CNW Meeting Minutes September 12, 2016


Board: Rick Albright, David White-Espin, Brian Kutzera, Spencer Walsh, Bill Roe, Kimber Hinson, Saul Kinderis, Drea Garvue, Carl Winter.  Ed Haywood called in part way through the meeting.

Guests: Phoebe Wright, Katie Conlon, Tahoma Doyon, Brian Oster


President Report: Rick

      Overview of first, annual campaign: Was a success, surpassed goal

      Financially, we are doing better than we have yet this year

      Board involvement: We want the board to set an example for the rest of the Club so all should be involved on at least one committee

      Race Center: Potential partnership with NW Runner with terms of agreement in the works, which will need approval by the Board


Board approved August Board meeting notes.



Treasures Report (see notes): Brian


      Financially in a good place, will be minimal taxes to pay as well as several insurance fees

      Donations + tight level of spending has gotten us back to a good place

      Need to update signers on the various CNW accounts.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to make the changes in account access recommended in the attached Treasurer's report


Membership Committee: Kimber

Sunday runs are starting up again. Trying to provide more pace opportunities, but difficult to plan ahead for different pacing and potentially add some shorter runs.


Winter Solstice Run

      Will take place the Sunday before the Solstice

      Road Runner is sponsoring this event so we will start there and then come back to the store for refreshments and RR will provide 10 percent of purchases to CNW

      Since there is a relationship with Super Jock N Jill + Road Runner not local, we will inform but not "push" on membership to participate



Womens Running Retreat

RCOA for insurance (reach out to Tahoma for more info)


Gear ordering

      How can we make this process easier for members easier and better?

      Maybe talk to Megahn Lyle and Ed Haywood about how to refine this process


Membership page on website

      Improving the membership page on the website is a priority


Membership Pricing

Will not be reducing membership prices despite not being able to provide a subscription for NW Runner magazine; there is a strong feeling that the many other benefits offered to CNW members are proportional to the current rates (e.g., 10% discounts at most area running stores, free or reduced entry fees at CNW events, etc.).


      Potentially should pass a motion in the future agreeing on a certain percentage of donated money to be submitted to savings to ensure that bank account stays healthy and a reserve is built up.


Teams Committee

Congrats to Joe Gray who won the Mountain Racing championships!

      No notes received from Mark or Ed on Team updates


Youth Team

No notes to report


Events Committee: Saul

      Working to create more events/more revenue for the club such as more marketing and more sponsorship

      Saul has created a MeetUp group to gain more outside volunteers

      Phoebe Wright will be helping with additional Social media action for All-Comers meets moving forward

      Katie Conlon will be helping with Resolution Run


Communications: Rick (Refer to the Notes attached)


Old Business: Rick

Approached by Brooke Gardner from Race Center for a joint venture. In the process of reaching an agreement. This is in the negotiation phase.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement is in place that prevents providing explicit details at this time, although some information was verbally shared at the meeting with Race Center's permission.  Most importantly, and agreement reached will be subject to review and approval by the board.