Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2011




BOARD: Ed Haywood Bill Roe Jerry Zyskowski Kimery Hern- Ben Williams Carl Winter David WhiteEspin Tony Young Vanessa Hunter Saul Kinderis


CONTRACTORS: Chuck Bartlett Martin Rudow Brian Oster


GUESTS: Christina Delaney Tom Cotner Tahoma Tom Phillpot


7:00 Previous meeting minutes approved as is. 1st Kimery 2nd Jerry




Current balance of $26,300. Handout with details will be sent out via email.

Northwest Runner Magazine contribution for August was $3,400. Still have an expense of $5,500 for All-Comers Series.


Demonstration of IPICO Chip Timing mats. Purchase could be offset with $400 per use charge at area events.