Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

September 13th 2004


Club Northwest Office

6310 NE 74th Street

Seattle, WA



T.P., Shelley Neal, Bill Roe, Nick Fleming, Tony Young, Ed Ledger, Regina Joyce, Sarah Leonard, and Steve ‘Hatz’ Hatzenbeler



Tom Cotner, Chuck Bartlett



Brian Oster, and Martin Rudow



Meeting got under way at 7:40. 


Minutes/Nick Fleming

Minutes from March, April, May, June, July, and August were available and motions to accept were made by

March, Bill made a motion to accept and seconded by Ed

April, Ed made a motion to accept and seconded by Tony

May, Shelley made a motion to accept and seconded by Regina

June, Hatz made a motion to accept and seconded Shelley

July, No meeting was held, so no minutes

August, Bill made motion to accept and seconded Regina

Minutes are now up to date and should be on our web site in the next few weeks.



Financial Report/Bill Roe

  • Bill had emailed the budget report the day before and bottom line is we’re are back in good shape with over $6,000 in checking and $10,000 in savings.
  • Tony Young thought we should move the money to First Mutual Bank and Tony will get us the most interest he can. Motion to move our money to First Mutual made by Bill and seconded by Shelley passed with no nays.   




Northwest Runner Report/Martin Rudow   

  • Check for $3,730 had been given to Bill earlier in was reflected in Bill’s financial report. All agreed that Northwest Runner is just getting better and this month is a great issue. Martin could use some help with a 500-word editorial on the upcoming X/C season. Tom Cotner volunteered to provide Martin with the article.



Events/Pro-Motion/Brian Oster


  • The final number from Firecracker 5000 to the Club was $1,280 also reflected in Bill’s financial report.  
  •  Road Runner Sports has opened at Green Lake
  • A new generator for events has been purchased by Club Northwest
  • PNTF X/C lower Woodlawn November 7th course has not yet been set but Club Northwest will tell the race direct which course to use. Last year’s had some tuff turns and down hills. Brian thinks were weenies for changing the course.  




Continuing/New Business/Membership

·         We will have a Long Range Planning meeting October 24th at 1:00 at the Club’s office. We will be employing the S.W.O.T. format. Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

·         Chuck will be updating the web site and needs information quickly. I will be emailing Chuck the minutes for posting before next months meeting.

·         We need more t-shirts and Bill will take on that responabity. Every month we will have mailing labels and stuff envelops for our new members at the meetings

·         Only a few Club members have expressed interest in the Club Marathon Road Relay that we sent a team to last year. 

·         Sarah, Shelley, Regina and others put a good prospol together for the upcoming X/C season.

·         In order to make Club Northwest’s  X/C team runners must have raced three races for the open division and 2 races for the Masters runners. Be a Club Northwest member by November 15th or the first racing event. See web site for all the details    



Meeting was adjourned at 9:22 by Tony and seconded by Shelley


Respectfully submitted by Nick Fleming, Secretary