Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

December 8th 2003


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



T.P. Shelley Neal Williams, Rob Cook, Nick Fleming, Bill Roe, Tony Young. Tony Robinson, and Saul Kindires



For the first time in years we did not have any guests.



Martin Rudow, Brian Oster, Brad Barquist



Meeting whistled to order at 7:43 by our esteemed president T.P.


Minutes/Nick Fleming

Motion to accept November minutes made by Rob and seconded by Tony R.


Financial Report/Rob Cook

Donít have enough money to cover Nationals at this time. Rob will get creative with what little money we do have. (This was a very brief problem as Rob later Ďfoundí $5,000. in checking)

Northwest Runner Report/Martin Rudow

  • Check in the amount of $121.34 was accepted from Martin.
  • The printing cost for the November issue was $2,000 more than usually. Most of the additional costs were from the Running Networks shoe review with lots of color, and extra pages.


Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster

  • RESO run brochures are printed and here for handing out.
  • We will be back in our own offices for the January meeting.
  • Winter Grand Prix 6 weeks 6 races and $25.00 gets you in all 6 races.


Executive Directors Report/Brad Barquist

  • Unfortunaly we donít have shirt sizes of our membership base, so knowing what size shirt to send them is a guess. So there is still a backlog of Ďtí shirts to be sent.
  • Maybe a change in the entry forms to indecaite a size.
  • Club Northwest entered four teams into the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships at a cost just shy of $10,000. Club Northwest teams did as follows;

††††††††††† Womanís Master 10k First

††††††††††† Menís Master 10k Forth

††††††††††† Open Womanís 6k Fifth

††††††††††† Open Menís 10K Seventh

Continuing and New Business

T.P. will be routing for Michigan in the Rose Bowl.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20

Board member only meeting procedited.


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary