Club Northwest Meeting Minutes

May 9th 2011


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, Bill Roe, Kimery Hern, Jerry Zyskowski, Tony Young, Carl Winters, David Cannon, Vanessa Hunter, Ben Williams, Ed Ledger, David White-Espin, Saul Kinderis

CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Tahoma K, Martin Rudow

GUESTS:  Rex Phillpot, Kevin Murphy, Kristen Delaney

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM and March minutes reviewed.  Vote to improve minutes by Kim, with a 2nd by Jerry.  No Changes.


$38,034 in assets including savings, checking, pay-pal and accounts receivables.  Expected expenditures of $4,800 going out to mostly competitor/athlete reimbursements.  Actual balance of $33,153.  Hand-out with detailed breakdown.

**Rent already paid for the year on All Comer Series (12 events) in Shoreline.  Only one sponsor vacancy at this time.  Ribbons for the youth participants were misprinted so an extra 3,000 are in supply.

MEMBERSHIP:        Vanessa

Handout which included the following –

1 – Social Media and CNW (Facebook & Twitter) – Ben has created a proposal for the creation of an “Official” CNW Facebook page which does not currently exist.  Plan to have live twitter updates on CNW events.  Well received with future meeting updates.

2 – CNW Membership Homepage & Membership Process – Group agreed that there are several opportunities to enhance the end-users experience via the Membership Homepage.  **Remove outdated/irrelevant items from the Membership site and include a more stream-lined experience for the end-user (including more photos).  Ideas include – member of the month (MOM), photos of new members, members wearing CNW uniforms in races around the country/world, and sell our merchandise online.

Work with Chuck to see what proposals can be implemented in a timely manner.  Met with Board approval to work on this and present at July’s meeting the updates.

Drafting Job Description for Membership Manager to be reviewed by Tahoma and presented to Board for feedback.

Backlog of new members needing t-shirts is being reduced.  Quantity of shirts is a problem.  Ok’d to order as needed by Board.

Quarterly Social Calendar includes Summer Solstice Run on Tuesday, June 21st led by David.   All run leader/Board members and Sunday Run alias to be invited with $150 limit on refreshments.

Sunday Long Run going strong with many volunteers and coordinated by Lauren.  Many more males than females participating. 

**CNW PICNIC – August 13th, run starts at 9 AM, picnic officially starts at noon.  $200 budgeted for event.  Magnuson Park.

TEAMS:  Jerry

USATF Club Nationals in New York on 07/08/2011.  Hotel rooms reserved and team selection in progress.  Flights are $600 - $700.  Kimery is managing our teams.  Looks like six men and six women may participate.  Budgeted for event is $10,000 with $119 per Hotel (two per room).

Elite Athlete Sponsorships

Š      CNW contracts mailed and signed by all participants

Š      CNW/Brooks contracts sent & signed

Š      First Brooks gear order completed and awaiting arrival

Team uniforms – Meghan Lyle is in the process of taking inventory/screening.

CNW race comps are processed by Kevin Murphy for 20+ races on the 2011 calendar.  Also contact Tom and Chuck for additional comps.

Mark Mandi is setting up the coordination of the Volunteer tracking.  Athletes are asked to volunteer at 3 events per year.


Magnuson Series Earth Day run had 321 finishers.  WWU Earth Day Run had 123 runners

43 Annual All-Comers Series begins on May 25th.

Magnuson Series has a May 28th (Memorial Weekend) and June 9th (Father’s Day) runs scheduled.

PNTF Open and NW Regional meets are Saturday June 11th at Shoreline Stadium

Subway Washington Games schedule for 2011

Š      Saturday July 16 – Magnuson Series 10k & 15k at 9 AM

Š      Saturday July 16 – Youth Track and Field at Shoreline 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Š      Saturday July 16 – Seattle Masters Classic at West Seattle Stadium 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Š      Wednesday July 20 – HS and Open T & F at Shoreline (All Comers #9)

Š      Saturday July 23 – All Star Cross Country at Magnuson 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Š      Saturday August 20 – The Milkman Run at Emerald Downs – 5k, Mile and 440yd Kid race

Other events – Great Kilted Run 5k, Fremont 5k

Upcoming XC Calendar:

Sat September 3 – Lake Padden Relays in Bellingham (4 & 2.6 miles)

Sat October 1 – Emerald City Open

Sat Oct 8 – WWU Classic XC at Lake Padden

Sunday Nov 6 – PNTF XC

Sat Nov 19 – NW Regional XC

**Sat Dec 10 – National XC**


Spoke of website updates that Chuck has implemented with contact from all other related Board Committees including pictures, tabs, links. 

Facebook & Twitter being led by Ben and Vanessa’s group as a way to stay on top of current activities.

Adding timely Team updates (w/pictures) on site.

Added updated Athlete profiles, weekly Sunday run, event schedules, SSL certificate, donation page, registration services, membership e-mail list, system software security, e-newsletters posted, updated sponsor contacts, and researching a mobile web site for Jerry.

Move CNW site to a Server that Chuck maintains – upgrade would equal $20 a month.


“Exceptionally well status”

Seven record month’s in-a-row!

$7,041 for April.

Looking at Digital format for online viewing.  Advertisers get more bang for their buck.


Ten emerging athletes with the following standards

2A Standard – Lori Keller & Sarah Porter

1B Standard – Will Conwell

Marathon Qualifiers include Mike Sayenko (2:14), Vanessa Hunter, Ruth Perkins


Š      Ben talked about going forward with the Facebook and Twitter social media steps and implementation. 1st by Bill, 2nd by Kimery to go forward with proposal.  Unanimous approval.

Š      Kristen Delaney spoke of Youth Club (15 kids) and Jr. Olympic sponsorship through the Club as an affilation.  Background checks w/USATF for approval needed.  Little Pumpkins  Make a proposal thru Jerry (Teams) in the next meeting?

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM with next meeting set for May 9th at 7:00 PM