September 14, 2015


BOARD:  Ed Haywood, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Bill Roe, Kimber Hinson, Rick Albright, Carl Winter, Craig Kenworthy, Laura Mickelson (@ 7:25pm)


GUESTS:  Tom Cotner, Willie Richardson

Start of meeting: 7:00pm


1.     Ed met with Brooks.

a.     Any CNW athlete (including field) that makes the Olympic Trials will be offered a 2 year Brooks contract

b.     For field, they understand they may not have correct shoes to wear so athletes can wear whatever they want but will need to try and color in the logo.

c.     Contract will remain the same including 20 gear packages for CNW athletes

2.     Motion to approve minutes

a.     Tom would like to receive minutes and board meeting announcements

b.     Minutes need to go out within 10 days of board meeting

c.     Spencer made motion, Craig 2nd, motion passed

NORTHWEST RUNNER: (Frank not in attendance, report emailed to board members, summary below)

1.     Efforts to increase paid circulation continue to show slow improvement.  The Bloomsday Road Runners Club has agreed to provide the magazine as a premium for its members.  In exchange, the club will get a page in the magazine for BRRC club news.

2.     Frank met with the executive director of Run Wild Missoula. The club wants to advertise the Missoula Marathon for at least three months, specifics TBD.

3.     The income/expense pie charts for up to 9.13 are attached.  We are going to be close to the $200K annual income expected. 

4.     Frank installed an email newsletter signup on the website, but we need to put more energy into building


1.     $3000 for youth from Gavin

2.     $5500 current balance

3.     Money has reduced since we are now paying taxes and we put up $14,000 for Frank

4.     We are going to budget into the future for what we receive this year


1.     Upcoming Events

a.     Sunday Runs started yesterday

b.     If you want to lead a run let Kimber know!

2.     Volunteering

a.     PNTF Cross-Country sign up is live on Wild Apricot

3.     We would like to host a Women’s run on Alki Beach – targeting mid-January for this and it would be stroller friendly

4.     Wild Apricot subscription renewed through next year

5.     Membership Stats

a.     July – 5 new members and 4 renewal

b. August – 5 new members and 21 renewals

d.     21 members have lapsed

6. Tracy is out of membership shirts

7. Road runner Sports Bellevue is looking to grow a relationship again and would like to offer members 10% off and do a social/clinic in the store

8. Membership team is going to try to remind people of why we are in the club and include a “membership fact of the month” in the enews

9. Communications committee and Membership committee are going to work together to spice up NW runner ad

10. We currently do not get a 10% discount at Brooks headquarters-Kimber to ask

11. Ed reached out to Ft. Steilacoom group two times and they never returned his phone calls regarding members joining CNW.


1.     There were 35 people at the XC meeting

2.     Mark wrote an outline about how we are going to do things this year

3.     PNTF men’s/women’s team winders will get $500/team

4.     Team might now fund an 8th person on each open team

5.     October 3 is next team’s committee meeting at Greenlake track

6.     Levi thought athlete reimbursement process needed work so he created a form to put on website

a.     Levi will manage athlete reimbursements

b.     He rewrote the contract/application

7.     Mark needs to put up 2015 XC info on website

8.     Rick will contact Levi/Ed about linking athlete profiles with applications

9.     Carl brought up an idea regarding prize money for nats from master’s group

a.     Split masters purse 50/50 like we do open team

b.     Idea to have captains invite the masters runners to donate their prize to the open teams

10.  Selection of at-large individuals for nationals is up to teams manager, VP of teams, captain of team

YOUTH: No one to report

No new news to report.


1.     Committee is trying to find new members to join the committee

2.     Firecracker

a.     New ideas for the future

                                               i.     Chili cook-off at Magnuson park with nonprofits and other clubs

                                             ii.     Avoid doing it downtown to save money

3.     All-comers

a.     Second highest number

b.     Entry fees up $1 across the board, $25 family

c.     Keep spectator fee at $5

d.     Sell sponsors via Stephanie T or Garrett S

4.     Resolution run

a.     Possible change to Arena area, sponsorship

b.     Sail Sand Point boat ramps (3), but limited access to each on north shore

5.     Planning for the 20th anniversary season of the New Balance/SJJ Winter Grand Prix

6.     Spring Break Open in March 2016

a.     SPU to take over part of the event, go to UW or possibly stay at West Seattle Stadium

b.     SPU would have medical/volunteer support

7.     Trying to bring back Meet of Miles in 2016

a.     Need private school site which would allow beer garden and beer mile

8.     Talking about adding new events like a waffle run, Cinco de Mayo. Send your ideas!

9.     USATF Club Cross Nationals

a.     Jefferson park not available 2017 or 2018 because they will only do one event per year, which is for UW

b.     Other possible sites: Spanaway, American Lake, Chambers Bay, Jackson Park



1.     Website

a.     Continue to work with Chuck via email to clean up home page: better flow, spelling mistakes, current news/results

b.     Filling gaps to post all meeting minutes that are currently missing

c.     This month, we would like to get medical volunteers up with links to their website

2.     Enews

a.     September Enews went out Sunday

b.     Will continue to send to all members via email every other month

c.     Second time we featured an “athlete of the enews” and this time we featured Janet McDevitt

3.     Facebook

a.     Up to 742 likes

b.     Currently using Facebook to post up to date result

c.     Sunday runs have started again so this will be our main form of communication regarding info on leader/route



Martin requested to be paid on ads he sold for the January NWR issue from the Rock n Roll people, but this was declined.


1.     CNW Bylaws have not been updated as we have made changes. Ed has updated the changes, which will be sent out to the board for approval. The big change is to put term limits on the president. Proposal was for 4-1 year terms as a maximum.

2.     Fundraising plan presented by Willie

a.     Goal-to raise $2000 annually for supporting CNW team travel

b.     Plan-solicit one local business to be primary sponsor

c.     What sponsor would receive:

                                               i.     Advertisement on all event t-shirts supported by CNW

                                             ii.     Announcements at all CNW events that this business is sponsoring the race

                                            iii.     Promotion of the business on the CNW website

                                            iv.     Possible promotion of the business on CNW warm-ups and uniforms if legal

                                             v.     Promotion of the sponsor by said business as a main gathering place for CNW functions

                                            vi.     Said sponsor will also be promoted on banners at CNW events

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

Next meeting at Magnuson Park on Monday November 9, 2015 at 7:00pm