Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

October 11th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



T.P., Shelley Neal, Nick Fleming, Tony Young, Ed Ledger, Regina Joyce, Sarah Leonard, and Tony Robinson



Tom Cotner, Chuck Bartlett



Brian Oster, and Martin Rudow



Meeting got under way at 7:33PM.


Minutes/Nick Fleming

Tony Robinson motioned to accept minutes with only three minor spelling errors and was seconded by Saul.


Financial Report/Bill Roe

  • Bill had emailed the budget report $6,868.92 in checking and $10,614.15 in savings. Some questions about the increases to the Executive Director salary, as we donít currently have anyone in that capacity at this time. T.P. will get with Bill to find out why.
  • Account has been set up at First Mutual and is s only awaiting the money.
  • There will be some upcoming expense for X/C season.


Northwest Runner Report/Martin Rudow†††

  • Check for $2,100 for Club Northwest and is reflected in Billís financial report emailed out earlier.Some advertising will be lost as a few races that had advertised with us are no longer going to be held.††

Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster


  • Road Runner Sports will be having a grand opening this coming weekend. Club Northwest will have a table set up to talk up Club Northwest and Northwest Runner. We hope to Ďpersoní the table during business hours Friday Saturday and Sunday. A quick schedule was made up and most put in for a three to four-hour shift. So we should have someone there most hours.
  • There are still three All-Comers sponsors that will soon be paying adding $900.00 to our income from our All Comers season. However we still owe about the same amount to several workers for their help at the All Comers.
  • Dog Dash October 24 at 9:30 AM will have round trip airline tickets from Alaska Airlines to the top overall finishers in both events, as well as trophies.



         A new course has been set for the PNTF/Club Northwest X/C championships on November 7th at lower Woodlawn Park.

         Motion to extend Pro-Motionís contract for one additional month for Pro-Motions help during the month of November was made by Shelley and seconded by Saul passed with no nays.

         Motion to have Chuck Bartlett act as our X/C coach for this season at a cost of $500.00 was made by Saul and seconded by Regina passed with no nays.

         Order has been placed for our Menís team uniforms.

         We will need 20 singlets for the womanís team, and Shelley will handle getting them. She has a budget of no more than $800.00. They will be available by Nov. 7th.

         Motion to accept the Brooks Sports, Inc. agreement with one clarification to the price of advertising in Northwest Runner made by Saul and seconded by Shelley. Passed with no nays. This agreement has two different uniform packages for our elite runners and one package for one coach, plus lots of other stuff.


Continuing/New Business/Membership

         We will have a Long Range Planning meeting October 24th at 1:00PM at the Clubís office. This will be the same day as the Dog Dash.†††



Meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM by Saul and seconded by Nick no nays.


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary