May 11, 2015


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Bill Roe, Talia Ringer, Kimber Hinson, Rick Albright, Saul Kinderis, John Ricardi, Matt Krier, Craig Kenworthy, Drea Garvue, Levi Keller (@7:15pm), Laura Mickelson (@ 7:26pm)

CONTRACTORS: Mark Bloudek, Frank Field

GUESTS:  none

Start of meeting: 7:00pm

Approved PowerPoint presentation as meeting minutes from March meeting


Š      Money is tight right now and we need to keep Brian in the loop  


BECU Account Balances

Checking: $8,466

NWR: $2,636

Savings: $2,509

NWR Funding: $14,190

Recent Activity:

1.    Finally got USATF Club Track profit sharing: $2,581

2.    Paid out 2014 Cross Country Nats Prize money $1,070

3.    Paid out 2013 Income Taxes $5,045

4.    Paid out 2013 IRS late penalty $1,656

5.    City of Seattle Business license back taxes $932

6.    Will eventually see Youth Track donation funds from RRCA

Happening this week:

1.    2014 IRS Filing of Form 990 & 990-T by May 15, 2015 of about $3,000

2.    This report with show: NWR reports for 2014: $290k deposits, $251k expenses; Event results of: $120k deposits and $112k expenses; Admin and Team: Approx. $51k deposits and $116k expense

Events account $7800 +1200 in savings


1.     Money

a.     Problem: smaller events not buying and some are backing out entirely

b.     Possible new accounts: Tucson marathon, UW Medicine buying 3-4 months, Stephanie’s accounts

c.     Good news: Costs have been kept down, eg: printing and expos

2.     New approach: 200k new eyeballs

a.     Going to buy social media ads (Facebook, Twitter)

b.     Partnerships in exchange for ads with big events

                                               i.     Energy Events (VUM owners) partnership to put magazine in goodie bag. Save expo $ and raise circulation #

                                             ii.     Contest in worst with SportHill, subscriber discount coupled with gift card. Spent little money and increases circulation #

                                            iii.     Making it easier to subscribe: Taking Square to expos, added Subscribe link on every page

3.     Website traffic steady with encouraging spikes

4.     Paper re-design coming after hiring Jason Becker

5.     Eugene Marathon: 50subs, 500mags, content and possible ads, plus exposure achieved

6.     Website is up and running at


1.     Budget

a.     Good job at staying under budget

b.     Lodging, airfare, vans set up for XC nats in the fall

                                               i.     Mark purchased 29 round trip tickets and he will be using 17 for the open team and will open up the other tickets for the masters

                                             ii.     Each ticket was purchased for $179

2.     Joe Gray is racing well and was top 10 in the USA 25k Champs

3.     Jamie Cheever ran 9:58 in the 3k steeplechase at Peyton Jordan/Stanford

4.     Shaun Frandsen won the Tacoma Marathon

5.     Janet McDevitt was 3rd Masters at Bloomsday

6.     Medical sponsorships: working on finalizing

7.     Change in leadership for race walking group to Steve DiBernardo

8.     Uniforms: blue bottoms, Brooks or any other brand, should be worn by all team members during all events


Upcoming Events

1.     Summer Solstice Run: June 21

a.     Group run followed by food and socializing @ Golden Gardens

b.     Multi Run leaders for different paces

Sunday Runs

1.     Groups varying from 4-20 in number depending on weekend

2.     7 weeks remaining before summer break

3.     Looking for leaders in June

Member stats

Proposed membership fee structure change ($1.00 + 5.9% = $3.95)

Family: 52

Lifetime: 67

Partner: 4

Regular: 233

Student/Military: 42

So far in 2015: 19 new members, 71 renewals, 58 lapsed

Action: bring list of lapsed members to each board meeting

Past events

1.     Annual meeting was held in March

a.     Pros/cons

                                               i.     Talks were too long

                                             ii.     Servers needed for the food

b.     What could be changed?

                                               i.     Serve dinner during meeting

                                             ii.     Change meeting to even number and skip board meeting leaving just elections for the entire group

Ft. Steilacoom Running Club is closing down and we would like to get some of their members.

Action: Bill Roe to send Ed Haywood the contact info for Pat Kenworthy

YOUTH: No one to report

No new news to report.


Spring Break Open Meet

1.     Becca was meet director and everything ran very smoothly

2.     SPU wants to develop a better spring open meet and move it to UW

Summer All-Comers

1.     First meet begins in 2 weeks

2.     Sent out notice to past participants and volunteers

3.     Goal to get board members there 1x to volunteer

4.     Using Western Timing System

5.     Website for All-Comers is up and running

6.     Need to get sponsorship info out

7.     Time issue for WA State Games meet during All-Comers meet

a.     Trying to get a separate date, but suggested dates conflict with other events

8.     Ed will reach out to Brooks regarding high performance meet

Firecracker 5k

1.     Will send out separate email with discount code for CNW members

2.     Will start/finish in Memorial Stadium

3.     Discussing plans to start top 25-30 elite women first and then everyone else + elite men @ 11:45pm. Anyone who beats midnight will win a special prize




1.     Website

a.     This is our number one priority as a committee right now

b.     Working with Chuck via email to clean up homepage

c.     We would like to make the navigation bar more user friendly

d.     Waiting on medical providers sponsorships so we can update the sponsorship box on the side bar

e.     Compiling pictures to replace old photos from 2011-2013, especially the homepage slide show. Website is very out of date

f.      Updating board members to delate retired members and add at large members

g.     Athlete profiles are complete and upt o date with all Brooks sponsored athletes and stipend athletes

h.     Goal: once website is to our committees liking, we will review website at the end of each month and send updates to Chuck

i.      Levi and Drea would like to volunteer to help with website

2.     Enews

a.     May Enews was sent out this morning

b.     Will continue to send to all members via email every other month

c.     Craig Kenworthy volunteers to write “Athlete of the ENews”



No old business to discuss


All new board members should be thinking about what committee they would like to join and reach out to the chair

Meeting adjourned at 9:06pm

Next meeting at Magnuson Park on Monday July 13, 2015 at 7:00pm