Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2006



Club Northwest Office

6319 N.E. 74th Street

Seattle, WA


Attendance:  Board

T.P., Shelley Neal, Bill Roe,  Regina Joyce, Steve Hatzenbeler and Phil Finger,



Robyn Prout and Erik Reynolds.



Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m. and quorum achieved at 8:48 p.m.


Minutes:  Nick Fleming

Minutes for the month of February were approved with corrections by T.P. and seconded by Regina.


Financial Report:

William Emerson’s request for reimbursement was not approved when it did not appear that he was competing as a CNW runner.  Bill Roe will notify him.


Northwest Runner Report:  Martin Rudow

     Martin turned in a check in the amount of $4,145 to CNW.

     Heather Scott is a new office assistant at NW Runner.


Team:  Chuck Bartlett

Five CNW men and three CNW women were in the top 20 finishers at the St. Patrick’s Day Dash event.

     CNW Team selections were discussed.


Events, Membership/Pro Motion:  Brian Oster

     The Porta Box problem at the St. Patrick’s Day Dash was discussed.

Help will be needed at the  March 25th CNW meet at the Edmonds/Woodway

High School track and field facility.

Help will be needed at the April 29th and May 17th High School district meets at the Shoreline district track facility.  CNW will have a full page add in the meet programs as well as an All Comers meet ad on the back of the T-shirts to be given to the High School track athletes. 

     2006 CNW All Comers meets will be at the Shoreline district track facility.


New Business:

Shelley made a motion seconded by Regina that they screen the team selections made by Chuck and then send these on to the board members with a 5 day response turn around.


Executive Session Board Elections:

     The following elections for the Board, at large, and officers are as follows:

           Positions 1, 2 and 3 remain Saul, Nick and Bill.

           Positions 4, 5 and 6 remain Tony Y, Hatz and Shelley.

           Positions 7, 8 and 9 remain Tony R, T.P. and Phil.


Regina remains as the single a-large position for now, and we have three openings.  We will be looking for at least one more at-large member this coming month.



           President – T.P. (fourth and final year)

           Vice-President – Teams – Shelley Neal (new position, first year)

           Vice-President – Membership – Nick Fleming ( new position, first year)

           Secretary – Phil Finger (first year)

           Treasurer – Bill Roe (third year)


Meeting and executive session adjourned at 9:30 by Shelley.