Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

February 14th 2005


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA


Attendance: Board

T.P., Shelley Neal, Bill Roe by phone, Nick Fleming, Sarah Leonard, Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler, and Phil Finger


Bryan Burdo.



Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:43 P.M.


Minutes: Nick Fleming

Phil motioned to accept minutes, seconded by Hatz passed, with no nays


Financial Report: Bill Roe

  • Bill emailed and phoned in his report.
  • Northwest Runner’s check was for $2,648.00. We have $12,698.32 in our accounts
  •  RESO run is not included in this total, but will be reflected in next month’s budget report. 


Northwest Runner Report: Martin Rudow

·         Martin brought up a good point about what if he was unable to do his editorial duties for medical or other reasons for a period of time. Being editor of Northwest Runner is a full time job, and we would most likely have to pay for someone else to come in to perform those duties. So it might be time to look at helping Martin offset the cost of some sort of disability insurance. More discussion on this subject will need to take place before any decisions are made.


Events/Pro-Motion: Brian Oster

  • Winter Grand Prix starting this Saturday February 20th at Sand Point
  • All-Comers will be held at Shoreline Stadium this year. This is great news as all the meets will be held at Shoreline Stadium. Only change will be starting one week later than normal. We will have the first meet Wednesday June 1st and running one week later as well. So we will still have all twelve meets.
  • We will not list a sponsor until we see the money, we didn’t get paid by at least one sponsor last year. We have to sell all the meets in order to meet our financial goals for the All Comers meets, so no trades or barter, we need the money.
  • Spring Break Open March 26th at Edmonds Stadium and we will need help. 
  • There will be no Seattle International this year.




·         Chuck Bartlett Club’s Team Manager will be coordinating the ordering of the Club Northwest / Brooks uniform with our athletes as well as any Club Northwest member that wants to purchase all or part of the uniform package at Super Jock n’ Jill. The uniforms should be ready to order sometime in March.    


Continuing: New Business/Membership

  • Road Runner Sports will be having an all day 20% off sale for all Club Northwest members Wednesday February 16th See ad in January issue of Northwest Runner.
  • Club Northwest will have a price increase. Rates have not gone up for at least fifteen years.
  • We now stand strong with 265 members.
  • Bryan Burdo is compiling his 2004 Washington State Performance Ranking List and once done we wil most likely add it to the web site.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:17 PM by a vote of de feet moving towards the exits


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary