Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2007



Attendance:  Board

Bill Roe, Phil Finger, Nick Fleming, Saul Kinderis, Shelley Neal, Tony Robinson and Tony Young.



Mark Alexander, David Cannon, Tom Cotner, Colin Fishwick, Lance Giles, Becca Gillespy, Ed Ledger, John O’Hearn and Bert Wyman.



Chuck Bartlett and Brian Oster



Meeting called to order at 7:34 p.m..


Minutes:  Phil Finger

Bill Roe moved that the February minutes be approved as amended and it was seconded by Tony Young.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Club Northwest banking and savings accounts have been moved to Bank of America.  The Club has Assets of $34,111.60 and Debits of $7,311.41, leaving a Financial Balance of $26,800.19.


Northwest Runner Report:  Bill Roe

Northwest Runner advertising sales are up and revenue is more robust than we anticipated.  Martin Rudow, a handsome man as well as magazine editor, is still recuperating from illness and injury.


Membership:  Brian Oster and Nick Fleming

There is not a huge following for the Tuesday night runs for beginning and intermediate runners.  Club sponsor Road Runner Sports is opening up a second store location in Kent.  The mailing of Club Northwest membership cards to members will be completely caught up by the end of the week.


Events:  Brian Oster

The Spring Break Open Track and Field meet will be held at the Edmonds District Stadium on Saturday, March 31, 2007.  The Summer All Comers Meets will be held at the West Seattle stadium with the first meet on May 30 2007.




Team and CNW Web Site:  Chuck Bartlett

Club Northwest was well represented in the St. Patrick’s Day Dash with 9 men finishing in the top 15 and 5 women in the Open top 15.  Lance Giles reported that Nectaly Barbosa won the 800 meters at the National Scholastic Meet in New York.  Bill Roe reported that Jeff Skima placed 12th in the high jump at Nationals.  Jeff is also on the U.S. Paraolympic squad and holds the paraolympic world record for the high jump..

Chuck Bartlett reported that Club now has its new orange singlets for male and female athletes and there are plans to advertise Club Northwest jackets and T shirts for sale on the Club Northwest Web site with a discount for Club Northwest members.

Chuck Bartlett plans to redo the Club’s web site so member athletes and board members can post information about themselves on the site.


PNTF and USATF:  Bill Roe and Tom Cotner

Recent meetings of PNTF and USATF and issues raised were discussed by Bill Roe and Tom Cotner.


Team Manager Structure and Contracts:  Bill Roe

Bill Roe, Chuck Bartlett, Lance Giles, Saul Kinderis and Shelley Neal plan to meet March 31, 2007 to discuss and finalize Team Manager structure and Contracts.


Elections 2007

Nominations were opened for Board positions 7,  8 and 9.  Tony Young  indicated he would be willing to continue to serve in his board position.  Lance Giles, Rebecca Gillespy, Regina Joyce, John O’Hearn, Aretha Thurmond, Bert Wyman and

Ed Ledger were nominated for the open and At Large Board positions.  Phil Finger moved to close the nominations and it was seconded by Tony Robinson.  Motion passed.


Closed Board Member Session

Nick Fleming was elected President, Shelley Neal Vice President for Team, Becca Gillespy Vice President for Membership, Bill Roe to Treasurer and John O’Hearn was elected Secretary.  Lance Giles, Regina Joyce, Ed Ledger, Aretha Thurmond and Bert Wyman will fill At Large Board positions.


The next Club Northwest Board meeting will be April 9, 2007.


The move to adjourn was made by Saul Kinderis and seconded by Shelley Neal.  The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m..