Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

November 14th 2005



Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA


Attendance: Board

Shelley Neal, Bill Roe, Nick Fleming, Tony Young, Saul Kinderis, Sarah Leonard, and Phil Finger


Guests: None



Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:34 P.M. by Bill Roe as T.P. was ill.


Minutes: Nick Fleming

The minutes for the month of September and October were approved with the usual three punctuation errors.      


Financial Report: Bill Roe

  • Update on All Comers income was stated in the September minutes at $2,500 however the final amount is actually $996.00, it’s never been about the money.
  • Financial situation is fine with $6,749.00 and that is after paying for our cross country team to travel to the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships.  



Northwest Runner Report: Martin Rudow

  • We received $201.00 for the month. Although a small amount this month, Northwest Runner remains ahead of projected revenue
  • No ‘member of the month’ in the November issue.
  • Martin had some insurance options that we will need to make a decision on. We will take this up next month.


Events, Membership/Pro-Motion: Brian Oster

·        RESO run January 1st with a start time of 10:30AM. Brochures will be out               soon. Let’s have lots of help for this fun, money making Club Northwest event. 

·        February 12 Valentine Duet run at Green Lake for couples of all kinds.

  • On membership Brian had a six point document. None of the six points           needed a vote. These were changes that Pro-Motion was implementing for the betterment of our new and current members.       



·        Our cross country team leaves this Thursday for the USATF Club Nationals in Rochester N.Y. with two open and two master’s teams.

·        Runners will have dinner on Friday night Shelley has six of the hotel rooms with a late check out.  

·        PNTF N.W Regional Cross Country Championship were held. This was the last qualifying race to make the team.


 New Business:

  • With the Brooks contract coming up Chuck is talking to other company’s, New Balance as showed interest, and we will also be talking with Brooks.
  • Chuck would like us to come up with a race schedule for 2006. With the thought of building a cohesive ‘team in training’ theme.  
  • USAFT will be having their national meeting in Jacksonville Florida November 30 – December 4     




  • No motions were taken



Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary