Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

July 11th 2005



Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA


Attendance: Board

T.P. Shelley Neal, Bill Roe, Sarah Leonard, Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler, Tony Young, and Phil Finger


Guests: None



Brian Oster of ProMotion Events



Meeting called to order at 7:35 P.M.    



No June minutes were available        


Financial Report:

  • Bill delivered a handout with a summary of the financial status.
  • All-Comers meet income has been down this summer due to the poor weather. Improving weather hopefully will bring out bigger crowds. Club Northwest should still net a profit from the season since we got such a good deal on the stadium rental.
  • Things are looking good on the XC budget front. We had budgeted higher travel costs because of the meet’s location, but the good deal we got on the airfares should help us stay under budget.


Northwest Runner Report:

·        Martin was unable to attend the meeting but delivered a check to Bill prior to the meeting for $4742. Martin mentioned that he thinks it’s reasonable to expect a check for around $5000 next month.


Events, Membership/Pro-Motion: Brian Oster

  • There will likely be a shortage of officials at the August 10 All-Comers meet. Board members are requested to attend to help offset the absence of several regulars.
  • All-Comers meets have been going well. High marks for Shoreline Stadium as the venue preferred over Edmonds District Stadium, where the throwing event areas were not as well organized, the cost was higher, and the staff was more expensive and not as cooperative. Let’s hope we can keep it at Shoreline in the future, and help them plan some improvements to the facilities such as a second pole vault runway and a steeplechase water jump.
  • All-Comers javelin has been somewhat problematic due to the Club Northwest javelins being out at the field prior to the official. Club Northwest javelins are not to be taken to the field until the meet official has arrived, and anyone bringing their own javelin should be instructed not to throw it until the meet official has arrived.

·        Ribbons for the kid’s events: most agree it would be a good thing to do, but the logistics are somewhat complicated. The consensus seemed to be that next season Club Northwest should purchase ribbons with the Club Northwest logo and “Participant” screened on them. Club Northwest should purchase ribbons with Club Northwest’s logo and ‘Participant’ screened on them. The All-Comers series title and presenting sponsors may also need to be included on the ribbons. Several different colors, 100 ribbons each should be purchased next spring.



  • Shelley reported that the CNW team roster for the USATF Club T&F National Championships on the weekend of 7/15-16 in New York consists of Tony Young, Justin Lawrence, Curtis Easton, Megan Johnson, Ryan Dirks, and Scott Boothby. Travel arrangements were made through Anderson Travel. Total expenses for airfare, hotel, and athlete entry fees are estimated at $3821.
  • Member of the Month for the next issue of Northwest Runner will be Scott Boothby. Scott has been throwing (hammer) very well the past several years and this spring finished fourth at the USATF National Championships.
  • Shelley presented a proposal for airfare reservations for travel to the USATF Club XC National Championships in Rochester, NY. Athletes would leave Seattle on November 17, 2005 and return on November 20, 2005. The ticket price direct to Rochester quoted by Anderson Travel is $310 per person. Names can be added to the tickets one month prior to travel date. Shelley had 28 seats held, with the assumption that if the team did not use them all CNW would be able to sell any that were not needed. To hold the reservation, $40 per ticket is due to place the reservations. All board members present agreed this was a competitive ticket price and thought it was a good idea to go ahead with booking the tickets. Phil moved that the proposed travel arrangements be accepted and have Shelley purchase the tickets. Tony seconded the motion, and the motion passed unopposed. Thank you Shelley for your efforts over the past month setting up the travel arrangements!
  • Good news on the XC front: Danita Erickson and Shelley Smathers have both expressed interest in running XC this fall. The team manager or some of the women’s team members should try to reach them to make sure they’re serious.



Oversight Committee Reports:

  • By-Laws: Bill and TP are planning to meet soon to get the ball rolling. Anyone with any input is encouraged to forward it to Bill or TP.
  • Pro-Motion Events contract: committee plans to get together in the next couple weeks.
  • CNW Team Manager: Shelley, Sarah, and Regina have met a few times to discuss the Team Manager’s role and responsibilities. They have begun to step up to fill some of the holes that are being left such as making travel arrangements, recruiting, and finding athletes to go the Club T&F Nationals. Steve offered to help with getting the final Team Manager responsibilities list together and put together a draft of the XC team selection criteria.
  • Northwest Runner: Martin was contacted some time ago but has not had time to get together to discuss his priorities. Hoping that time will come soon.


New Business:

  • Martin Rudow (Northwest Runner) sent a letter to the board regarding “Key Man” insurance and long-term disability coverage. Key Man insurance would cost Club Northwest $500/year and would provide Club Northwest $50,000 in the event of Martin’s death. Disability insurance would cost $107/month ($1,284/year) and would provide $4000/month for up to two years in the event that Martin becomes disabled and unable to perform his job due to illness or injury. The board agreed that pursuing these two policies was in the Club’s best interest. The disability coverage needs to be clarified—is some to go to Martin? If so it would seem reasonable to ask him to contribute to the cost. The board will follow up with Martin to clarify the particulars. In any case, the board’s due diligence will require shopping the policies around to at least 3 carriers to make sure we’re getting a competitive price. Bill moved to purchase the Key Man insurance based on the best of 3 quotes. Tony seconded the motion and the motion passed unopposed. The disability insurance discussion will have to be picked up again with Martin or after Bill or T.P. has a chance to discuss it with Martin.
  • Club Northwest’s Team Manager: our current Team Manager, Chuck Barlett, has expressed some frustrations due to the lack of responsiveness from the team members. Some of Chuck’s frustrations may also be from being asked to do many things and not having a clear understanding of all that is expected of him. This is why it’s essential that the Team Manager responsibility’s list get finished, and trimmed down to the necessary tasks, so as not to overload anyone. Shelley has been very helpful the past several months with uniforms, travel arrangements, and contacting athletes, but in some ways that complicates things because the athletes begin to question who, is the primary point of contact. All agreed it’s best for the Team Manager to be the point of contact for all athletes and the board can support the Team Manager in whatever ways are necessary to get the job done. Chuck relies on email correspondence, which is sometimes ineffective due to people’s schedules, etc. We know sometimes things get frustrating when dealing with so many different people, but we agreed the negativity and sarcasm should be filtered out of the email correspondence, many people can’t read those things into email and it can lead to hurt feelings and miscommunications. Further clarification of the Team Manger’s role and responsibilities will be coming soon.




Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Hatz