Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

June 13th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



T.P., Shelley Neal, Bill Roe, Nick Fleming, Ed Ledger, Regina Joyce, Sarah Leonard, and Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler



Al Bonney, T.J



Brian Oster, and Martin Rudow



Meeting got under way at 3:34. This is Club’s long range planning meeting held once a year.


Minutes/Nick Fleming

May minutes were not available.


Financial Report/Bill Roe

  • Bill handed out a copy of a ‘Budget Year to Date’ data sheet, which covers January through May 2004. With the final number coming in at a plus $9,893.90 positive income. There will be some upcoming expense.

 Notes to the sheet:

  • Uniforms must be ordered
  • Clock must be fixed
  • All Comers sponsorship and income down 20% through three meets
  • Athlete reimbursements down   



Northwest Runner Report/Martin Rudow  

  • Northwest Runner’s budget is back on track as far as with Club’s income. Northwest Runner remains our chief income provided.
  • Going to loose several pages of advertising as Nike and New Balance will be focusing on Olympic advertising.
  • There will have to be a price increase with in the next six months as printing and other costs are going up.



Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster


  • Firecracker 5000, July 3rd Seattle’s only midnight run. 
  • Seattle International Sunday June 20th



Executive Directors Report/Emailed Brad Barquist

    • The Seattle International Track & Field Classic has a new title sponsor. The Ascentium Corporation, who has been a great sponsor for the past two years, but not as the title sponsor. In addition to a cash donation, Ascentium created the meet’s new website. (
    • Other sponsors include: Club Northwest, Super Jock’n Jill, The Seattle Running Co., The Sports Reaction Center, and PNTF.
    • The hammer throw will be contested at the West Seattle facility.
    • This meet will also serve as many athletes last chance for an Olympic Trials qualification mark.
    • Club Northwest has been invited to compete in the Seafair Club Road Race Challenge as well as other teams.
    • Brad has been referring new membership inquiries to Ed Ledger and Bill Roe. Some athletes who have competition interests have been referred to Tom Cotner.
    • The Sports Reaction Center has ceased its sponsorship support that pays for the Club Northwest work of Neal Fryett.


Continuing/New Business/Membership

·         A way to help the youth running movement in the local area a motion was set to: ‘pay for youth entry fees once they have paid to become a Club Northwest member for a year at $15.00, they will also receive a Club Northwest singlet that must be worn at all events that Club Northwest paid entry into.’ Shelley moved to accept and was seconded by Regina. Passed with no nays.   

  • Tom Cotner had a bike accident, but will be okay
  • Brad Barquist and Tom Conter will be in charge the Seattle International Track & Field Classic
  • We have 290 club T-Shirts, mail out regardless of knowing the exact size of member. Try to do this before next meeting.
  • E-mail member when membership comes due.
  • T.J.  Garlatz would like to be X/C team manager. T.J is a past Western Washington runner, who has talked to Bill about the responsibilities, even after that he still wants to be team manager.   



Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 by Regina and seconded by Bill


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary