Club NW Board meeting minutes

May 9, 2016


The meeting began at 7:00 PM


Present: Rick Albright, Ed Haywood, Kimber Hinson, Brian Kutzera, Tahoma, Spencer Walsh, Talia Ringer, David White-Espin, Carl Winter, Drea Garvue, Waqar Shaikh, Saul Kinderis, Mark Bloude,. Bill Roe(by phone)


The Board welcomed Waqar Shaikh to his first meeting.


Rick Albright notified the Board that he and Ed Haywood will be meeting with Heather Romano on the status on ongoing efforts to support NW Runner magazine.


Committee reports



Brian  Kutzera provided an update on NW Runner, noting that we had a small amount of income from it in the first quarter.


There is about 13,000 in the main bank account, most of which is set aside for the youth program.


There will be a fee increase at All-ComerÕs this year. 



Sunday runs are going well under the direction of Ashley Nichols.

The Summer Solstice Run is coming up in June.


Drea Garvue is working on a womenÕs running retreat in the summer of 2017.


There is a 10% discount available at Oiselle.


The Board discussed Road Runner Sports request to have multiple events at the store in order to receive a discount and concluded that requirement was not consistent with our practice with other retailers.


There are 22 new members.


The Board discussed how to handle lapsed members.




The uniform policy update is complete.


The comp entry process update will be on the website soon.



Report attached.

There was extensive discussion of the teamÕs budget in light of decreased revenue from NW Runner and expenses in an Olympic year. Funds for cross country this fall are expected to be very limited.


The Board agreed to create a development committee to seek increased funding to support the range of Club activities. 


A comprehensive update from Lois Keller on team activities is attached.



No report this month.



All-Comers is at Edmunds-Woodway this summer due to construction at Shoreline.

Volunteers are needed throughout the summer.


Due to a range of logistical issues and the need to relocate the event due to higher costs in Seattle, there will be no Firecracker Race this July. The event is expected to return in 2017.


Old Business


There is a need for a new chair of the Events committee. Carl Winter nominated Saul Kinderis, motion seconded by David White-Espin. The Board voted unanimously to confirm Saul.



The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.