Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

June 13th 2005



Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA


Attendance: Board

Shelley Neal, Nick Fleming, Bill Roe, Tony Young, Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler and Phil Finger


Tom Cotner



Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:37 P.M.


Minutes: Nick Fleming

Minutes for the month of May were approved by Tony Y. and seconded by Shelley.


Financial Report: Bill Roe

  • We have a total of $17,491.28 in our accounts.
  • All the bills are paid, we saved 1,200 moving to Shoreline Stadium, rental includes necessities that Edmonds Woodway Studium made us pay extra for.      


Northwest Runner Report: Martin Rudow

·        Martin had exchanged money early and not sure of amount, it will be reflected in later minutes.

·        Martin will address some changes he would like to see perhaps by fall, we now have our board members Hatz, Regina, and Tony Y on that committee so they will address that with Martin. 


Events, Membership/Pro-Motion: Brian Oster

  • Fire Cracker 5000 July 3rd as always we will need volunteers for this event
  • First two All-Comers at Shoreline Stadium have gone well as we learn the nuances of the facility so far Shoreline has been terrific. Brooks is sponsoring the next All-Comers and will have shirts for all the volunteers.
  • Membership is going well, we now offer  Pay-Pal on the web as a way of paying for membership


·        Lots of Team Orange at the Freemont 5k first place overall was team member Chris Charles, and board and team members Tony Young, forth  and Regina Joyce second in the women’s division

·        Singlets are on order with Brooks, right now we are low on woman’s

·        We will start to earnestly look at ticket and hotel prices for sending our team back to Rochester N.Y. for this year’s national X/C meet.



Continuing: New Business/Motions

  • Motion to keep Chuck Bartlett at the current pay of $250.00 per mouth though the end of this year was made by Nick and seconded by Shelley, pass with no nays
  • Motion to accept Road Runners Club insurance for the next year at $668.00 was made by Bill and seconded by Regina


Meeting was adjourned at 9:22 P.M. by the movement of feet.


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary