Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

August 9th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



Shelley, Regina, T.P. Brian Oster, Steve, Ed, Tony Young, Tony Robinson, Bart, Mark Johnson, Saul, Sarah, Rob Cook.


Meeting got under way at 7:37 by T.P. 

T.P. agreed to sign the check for our accountant for $225.00 for the tax return.


  • Introduction of guests by Brian Oster:
  • Mark Johnson of Road Runner Sports, opening a new store at Greenlake.
  • Proposal to the Club for sponsorship.
  • Mark also talked about other ideas the store could offer and also do with the Club.
  • Seminars for Club’s groups, info meetings, social events, etc.
  • An affiliated website
  • Packet pick up at store
  • Club Northwest t-shirt and membership sign ups at store
  • Also said don’t be afraid to ask, they are working with a good budget
  • Volunteer hours at the store
  • Goal for opening is September 1st



T.P. canned approval of past minutes



  • Financial Report was handed around for all to see, that’s about it on that.


Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster

  • Brian talked more about the $25,000 sponsorship with Road Runner Sports sold. Drawing up proposal and has meet with Road Runner Sports already about their interests: Seattle Marathon, Seafair, Major advertiser at All-Comers, also with Northwest Runner, they would have exclusivity with big events. Overall a good deal for Club Northwest, will have huge database to work with, it will help with membership and marketing.
  • Friday handshake deal with Road Runner Sports
  • Fire Cracker Run net $1,342.64 for Club
  • Northwest Runner way ahead with advertisements from Road Runner Sports ads.
  • All Comers last one this Wednesday


Northwest Runner Report

  • Martin is not here – no report given


Team/ Shelley, Regina

    • Tony Young was 1st in the 800-exhibition event at the USA Olympic trials in a time of 1:53:3. Made the Seattle Times!
    • Working on jerseys for woman, they are meeting with Brooks about singles.
    • Would like to have a workout one day a week, where the woman meet and divide things up men versus woman. Also talked about more unity in the cross-country team and within Club’s workouts.
    • Need a manager at Nationals so runners can focus on warm-ups and racing and not worrying about last minute things.
    • Manager is T.J. and what will he be doing for the cross-country team? Not here so can’t discuss.
    • Cross Country Criteria:
    • Meeting August 24th to discuss criteria for cross-country teams
    • Would like to see teams at local races, have good representation of Club Northwest at meets
    • Criteria, T.P. says, “if they don’t like it the criteria they can piss up woven hemp”
    • Sign up before or by end of October
    • Are we going to try and be elite team or best representative team?
    • Bart suggested the team workout with him (Chuckit) on Tuesday evenings because he is there anyway and we could have bigger base of people to workout with.
    • T.P. is also quoted saying, “There is no budget for uniforms, Shelley” he will buy them if Club doesn’t. Also Bart will talk with New Balance and try to get them for free, better!!!
    • Come back for the next meeting with criteria so we can have that approved and on website.
    • Will have teams for Open/Masters Men and Woman



Membership/Ed Ledger

·         Shelley is doing a great job with the envelopes and t-shirts just a few left

·         Has a nice letter to members –Thank you notes, with an invitation to come to a Monday meeting



·         Website and Bart’s proposal

·         Re-hosting our site to a server that doesn’t require draconian machinations to access.

·         Recam. either $9.95 or $14.05/month or quarterly discounted to $26.95 (read $30.00) with tax

·         Purchase of additional domain names:, www.clubnorthwest .org

·         Create all necessary links

·         Remuneration $350.00/ month to start (6months) possible reduction later as initial rebldg, task are complete.

·         T.P quote “The current website is a piece of unreconstructed dung”

·         Tony Robinson made a motion to approve the proposal for the 1st 6 months. Ed and Shelley seconded All said I

·         Create necessary links, e-mail pictures of Club Northwest runners to Bart to put on website.

·         Side note from T.P Bill Roe is a finalist as Athletic Advisor for BBC




T.P closed meeting at 8:45

Tony R., Regina seconded

Moved and meeting closed


Respectfully submitted by Sarah Leonard