Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2007


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th St., Suite 245

Seattle, WA  98115


Attendance:  Board

Nick Fleming, Becca Gillespy, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young, Bill Roe (via phone), Ed Ledger, Lance Giles, and Shelley Neal


Guests:  None


Contractors:  Brian Oster, Chuck Bartlett, Martin Rudow


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm


Minutes:  Tony Young


Motion made to approve June minutes as amended by Ed and seconded by Becca.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Not available for board review.  Saul and Bill to finalize Financials to be emailed to board using new six column ledger sheet later in the month.


Martin reported NW Runner deposit of $6,228 for June.  Significantly better than previous month, due to increase in advertising and possibly the new glossy High School section.  Martin believes that positive trend will continue.


Discussions on July’s NW Runner add for the All Comers Series.  Several discrepancies noted.  Martin will run new correct advertisement in next publication.


Lance will receive two checks from Bill at Weds All Comers meet in Redmond, to use for expenses on the Club Northwest Track team heading to New York.  Expenses should include taxi and hotel.    Noted that seven athletes used Pay Pal and one paid their $200 by check.


Membership:  Nick Fleming

Discussions on our need to contact existing and new members.  Members reportedly still not receiving their CNW T-shirts and membership cards in an appropriate timeframe.  Brian currently doing the job.  Two suggestions as to going forward.


1.      Chuck takes over the position with payment allocation the same ($300 monthly plus payment for each head count of $5).  Yearly costs would be $5,600.  $3,600 for guaranteed payment plus another estimated $2,000 on head count.

2.      Becca would be named VP of Membership and not receive the same payment structure.  All expenses with contacting members would be covered though.


Saul proposed that “if Becca takes on membership, she would receive a $100 monthly stipend for compensation not to exceed an undetermined dollar amount.  Starting in July – transition Becca into the membership role and cover all expenses expected (mailing, phone, etc,..).


With agreement from Chuck, Brian and others, the following amendment was made by Nick, “Becca starts immediately – with reimbursements for any direct costs – and that there would be a future discussion on compensation package at a later date.”


Ed seconded the motion.  Unanimously passed.


Discussion on raising the annual membership fees from the current levels of $30 individual, $50 family, and lifetime $250 amounts.  Current levels have been in place for several decades.


After a lot of discussion, Brian proposed, “that students price should be $40, individual to $50, family to $75, and lifetime to $500 beginning August 1st.”


Nick moved to accept proposal.  Lance seconded the motion.  Unanimously passed.


Noted that advertising should run in the NW Runner magazine to announce new membership rates.


Bill and Nick discussed changing the CNW logo slightly.  Future discussion planned.


Nick working on tracking membership cards sent from Indiana.


Events:  Brian Oster

July 25th reminder that the West Seattle All Comers meet will include the Hammer Throw and Steeplechase events.


Discussed skipping future July 4th All Comers meets because of historically low attendance.  This year’s entries were 101.  Normally 250 – 350 entries.


Firecracker 5k had about 1,000 registered entries (maybe an additional 100 last minute unregistered entries).  996 finishers with no mishaps or injuries to report!  Saul will have the race on Youtube.


Discussion on promoting Winter Grand Prix Series with Federal Way Track Club.  We would need 15 – 20 people for each event (every other weekend for six events), for course marshals, entries, set-up and take-down.  Possibly have CNW announced as Sponsor and pay for ads in the NW Runner magazine.


Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett

Twelve athletes going to Club Nationals in New York.  Adam Demming will be taking Nectaly Barbosa’s spot due to injury. 


The team has added Mike Sayenko (formerly UW and an Olympic Trials marathon qualifier)!


Discussion on having “sponsored” athletes commit to Club Nationals (Track and Field, Cross Country or Road Racing), as a prerequisite for sponsorship.


Lance discussed that out of state athletes should still get the same sponsorship consideration for participating in Club National events.  Saul suggested we limit the dollars on sponsorship to out of area (Washington) athletes.  There will be future discussion on this topic.


Lance brought up that Club Nationals entries has gone from 478, 900, and 1,169 during the past three years.


Becca noted that pole vaulters traveling to Track Nationals will need additional $80 for shipment of poles.


Shelley made a proposal that, “We approve Chuck’s contract.”  Chuck to receive $450 a month with contract to expire December 2008.  Noted that Chuck can void contract and renegotiate prior to expiration.


Ed seconded the motion.  Unanimously passed.


Saul and Shelley made new contract for Team Coach and passed out in June’s Board meeting.  We will vote on this in August.


Shelley brought up the airfare price for going to Ohio in December for Cross Country Club Nationals.  Delta for $639 to Cincinnati w/out names.  Saul suggested we fly into alternative airport to possibly save dollars.  Bill found $238 tickets during discussion on Delta/Continental/United/or American.


Becca noted that only one out of four athletes had uniforms for recent competition.  Discussed having extra tight shirts for vaulters, jumpers and sprinters.  We should consider having some inventory on these items or pay for alterations if necessary.  Chuck said that 100 white technical shirts were on hand and that there would be a future “screening of logo” expense to pay. 


New Business:  Nick Fleming

Nick will be sending out new sampling of a “Welcome” letter to new members.


Becca discussed a future Garage Sale for Club and there was a discussion as to benefits of having it at various sites.  Will decide via email later.


Reminder that next meeting will be August 13th.


The move to adjourn was made by Nick and seconded by Ed at 9:35.