Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2010


BOARD:  Saul Kinderis, Shawn Lucas, David White-Espin, Lauren Mathews, Tony Young,  Carl Winter, Ed Haywood, Jerry Zyskowski, Bill Roe, Ed Ledger, John O’Hearn

CONTRACTOR:  Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster

GUESTS:  Ben Williams, Tom Potter, Tahoma, Tom Cotner

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM

*Announcement ~ Recent Board member Vanessa Hunter delivered a healthy baby boy ~ Ryder ~ there was much rejoicing.

July meeting minutes approved without any changes.


Issued a handout with a detailed breakdown as of August 9, 2010. 

Total deposits including Checking, PayPal, PME = $39,881.85

Total expenses including Contractors, Athletes, Officials, etc,.. = $14,561.00

Current financial position = $25,320.85

Note ~  2010 All Comers Track Series netted $1,200 after all expenses.  Firecracker needs more volunteers to control expenses and put more $$ in coffers.  Expected upcoming Athlete reimbursements for Club Track Nationals with allocation of Team Prize money won to be distributed.


Total revenue for CNW is $41,908 year-to-date.  Projects out to an amount of $52 - $54k!!  Roughly 15% higher than budgeted for.  Going forward ~ the “split” will reverse with Martin retaining 70% and Club 30%, as agreed.

Martin, Nick, Tom worked White River volunteer /support table.  Thank you.


Need more CNW members to “host” weekly Long Runs.  Link with Tahoma and Chuck on their weekly runs?  Make Sunday Long Runs a #1 focus to ensure success.

Upcoming Team rosters on web.  Discussion about adding “best-marks.”  Send in pictures with a caption to webmaster so updates can be done frequently.  Add Board profile & Team profile.  Have each participant send in their own information and update.  Encourage Board members to test before next meeting.


All Comers Series attendance over 5,000 for first 11 meets.  Going to be 2nd best year ever!

Memorial Stadium getting a major remodel that will affect next years Firecracker.   Have to plan on possible change to Start/Finish line area?  Bellevue will host their own race in 2011 and it may have an effect on participants? 

Washington Games ~ tie into Firecracker 5k including Youth races.

XC ~ East/West All Star race had 81 participants and paid out $4,000 in scholarships.

Masters Track @ West Seattle had 247 entries.

Great CNW turnout for Footzone 5k. 

Magnusan Park Series to have ½ Marathon with a few trips up Kite Hill.

TEAM:  Bill & Jerry

Sundodger meet coming up with athletes entering on their own.

Nov 7th ~ PNTF XC Meet *the day after the High School State Meet

Nov 20th ~ Regional XC Meet in Sandy, Oregon. 

Super Jock n Jill (SJJ) half marathon coming up with Elite entry to contact Chuck.

Form XC Committee with the following team leaders:

Open ~ Mark Mandi & Rose Wetzel

40’s ~ John O’Hearn & Karen Steen

50’s ~ Jerry Z & ??

Roster is growing EveryDay!!  Schedule to include Emerald City and Western Washington races.  Open athletes will be chosen with results (4) and by team leader (3).

Masters athletes will compete in Vancouver, WA at the XC 5k Championships in late October.

XC Nationals will cost Masters athletes and non-selected Open athletes $350.  40 seats have been reserved with round-trip airline tickets costing only $300!  Airlines must have names by December 10th.

PNTF:  Bill

Annual meeting on Sunday September 26th.  Attend to be heard!

10k Road Championships in two weeks at the Snoqualmie Railroad Days.


Form Board Committees to streamline meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 PM with Executive meeting to follow.

Next meeting September 13th, 2010