Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

February 9th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



Shelley Neal Williams, Rob Cook, Nick Fleming, Tony Young, Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler, and Ed Ledger.



Regina Joyce, William Emerson, and Tom Cotner



Martin Rudow, Brian Oster, and Brad Barquist



Meeting called to order at 7:36 by vice president Shelley Neal Williams


Minutes/Nick Fleming

Minutes were on hand , but we did not have a quorum at start of meeting, so minutes were not approved. Next meeting we will need to approve December and January.


Financial Report/Rob Cook

We have $800.00 in checking and $100.00 in savings. No C/D money. We owe Brad and Brian some money. There may be a few masters that still owe airfare for nationals, but we have no money spare at this time.


Northwest Runner Report/ Brian Oster

  • Martin has hired a consultant. Paul Temple part of his role will be for help in collections. Paul went to the Running Network’s office, which still owes us $17,000. Running Network will start to pay for ads on a Net 90 day payment schedule, and the old debt will be paid as soon as they are able. It may take up to three years for us to get paid in full on the old debt.
  • Sales of Northwest Runner have been very good. The March issue will have 16 more pages, making it the largest issue ever.  
  • Improvements to the office include a T-1 line, new computer. 


Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster

  • Spring Break is scheduled for March 27th at Edmonds Stadium.
  • March 14th is the 20th  Henry Weinhard’s Saint Patrick’s Day Dash


Executive Directors Report/Brad Barquist

  • Brad has talked to Ed Ledger and Ed will be heading up a new membership committee focusing on non-competing members, getting them info, telephoning, sending out the t-shirts, and fun stuff like that.
  • Brad had the Brooks agreement in hand for tonight’s meeting, and it was discussed, and batted about at great length. Brooks is giving us a great package. Full uniforms, five pair training shoes, two pair racing shoes, one pair spikes and warm-up suits. For twenty of our elite athletes. There is still a financial hit that Club Northwest will incur. No decision was made at tonight’ meeting. A few board members will meet in two weeks to see how this will affect Club Northwest financially.
  • PowerBar has a two-year deal on the table, not much talk until the Brooks agreement is finalized.


Continuing and New Business

  • Annual meeting next month, time to vote for your board members changes will be made.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10  


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary