Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

January 12th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



T.P., Rob Cook, Nick Fleming, Bill Roe, Tony Young, Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler, and Ed Ledger.



Regina Joyce, Tom Cotner, and Chug the dog.



Brian Oster, and Brad Barquist



Meeting called to order at 7:42 by president T.P.


Minutes/Nick Fleming

No minutes were available.


Financial Report/Rob Cook

We have $5,500 in checking.  We are $2,500 in the black now with still owing the hotel $1,000. Trish is owed some money. Not a lot of expenses this time of year.


Northwest Runner Report/ Brian Oster

  • Martin was home recuperating from a nasty go carting accident.
  •  No money from Northwest runner as expected with Martin mailing out the direct mail piece.
  • The Running Network owes us close to $17,000 and has us on a payment plan that will have it paid off in 2007.


Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster

  • The Resolution Run went off on time with over 300 hundred runners. From what I saw this event can become a New Year’s classic. We need a larger budget, more heat, big screen television. Towards the end of the meeting it was discussed that the same race should be held in the summer with the Trip-n-Drip being a little more fun.
  • New Balance/SJJ Grand Prix is going on with a race at Emerald Downs January 24th.  


Executive Directors Report/Brad Barquist


  • Meeting with Brooks to finalize the sponsorship agreement.  The agreement will be for 25 full gear kits, plus other stuff.
  • Power Bar sponsorship worth up to $6,000.
  •  Regina Joyce has been one of the top local racers and has represented us very well for the past two years, including, back to back masters titles. Brad is recommending a funding leave of $600.00 for Regina. T.P. motioned to move Regina to a $600 funding level. Motioned was seconded by Tony Young. No Nays.
  • Scott Boothby is requesting consideration for funding above his elite statics of $1,200.00 to help purchase a plane ticket to the Mount SAC relays in April. The Mount SAC relays would be for a pre Olympic meet with some very good competion. Scott has a good chance to make the 2004 Olympic Team and we should support his efforts. 
  • Also hammer thrower out of Oregon, Prudencio Escobedo is requesting consideration for funding. Prudencio throw a 206’-4” at the NCAA Div. II ‘03 championships. He could really get us points at the meets.
  • Brad will have a short news report in Northwest Runner and include an ad that Bill put together.
  • Brads review process is almost completed. Which is one of three that need to be done. A clearer set of priorities and expectation is going to help.


Continuing and New Business


  • The on going ‘t’ shirt issue, anyone who signs up from now on will be mailed one soon after signing up. However we do not have ‘t’ shirt sizes of past members so they will need to contact us.
  • Ed would like to start a membership committee, to funnel all new and renewing members though the membership team with most of the work done at the Club’s office. More on this next month as Ed works out the details.
  • USATF is opening the National Track and Field Hall of Fame January 24th. It is sharing the majestic 168th Street Armory in the historic Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:10  


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary