Club NW Board meeting minutes

July 11, 2016


The meeting began at 7:00 P.M.

Present: Rick Albright, Ed Haywood, Kimber Hinson,, Spencer Walsh, Carl Winter, Saul Kinderis and Bill Roe(last two by phone), Brian Oster, Gavin Tucker, Craig Kenworthy


Craig moved to approve minutes of the May Board meeting, seconded by Ed. Approved unanimously.


PresidentŐs Report

Rick reported on the status of efforts to continue NW Runner magazine. They continue to explore options. Any proposed agreement will come to the Board and depending on the terms may also require action by the membership per the bylaws.


There was discussion about possible different membership benefits if the magazine does not continue.


Levi Keller joined the meeting and was congratulated on his recent Olympic Trials participation.


Saul is working with his committee on a policy regarding renting out of our timing equipment.


Rick noted how well the All Comers meets are going and that they are exceeding entry expectations.


There was a discussion about use of the meets to promote other Club activities.


On the finances, Rick noted that the ClubŐs first annual giving campaign is off to a good start.


He also said we have been able to pay off the expenses for the June issue of NW Runner, He expressed his appreciation for Heather RomanoŐs work with the magazine during a challenging period.


There was discussion of the fundraising campaign and a final push near the end of the effort.


Events Report

The committee is meeting with Pro-motion Events to determine best ways to partner with the Club.


The group is also looking at what additional events might take place next year. There was discussion of the pros and cons of a new cross county event.


New steering committee members are needed for the Resolution Run.


Finance Report

No additional information


Membership Report

Efforts continue on holding a women's running retreat in the summer if 2017.


The discount at RoadRunnner Sports has been reinstated.


Additional details in the written report.


Teams Report

Ed gave an update on the teams budget and possible cross country team expenses.


It was noted that Mark Bloudek and Saul both made substantial contributions to this fallŐs budget through donations on their part.


The cross country budget discussion lead to a discussion of long term funding.


There was a discussion about the Club uniforms and what color of shorts are allowed in team competitions.


Youth Report

Gavin indicated that the team is quite young this year, with a large number of middle school students. At the same time, there have been a number of high quality performances.


The workouts have relocated to the Mercer Island Middle School.


Communication Update

Meeting minutes

-Craig will continue to take minutes at board meetings so please email me any extra documents you present to the group 

-Laura will send notes out through email to all board members. Please review and send me an email approving

-Minutes will be posted to the website


Enews will go out this Wednesday as I just got everyone's sections

-Athlete of the Enews is Jane Ricardi! Look forward to this amazing write up by Craig 


Website: Email Laura any updates you would like seen to the website 


Looking for additional members to join communications committee particularly someone with website experience 


Old Business



New Business

There was additional discussion about the best ways to reduce expenses.


There was a discussion about updates to the All Comers meets website.


The meeting concluded at 8:50.