July 13, 2015


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Talia Ringer, Kimber Hinson, John Ricardi, Matt Krier, Craig Kenworthy, Drea Garvue, Carl Winter, Laura Mickelson (@ 7:12pm), Bill Roe (telephoned in)

CONTRACTORS: Mark Bloudek, Frank Field, Tracy Wollschlager, Rex Philpott

GUESTS:  none

Start of meeting: 7:00pm

Approved minutes from May, 2015 meeting


1.     Budget overdue-invoices were provided in a handout

2.     Action: Frank to send Craig Kenworthy competitor group contract to review

3.     SRC now including NW Runner in membership package (261 new subscriptions)

4.     Stephanie-got Run 26 to commit to ¼ page ad for 12 months

5.     High profile campaign on NW Runner website

6.     Lauren Fleshmen on August cover of NW Runner


1.     Saul collapsed and needs to get his health under control so he is stepping away and taking a leave of absence

2.     Ed is taking over SaulÕs role with MarkÕs help

3.     John Ricardi is going to join Teams committee to help out

4.     Ed is going to meet with Brooks to solicit their support for CNW athletes that will be attending the Olympic trails

5.     Contract with Brooks expires in December, 2015


1.     $4000 in taxes-cost to us

2.     $109,000 year to date in NW Runner whereas Martin has $164,000 at this point last year

3.     $17,000 in CNW Account and $10,000 is youth money, which will be spent in the next month. This leaves us with $7,000

4.     June was a strong month for Frank and he took in more than Martin did last year for this month

5.     NW Runner has $1400 in uncollected

6.     Firecracker numbers were very low, but there has been no requires for expenses from Bill

7.     We invested $14,000 in Frank when he took over for Martin, but we wonÕt see this money back


Upcoming Events: None-Membership committee will discuss autumn event at August meeting

Member stats

Proposed membership fee structure change ($1.00 + 5.9% = $3.95)

Family: 57

Lifetime: 67

Partner: 4

Regular: 231

Student/Military: 47

So far in 2015: 41 new members, 77 renewals, 83 lapsed

Action: Kimber and Tracy will make sure board members donÕt lapse

Past events

1.     Summer Solstice Run: June 21st

a.     Thanks to Carl, David and Drea for making this event a success!

b.     We had over 20 club members participate at this event

c.     Members Lana Lacey and Mark Bloudek led runners from the park, across the Ballard Locks, to the viewpoint in Discovery Park.

2.     Sunday Runs: on summer vacation until Labor Day


Spring Break Open Meet

1.     Becca was meet director and everything ran very smoothly

2.     SPU wants to develop a better spring open meet and move it to UW

Summer All-Comers

1.     600 entries in the last 4 meets and we are ahead of record pace right now

2.     There has been problems with discus helpers, which has lowered shotput/field event entries

3.     Edmonds Woodway student stepped up to help with discus officiating

4.     They are going to be paying a trainer $50/meet

5.     Bill does not have enough time to sell the events for sponsors in order to make more money from the all-comers. An idea was thrown out to talk to Stephanie about possibly getting sponsors to Òbuy/sponsorÓ an all-comers meet

6.     Ed is the only one from the board helping out each meet and there needs to be more involvement from the board members

Firecracker 5k

1.     Numbers took a hit

2.     There are 14 races on the 4th of July so it is harder to get people to race

3.     There were a good number of volunteers

4.     Race started at 11:43pm and there was a 20 minute challenge with 64 women and 36 men involved

5.     Thinking about hosting 4th of July run at Magnuson park to cut costs about $7,000 and chip time it ourselves, which saves $2,000 more


New Events in the future

1.     Need more people on the events committee

2.     Bill wants to bring back the Meet of Miles and possibly have a beer garden

3.     Thinking about changing rules for discount codes for members and requiring that in order to get a free entry, you provide a volunteer. Or you put in volunteer hours yourself and you receive a free entry.

4.     Matt Krier will email Bill to possibly join the events committee




1.     Website

a.     This is our number one priority as a committee right now

b.     Working with Chuck via email to clean up homepage

c.     Mark is working on finalizing contracts for medical sponsors so we will update this section ASAP

d.     Working on a better flow for the website with help from Levi and Talia

e.     Pictures on the homepage have been updated to pics from 2014-2015 instead of 2012-2013

f.      Updated board members to delete retired members and add at large members

g.     Goal: once website is to our committeeÕs liking, we will review website at the end of each month and send updated to Chuck

2.     Enews

a.     July enews was sent out before Firecracker to try and boost numbers

b.     ÒAthlete of the EnewsÓ was done by Craig and it featured Monika

c.     Will continue to send to all members via email every other month

TEAM:  Ed/Mark

1.     XC Season

a.     XC BBQ scheduled July 24, 2015

                                                        i.     Club gives all money back to the elites and we will have less money to give out as funding might be cut

                                                      ii.     Funding will be based on revenue received this year

b.     29 tickets purchased for XC Nats

                                                        i.     Open MenÕs and WomenÕs teams will each get 6 spots fully funded (hotel, airfare, race entry) and 2 spots will be available for people to pay their own way

                                                      ii.     MasterÕs-8 Mens 40Õs, 8 menÕs 50, 5 womenÕs 40, 5 womenÕs 50 and club will pay hotel and entry fee, but each masters competitor is responsible for airfare

                                                     iii.     40Õs/50Õs Men will run 10k in one race and all other MasterÕs men will race in another race that is only an 8k

2.     Comp sign up list

a.     A lot of new elites are unaware of signing up for comp entry list, volunteer list, etc     

3.     Medical Support

a.     EM, Doc Robinson

b.     Need to refer to sponsors so it is a business relationship and the sponsor is benefiting as well

4.     Brooks gear: Field event participants need warm-ups so these need to be ordered


1.     Getting a lot of younger kids involved

2.     They are 100% self-funded

3.     Idea for future involvement: Elite runners come visit the youth in Kirkland during practices and help coach



No old business to discuss


1.     Go Fund Me-Talia has been creating accounts for elite athletes and helping them raise money

2.     Grant application is due August 1, 2015

3.     We need to reach out to team members to raise awareness regarding money matching for certain employers like Boeing and Microsoft

4.     Anyone interested in heading Green Lake Bar and Grill events for fundraising?

Meeting adjourned at 9:19pm

Next meeting at Magnuson Park on Monday September 14, 2015 at 7:00pm