CNW BOARD MEETING May 8, 2017, 7:00-9:00 pm


Board members present:

Ed Haywood, Rick Albright, Lana Lacey, Tyler Van Dooran, Andrew Reed, Craig Kenworthy, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Waqar Shaikh, Andrea Garvue, Nick Welch, Saul Kinderis

Calling in:

Meghan Lyle, Bill Roe


Presidents Report


      Board Retreat: Montlake Library, May 20, 12-4 pm

      ACTION ITEM: We need a note taker for the retreat, ideally outside of the board

      For May 20 retreat, questions to consider:

o   We have elite athletes from out of the area, how to we support them? Or should we support them?

o   How should we spend our clubs money?


Rick moved to approve minutes from March seconded by Saul. Approved unanimously.


Teams Report

Teams Committee meeting scheduled for Sunday, 5/21 at 4:00 with following Action Items:

      Establish top 3 goals

      Updates on Elite Team

      Update on Budget

      Update on comp entries


Brooks PR Invite Saturday 6/17 from 1-4:00 pm

      Need 8 volunteers. They will supply volunteers with an apparel item and a footwear item.

o   ACTION ITEM: Decide how to select volunteers for this event, maybe select board members and/or specifically people without gear package?

      Need to promote the PR invite like we have in past years. Website and eNews

Sponsored athlete funding

      Paid out money for Joe Gray and for Levi. No other requests have been submitted. We may come in a bit under budget in this area but we wont know for a while.

Planning for XC Nationals in Lexington

      Flights ~450.00. We plan on reserving about 20 tickets

      Host hotel has yet to be selected. The initial thought is to have the club pay $100.00 per night and ask the athletes to cover the remainder. This is similar to what we did last year.

      Better update will be given at the July meeting

      Budget is 15,000

      Meghan Lyle pointed out it might be good to even out the playing field for XC funding provide more for masters runners.

Volunteer needs

1.     Find a replacement for Ed as the committee chair. His term ends 3/18 and he will not be VP Teams after that date.

2.     Need someone to write the Teams Update for the eNews.

3.     We need 2 people that dont apply for sponsorship (travel reimbursement or gear) to be on the committee and review athlete applications.

Other key needs to be discussed @ board retreat and upcoming teams committee meeting.


Additional updates

      Bloomsday results: Drew Polley placed well as did Destri, Heidi Strickler, Heather Tanner (new member). Emma Kertesz and Jamie Cheever have joined other teams, but also placed well.

      Comps program is going well, members are taking advantage of this.

      ACTION ITEM: Moving forward, how do we do better at keeping up with athlete results?

Treasurer Report

      Secretary of State contacted CNW about 2016s fundraiser. We need to complete a form and pay fee of $50.

      Bill to send Brian the summary of what was received for Reso Run.

      Waqar mentioned that a forecast of membership, Firecracker, fundraiser etc, would be good to add moving forward

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Membership Report

(Written by Kimber, presented by Rick)

New Board Members - Let Kimber know if you are interested in joining the membership committee!



      Second Annual Campaign coming up in July

      ACTION ITEM: Volunteers needed to help draft and revise letter and stuff envelopes for mailing

      Planning similar approach to last year

  Snail mail letter

  Internet promotion

  Recognition at All Comers Meet

      New ideas welcome

      Does board want to do a match? Overall, there seemed to be support for a match; options for setting a match level were discussed but no final decision was made.

      Should we do the Big Give next year?


Membership Changes

      Offering memberships with or without RaceCenter subscriptions ($6 or $9 for one or two year subscription)

      Lifetime members will be contacted via email for an opportunity to subscribe to RaceCenter (this is planned to be done in the next month)

      All members can sign up for free e-newsletter at

o  ACTION ITEM: All board members should have their memberships extended through term. Let Kimber know if anything looks incorrect or if you would like to subscribe to RaceCenter.

Womens Running Retreat

      Registration in Progress – Drea, Lana, Ashley & Ruth

      Venue booked in San Juan Islands for August 11, 2017


Annual Meeting

      Membership committee generally was happy with the event

o   We would like to return to Brooks in the future

o   Guest speakers may have been a little too short this year (over compensating for longer speakers in past)

      Feedback from Board:

o   Venue and food was good

o   Brooks staff could be more clear on pricing: Do we get a discount as CNW members?

o   Maybe provide more of a presentation on an overview of the club

o   Should we tie the meeting to a fundraiser? Or move to end of the year for a holiday type event?

o   Should we do annual awards?


Volunteer needs

1)   Volunteer coordinator: Liaison with events to coordinate volunteers and sign up lists

2)   Sunday run coordinator: this is a person who finds leaders and sends announcement emails. We currently alternate who does this for different months so it could be a 1-4 month a year task

3)   Ideas from anyone on how to enhance the CNW member experience and who wants to implement it.


Youth Team

No update provided


Events Committee



      Stadium is rented, still finding sponsors but slightly ahead of last year in commitments.

o   Justine Fedronic is leading the charge on this.

o   Registration is now open.

Firecracker 5000

      Registration now open.

      Firecracker-permit granted for the park: Liquor license submitted.

o   ACTION ITEM: Find beer sponsor. Lana mentioned she had a beer contact. Action item for her to contact Saul.

      For sponsors, offering smaller multi-year deals as well as packaged deals with all CNW events.

      ACTION ITEM: Find someone associated with the club that can help with securing Gatorade and food for the event.

      ACTION ITEM: Find someone to manage timing system rental

Committee member changes:

Diane Lydon has formally joined and has taken the role of Event Director for the Firecracker 5000. The major tasks she is currently working on:

1)   Partner/Sponsors for: All Comers, Firecracker, CNW Events, CNW in general

2)   Clean up of our task list and development of the event project plan.



General Update Overview


      New Communications Committee to hold its first meeting with new members on May 13, 10:00 am

      We have increased posts on the CNW Facebook and Instagram feeds and have seen a lot of positive interaction from the community.

      Working with the Branding/Events committee to brainstorm ways to improve and be more consistent in our efforts to promote the CNW brand through our events.

      Website update: Working with Chuck Bartlett to fully revamp the CNW website. There has been some delay and blockages in our path forward. We may need to re-think our path forward.

o   ACTION ITEM: Decide whether to move forward with Chuck or if we need to re-think our website strategy. Rick to reach out to Chuck and once confirmed either way, communication committee to strategize steps forward.



Should we get the oral history down about CNW? Andy Reed is interested in taking this on.


Volunteer needs:


1)   Help with keeping the website and social media outlets fresh

2)   Help with promoting events

3)   Creating regular blog posts/Better repurposing our eNewsletter content. *This action item is somewhat dependent on the website update.

4)   Curating a "Best Times" list and potentially a CNW Records list. 

o   Tyler has already taken this task on and presented a great start on a best times list.