Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2008




Nick Fleming, Bill Roe, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Becca Gillespy, Lance Giles, Saul Kinderis, Shelley Neal, Regina Joyce


GUESTS:  Jesse Williams, Marty Warless, Paul Merca, Will Conwell, Kate Conwell, Matthew Schwinn, David White-Espin, Karl Kunkle


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Martin Rudow


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 6:59PM.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve February 2008 minutes by Saul Kinderis, seconded by Becca Gillespy and approved. 




  • Aggregate account balances are $16,860.04 (all accounts)
  • Suggestion made by Bill Roe to set aside some funds from life memberships into a permanent fund to build a Club Northwest endowment
  • We owe Federal Way Track Club $2500 from the Grand Prix, we will not show much profit for the series-but it was a success, the location was great and the series was well-received and going forward should be positive for Club Northwest
  • Becca will be working with Promotion Events to negotiate their 2007 membership services fee ($2300) since she handled a good portion of it and it was not getting the attention it needed for the portion of the year they were handling it
  • Bill reported that we will be getting approximately $6000 from  2008 Resolution Run (possibly more)
  • Northwest Runner sent us $2535 in February


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy


  • March newsletter came out this week
  • Our first lifetime membership came in this week (Lance Docken).
  • We are down to 50 Club Northwest members without E-mail contact information-Becca has done a superb job communicating and building our contact base over the past few months.
  • Becca feels within 1-2 months she will be able to have much of her athlete bios done on the website many of the field event folks are done and they look great.  She is also continuing to work on the database and currently we have close to 400 members documented
  • Numbers for new members from 2/11-3/12, 20-a very good sign
  • This was Becca’s last report as a board member due to her new paid post as manager, she will be resigning


 Northwest Runner:  Martin Rudow


  • Martin needs the All-Comers ad by 5/1/08 so it can get in the June issue.
  • Martin commented that we need to have a way to treat lifetime subscriptions for postal rates-tabled for a later
  • Our national sales are down, but our outlook for 2008 is good-Brooks is now advertising full-time.


EVENTS:  Becca Gillespy


  • All 12 weeks of the All-Comers this year will be at Shoreline, starting the last week of May and concluding the second week of August.
  • The Spring Break Open is set for King’s on 3/22/08. Becca secured a rate of $35/hour and will act as complex manager-saving us more money.
  • Kenny Emerick will do the timing for $300, Nick offered to work with him
  • Club Northwest members that pre-register are free!
  • St Pat’s Day Dash is 3/16/08, it is not a Club Northwest event but all are encouraged to attend and wear their ORANGE, Saul secured a number of comp entries for selected members
  • Two All-comers meets are sold so far, TP and Seattle/King County Sports Events Council have committed $400 for sponsorships
  • Becca would like to run an Olympic Trials Qualifier on the track for selected events in conjunction with All-Comers meet or another event-possibly 5/31 or 6/6-7.
  • Lance will check on the possibility of combining the Olympic Trials event with the Masters West Seattle Event on 6/7
  • Club Northwest will take on some level of management and sponsorship of the Beach Vaults on 7/4 and 7/5, Becca purchased the rights to these events that have occurred in Alki and Tacoma in the past.
  • Bill Roe moved that we take these events on as a Club Northwest event, Saul seconded this and it passed unanimously


TEAM:  Shelley Neal/Lance Giles/Chuck Bartlett


  • Team selections were discussed, the athlete list was amended by adding funding levels for Sandy Erickson, Matt Shwinn and Justin Lawrence.  Motion made by Saul to approve the list, seconded by Tony and approved.
  • Prior to the board meeting, we had a meeting attended by approximately 30 athletes to discuss specifics regarding funding and also Jesse Williams from Brooks and Lance Giles, Club Northwest were speakers
  • We had the following athletes receiving funding for these classifications “A”-1, “B”-9, “C”-17, many more added as Brooks ID, standard or enhanced
  • We discussed Becca’s contract, $400 per month between now and the end of July, we agreed to a few additional conditions as well- Saul moved to approve the funding, Tony seconded and it was approved.
  • The athlete contracts were discussed-only a few changes are needed and they are good to go.  Becca made a motion to approve them as amended, Bill seconded and the board approved.
  • Lance wanted to make sure the Olympic Trials funding was separate from the Track and Field budget-we agreed that it is and it is possible the USATF will be funding hotels, but until we know for sure we will be flexible on some of the reasonable costs our athletes may incur if they qualify and attend.
  • Lance’s Track and Field contract is close to resolution, but he is still working out final details with Saul.


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • Has been keeping a photo gallery on the Club Northwest website-will be moving this to Northwest Runner-we want to direct as much traffic to the site as possible due to advertising leading to revenue streams, etc
  • Chuck will have the photo gallery going in 2 weeks and has helped Martin with other areas of the website, will continue to do so like work on links to go from to


PNTF:  No report


USATF:  No report




Board of Directors


Currently we have the following with regards to terms on the board:


1)    Nick Fleming           expire 2008

2)      Saul Kinderis           expire 2008

3)      Bill Roe                  expire 2008                   


4)  Shelly Neal              expire 2009

5) John OHearn           expire 2009

6)  Tony Robinson        expire 2009


7) Tony Young             expire 2010

8) Lance Giles              expire 2010

9) Becca Gillespy         expire 2010


At-Large Ed Ledger, Aretha Thurmond (resigned already).  Lance and Becca are both resigning, given their coaching and managing positions respectively.  This leaves 2 regular and 2 additional board positions available.


Nick, Saul and Bill were all elected to serve again and will serve through 2011.  Regina was elected to another two-year term and Will Conwell has also joined the board in a two-year position.  John and Shelley will continue in their current capacities, Bill will continue as Treasurer.


 Nominated for at-large positions were Ed Ledger, Ed Haywood, Carl Winter and Paul Abdalla, Bruce Jackson.


The board unanimously approved Saul Kinderis as President; Nick was elected to Vice President of Membership.


Here is how the board looks after the Annual Meeting:


Saul Kinderis                           President

Bill Roe                                   Treasurer

Nick Fleming                            Vice President Membership

Shelley Neal                             Vice President Teams

John O’Hearn                          Secretary

Tony Young

Regina Joyce

Will Conwell

Tony Robinson





Motion made to adjourn at 8:38 by Tony and seconded by John.