Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2010


BOARD:Saul Kinderis, Kimery Hern, David White-Espin, Vanessa Hunter, Tony Young, David Cannon, Carl Winter, Ed Haywood, Jerry Zyskowski, Bill Roe

GUESTS:Felicia Ankton, Loren Hill, Tom Potter, Tom Cotner

CONTRACTORS:Becca Gellespy Peter

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Review & Approval of June 2010 Minutes.1st Ed H, 2nd David Cannon ~ Approved


Rough balance of $43,089 with expected incoming expenses of $6,000 for T&F Club Nationals and $500 for Beach Vault.With other athlete expenses expected, our balance will be in the $35,000 range by month end.

Discussion about checking on Credit Card limits ($12,000 total for Club).Becca should be at $5,000 for uniform issues and bulk ordering.


Deposit of $5,390 from Martin.Thanks to all of the volunteers at the NWR Booth for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.Successful event with lots of good promotion.


Firecracker 5000 ~ 1,202 participants!!CNW athletes Meagan Johnson (1st) in the womenís field & Phil Olsen (2nd) in the menís.Course was 90 meters long and must be certified and adjusted for the 2011 race to ensure an accurate distance.

Run of the Mill 5k (PNTF Championships) ~ Won by Jordan Macnamara (Oregon) with Mike Sayenko (2nd) 14:30-14:32 respectfully.Fastest road times in Washington for quite a while on a hilly course!!Lauren Mathews won the womenís event!!

Upcoming events include the Washington Games Track meet at Shoreline and XC meet at Magnusan Park the following Saturday.The XC will highlight the High School Elite Races (East vs West concept).Last yearís All Comers meet had 710 participants.Expect similar number with good weather.

Footzone 5k ~ hope for a good CNW upfront presence on this FAST course in Redmond.

Masterís PNTF track meet at West Seattle the following Saturday.

Possibly land the 2014 Club Nationals at Shoreline if we can have Hammer and Steeple pit built?!

Masterís XC 5k Championships on 10/24/2010 in Vancouver, WA.Plan to send several competitive teams for Club.


Group Long Runs have started.Each Sunday at 9:00 AM in different locations by our members.Consult the website for location near you.Make sure each leader is conscious of pacing so that the slowest participants are not frustrated (or lost).

*Becca to step down from membership.Tahoma wants to fill the position when available.


Results from the Track and Field Club Nationals in San Francisco.Menís Team finishes 3rd.Women finish 4th.Combined total of just 17 athletes would finish 3rd overall.We had SIX National Champions with Will Conwell who won the shot put and discus, finished 4th in the javelin, and 6th in the hammer throw, being the overall Meet MVP!!The team won $1,500 in prize money and will be distributed according to meet performances.


Ed questioned why Club holds meeting the way we do?

*Committee meetings each month?Led by each committee leader.

*Board meetings every other month?With a format developed from committee meetings.

Proposed Committees

1)Finance ~ including Treasurer (Bill), Tony, Saul, Ed H

2) Communication/NWR/WEB ~ Secretary (Tony), David, ??

3)Events ~ Bill, Carl, ??

4)Membership ~ VP Members (?), Ed H, Ed L, Vanessa

5)Team ~ VP Teams (?), Shawn, Lauren, Kimery

Further discussion on VP Teams vacancy and role of running teams and travel arrangements.Jerry Z nominated with David C (1st) & Tony (2nd) Ė approved.

With XC coming up ~ try and include slower runners to compete in some local races.Eastside Runners does a great job of doing this with their events.

Jerry Z will look into airline prices and hotel for December Club Nationals.Look for emails during the month.


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM