski, Jane Larson, John Ricardi, Josh Ricardi, Joseph Gray, Mark Boker, Loren Hill, Gail Hall, Mike Vandeusen, David McCulloch, Selena Hoffman, Bob Brennand, Falesha Ankton, Spencer Walsh, Joe Bisignano, Kristi Houk, Megan (Johnson) Heuer, Woody Harris, Greg Beyerlein, Acy Roff, Andie Roff, Brian Kutzera, Willie Richardson, Sarah Richey, Laura Mickelson, Kimber Lemon, Neil Chasan, Colin Rigby, Karl Meller, Rex Philpott, Paul Young, Todd Maruca, Christin Dulaney, Tom Potter, Carol Chilcoat, Kathy Edris, Karl Kunkle, Bert Wyman, Denis Villeneuve, Don Kardong, Bridgid Kardong, and Nick Fleming.


The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.  Minutes from the January meeting were moved for approval by Bill Roe and seconded by John O'Hearn, and approved with no changes.

Ed Haywood did a special "thank you" to all attending our annual meeting. 

Ed read our Mission Statement to the members:

"It is the mission of Club Northwest to provide for its members and for the community as a whole, leadership in and support for track & field athletics, long distance running, cross country running, race walking, and mountain/ultra/trail running."

He laid out the itinerary for the rest of the meeting, and spoke briefly about our featured speaker, Don Kardong.  Food was donated by our sponsor, Neil Chasan of Sports Reaction Center (SRC).   A couple of special kegs of the PNWÕs finest Georgetown beer were also on tap.


Vanessa spoke of the success of the Sunday long run and the participation.  Please join us for Sunday group runs – all levels and all runners welcome (whether youÕre a CNW member or not)! Runs will be hosted by local running legends, stars of the best-times list, and special guests.  These runners will share their favorite running routes, highlighting all of the great running the Puget Sound has to offer!  Please visit our website or FaceBook page to see where this weekÕs run will be.

Quarterly group runs are going well.  Next month, Dr. Laura (SRC) hosts the April 10th run in Seattle and on the Eastside an Easter-themed pub run will be coordinated by our Board member John O'Hearn on March 30th.  A pub run was done in December, and hopes are to continue with this social tradition on a quarterly basis. 

Membership surveys will be sent out via email during the year to get valuable feedback for enhancing Club run functions and improve on the process of touching our membership.


Joe Gray of Club Northwest (CNW) won the US National 50K championship on March 4th at Long Island, New York, in his inaugural attempt at this distance.  He was on pace to break the US record through 45K, but struggled over the final 5K.  His time was 2:56:43, which was a 6 minute win over defending champion Michael Wardian, who had recently completed a marathon.  The conditions were not ideal for record setting as it was cool at the start with blustery winds throughout the race.

Gray, who is better known as a mountain runner, has won four national championships in the past three years.  He is an 8-time national team member, three-time USATF Mountain Runner of the Year, and has won the NACAC Mountain Championship the past three years.

At the Marathon Olympic Trials, CNW had five qualifiers, three of whom competed.  Mike Sayenko was in 9-11th place for the first 15 miles, finished in 2:16.  Susan Empey ran a great race, but got a bit confused about how fast she was going, and ended up dropping out.  Ruth Perkins, coming off an injury, never planned to finish but managed an 18 mile training run.

CNW had 28 runners compete in the Dempsey Indoor sessions and had 23 PRs!  Even Mike Sayenko came back after his three-week layoff to run an 8:04 3K.  And Jane Larson is back from injury and running/racing well.

One more bit of news on "ironman" Mike Sayenko.  He ran the Gate River 15k on March 10 in Jacksonville, Florida, and finished 12th in a very competitive field, with official 5k (14:48) and 10k (30:00) split results.  He also won the Vancouver, BC, St. PatrickÕs Day 5K.  Mike is gunning for a 10K entry into the Olympic Track & Field Trials this summer.

Lois Ricardi Keller competed at USATF Indoor Nationals on an injured Achilles and finished eighth place in the 3000M run. After cross training and not being able to work out for three weeks, Lois ventured north to Vancouver Canada to cheer on her brother John Ricardi and teammate Jane Larson while they raced the St. Patrick's Day 5k, but the morning of the race she decided to run, surprised herself, and won!

Speaking of St. PattyÕs,  CNW had four men in the top 15 in the Seattle Dash:  Phil Olson (4), Spencer Walsh (5), Tahoma Kalsa (10), and David McCulloch (12).  For the women, CNW placed seven in the top 15:  Rose Wetzel (1), Claudia Copeland (3), Gwen Lapham (4), Megan (Johnson) Heuer (5), Lauren Matthews(6), Laura Mickelson (7), and Regina Joyce (13).  

Megan (Johnson) Heuer also won the Green Lake Love Ôem or Leave Ôem ValentineÕs Day 5K in a blazing 17:00.

And last, but not least, CNW had two athletes compete at the USATF MasterÕs Indoor National Championships.  Will Leslie M66 finished sixth in the 400M, and David Cannon M55 won the mile and was second in the 800M.

Congrats everyone!

Note that the SRC is doing gait analysis on CNW runners as a free service to improve running form


Bill showed a slide show of CNW athletes participating in the USATF Club Cross Country Nationals as a transition from teams to events.  These events included:

¥       The 33rd Annual Resolution Run and 9th Annual Trip Ôn Drip Polar Bear Dive – 1950 finishers and 72% taking the PLUNGE!

¥       New Balance / SJJ Winter Grand Prix – dates for 2011-12 included December 3 - Cross Country Race 1, December 17 - Road Race 1, January 7 - Cross Country Race 2, January 21 - Road Race 2, February 4 - Track Race, February 18 - Road Race Finale.

¥       Magnuson Run Walk Relay Series – Founded in 2009 with the premise of being a multiple distance event on a standard 5k loop – offering a chance for recreational runners to test themselves over a familiar course every month – the Magnuson Series continues to grow and attract new participants every month.

         From our first year, every race has grown over the previous race that month!  For example, our 2010 January race had 163 finishers. That grew to 237 in 2011, and became our largest race ever in 2012 with 355 finishers!

¥       Spring Break Track & Field Open – This meet has been a fixture on the Seattle late-March track & field scene since 1989, when it debuted at West Seattle Stadium.  It has been held at Shoreline, Edmonds, and Kings, and – for 2011 only – helped celebrate the final year of track & field at the historic Husky Stadium site.  It will be March 24 this year, and help is always needed!

¥       All Comers Track & Field Series – the annual all-comers track & field series!  We have been doing this for the general track & field community since 1969.  Our 44th year starts on Wednesday, May 23, 2012!  Be there!

¥       Firecracker 5000 – This is the most fun you can legally have in the streets of Seattle at midnight!  Come run our event, begun by Michael Campbell (remember the KingBowl?) and Bill Roe in 1984 as part of the original Bud Light Grand Prix.

¥       Subwayª Washington Games – Each July since 2009, the Seattle Sports Commission and its many partners and sponsors – including title sponsor Subwayª – have hosted a series of events around the central Puget Sound under the banner of the Washington Games.  There are three events Club Northwest stages and/or coordinates for the Commission – the road run, a youth track & field, and the open and masters track & field events at a mid-July all-comers..

¥       USATF XC Championships – The 2011 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships featured the top clubs from across the United States vying for honors and bragging rights as the nation's top cross country team.  More than 100 clubs and over 1,200 competitors set records for participation at Jefferson Park Golf Course on Saturday, December 10.  USATF Pacific Northwest, Club Northwest, the Seattle Sports Commission, the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, PNTFOA (Officials), and Pro-Motion Events worked hard to provide a complete championship experience with a Northwest flavor!  By all accounts, the meet was the best in the 14-year history of the championships!


Tony said the goal of the committee for 2012 was to keep the communications with Club members, athletes, coaches, committees, and interested outsiders as relevant and up-to-date as possible using, all types of social media, website, and email.  We will ask our members for constant feedback.  Part of the plan is to do questionnaires as needed to gain insight for improvements, and to measure results, via our FaceBook page and e-Mail to the membership directly.  We will use our social media (FaceBook and Twitter) and our website at to promote our Club and highlight our amazing athletes.

We used E-VITE to send out the invitation to our Annual Meeting (441 sent and 89 said yes).  We will use this more often for events.

CNW FaceBook has 194 friends/likes.  We have recorded hits on our site for athleteÕs profiles up to 1,600, so folks are going to our site.  By far – our most hit event site is the all comerÕs track & field series.

Additions to the website include our new Race Walking page led by Stan Chraminski.  Cost is $50 annually and you get a nice navy blue performance fabric CNW shirt the first time you join. There are also event discounts, Northwest Runner subscriptions, and other benefits of membership.


Bill used a slide show to go over the current budget and explain what has happened in past years.  The 2012 Budget will be approximately $110,000.  Here are our previous yearÕs budgets for comparison.

         2003............................................ $68,939

         2004............................................ $57,927

         2005............................................ $56,067

         2006............................................ $70,929

         2007............................................ $78,263

         2008............................................ $94,378

         2009............................................ $80,849

         2010.......................................... $103,603

         2011.......................................... $103,784

         2012.......................................... $110,000


We are still looking for sponsorships for the All Comers Track & Field Series this summer.  Bill reminded everyone that most of our net revenue supports our athletes.  Finally, a note on currency, there are a good amount of accounts receivables on the way. 

Bill asked the Board for approval of an executive committee policy so that it could be reflected in the minutes: motion to allow CNW's 501(c)(3) status to assist our State of Washington public collegiate track & field and cross country programs by providing access to gambling commission activities.  Ed Ledger moved and Jerry Zyskowski seconded the policy, and it was approved unanimously.



Martin introduced Heather Romano as the new editor of Northwest Runner magazine.  She has over six yearÕs experience with the magazine as a columnist and statistician.

Advertising has more than doubled in the past few years.  Even with the national downturn in readership in magazines, NWR seems to be doing very well.

The focus is on all ages but the WomenÕs 29-44 age group is growing fast.

Martin and Heather are anticipating a great year during this transition period.


Ed opened it up with a review of our current positions and followed with the proposed slate from the executive committee:

Current roster:

1       Jerry Zyskowski (to 2014)

2       Saul Kinderis (to 2014)

3       Bill Roe (to 2014)

4       Ben Williams (to 2012)

5       John O'Hearn (to 2012)

6       Tony Robinson (to 2012)

7       Tony Young (to 2013)

8       Ed Haywood (to 2013)

9       Kimery Hern (to 2013)(RESIGNED)

At-large members (one year terms to 2012):

David Cannon

Nick Fleming

Vanessa Hunter

Ed Ledger

Lauren Mathews

Kevin Murphy

David White-Espin

Carl Winter

Elected officers:

President                   Ed Haywood

VP Teams                  Jerry Zyskowski

VP Members             Vanessa Hunter

Secretary                   Tony Young

Treasurer                   Bill Roe

Past President           Saul Kinderis

Continuing (new position numbers):

2       Ed Haywood (to 2013)

3       Tony Young (to 2013)

5       Jerry Zyskowski (to 2014)

6       Saul Kinderis (to 2014)

7       Bill Roe (to 2014)

Postions open (due to Bylaw changes):

1       Lauren Mathews (to 2013)

4       Ed Ledger (to 2013)

8       Carl Winter (to 2014)

9       Vanessa Hunter (to 2015)

10     John OÕHearn (to 2015)

11     Ben Williams (to 2015)

12     David White-Espin (to 2015)

New at-large (two-year terms ending 2014):

1       Kevin Murphy

2       Laura Mickelson

3       Spencer Walsh

4       Christin Dulaney

5       David Cannon

6       Denis Villeneuve

Elected officers:

No change.


It was moved by Bill Roe and seconded by Saul Kinderis to close the nominations and approve the slate.  Approved by acclamation.


Neil Chasan (SRC) spoke about the value of athletes getting top quality physical therapy for injury prevention.  Sports injury management is our specialty.  It is what we do and have been doing every day for thirty years.  Sports Reaction Center was built around the idea that sports therapy places a different demand on the therapist than traditional physical therapy.  For example, we deal in all three planes of movement, with all the joints of the body, and we understand the intensity of preparation needed for pain free athletic competition.

Injury management during the season is different that injury management during the off-season.  The fact that we actually deal with a variety of competitive athletes every day from contact sports like rugby, soccer, football and basketball to endurance sports like cross country, triathlon and marathon makes us uniquely qualified to help athletes manage their training during the recovery period.

Our staff is sports oriented, we use current methodologies, we have unique tools like the Alter G, and we understand the unique demands on athletes from nutrition, to hydration to training to competition, and we take all this into consideration when managing sports injuries.  Top athletes and teams use people like us to keep them in tip top condition.  We want you to think of us as members of your training/coaching team.


Donald ("Don") Franklin Kardong (born December 22, 1948) is a noted runner and author from the United States. He represented his native country in the men's marathon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

Kardong graduated from prestigious college-prep school, Seattle Prep in 1967, earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Stanford University in 1971, and, in 1974, another bachelor's degree in English and a teaching certificate from the University of Washington.  He then taught school in Spokane, Washington, from 1974-1977 at Loma Vista Elementary.  From 1977 to 1986, Kardong owned and operated a retail running store in Spokane, The Human Race.  In 1977, while serving as president of Club Northwest (1976-1980), Kardong founded the Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane.

Don showed an entertaining slide show of his running history (especially his 1976 Olympic experience finishing fourth in the marathon). 


Ed Haywood closed the meeting at 7:45 p.m.  The next meeting will be on Monday, May 14 (second Monday every other month), with the social at 6:30 and the business meeting starting time of 7:00 p.m.

Minutes from Tony Young, Secretary