Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2007


Club Northwest Office

6310 N.E. 74th Street, Suite 245

Seattle, WA   98115


Attendance:  Board

T.P.(Thornton Perry), Bill Roe, Phil Finger, Nick Fleming, Saul Kinderis, and Shelley Neal.



Lance Giles, Tom Cotner and Becca Gillespie.



Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster and Martin Rudow.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.


Minutes:  Phil Finger

Saul Kinderis moved that the November meeting minutes be approved as amended and it was seconded by Bill Roe.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Club Northwest continues to remain healthy financially with a financial balance of $22,480.80.


Northwest Runner Report:  Martin Rudow

The Direct Mail campaign is doing okay.  Martin has had very positive feedback on the new and improved magazine format.  Ads have been coming in great.  A check in the amount of $3,955.00 will be turned in to Bill.


Team:  Chuck Bartlett

An agreement has been renegotiated with Brooks.  Club Northwest has good Masters and Open runners.  Shelley, Saul and Bill will meet Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 am at Shelley’s house to discuss Team Manager contract specifications.


Events:  Brian Oster and Bill Roe

The 2007 Resolution Run went very smoothly and was a success.  996 runners registered and 887 finished.  440 runners participated in the Trip and Drip.  The sponsor, Road Runner Sports was very happy, and Chuck had the results up on the Club Northwest web site the next day.  KIRO Channel 7 television station gave good news coverage to the Run, which was probably the most successful Resolution Run we’ve had yet.  Resolution Run plaques and medals will be mailed out to winners Thursday, January 18th.  The Winter G rand Prix also went very well.  The January 27th race will be at Emerald Downs.


Membership:  Brian Oster and Bill Roe

Club Northwest had 50 new members join in December. 


New Business:

Chuck Bartlett has opened a dialogue with the Seattle Running Club on the possibility of combining the Seattle Running Club in some fashion with Club Northwest which could be advantageous to both clubs.


The Board went into Executive Session at 8:44 pm and that session concluded at 9:00 pm.


The move to adjourn was made by Phil Finger and Seconded by Saul Kinderis.  The meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.