Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young, Bill Roe, Ed Ledger




CONTRACTORS:  Brian Oster, Chuck Bartlett


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve March minutes as amended by Becca and seconded by Shelley after group review of changes made by Bill. Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Martin not able to attend tonight’s meeting but $535 coming from Northwest Runner this month.  He commented this dip was not unusual after two good months in January and February.  Tony would like to see some trending of Northwest Runner receipts and how this number compared to last March ($6200).  Bill pointed out that last year he found an accounting error on Martin’s part that significantly impacted the results (in our favor).


After some more discussion Bill noticed a similar issue with the numbers that had been reported and will be discussion with Martin this week-the numbers will be reviewed and corrected if necessary, by next meeting.  Tony also suggested that Martin provide information on Northwest Runner’s Accounts Receivable.


Martin also advised that he will be sending E-mail to Nick and/or Brian regularly about the financial condition of Northwest Runner.


Membership:  Becca Gillespy

No major news yet and no big Pay Pal receipts.  We took in two new members out of Tom Cotner’s group.  One of them did not wear the orange jersey at a recent meet.


Becca commented that the vaulters that she is coaching will be joining Club Northwest.  She also asked about the ease of changing association for her athletes regarding USATF.  All seemed to think this would not be a major issue.


Nick will update the “welcome to Club Northwest” letter that goes out with new membership and the content was discussed.  Comments were made about the necessity of notifying new members sooner of their benefits.  Goal is within two weeks.


Events:  Brian Oster

Spring Break Open was 3/31/07; it was not well-attended either by participants or volunteers.  Several board members were in attendance.  We spent approximately $500 and brought in $600.  We had sales in uniforms of $125.


Western Washington University sent one athlete, none from Central and no Canadians came down.  Seattle University, Northwest University and some Club Members made up most of the participants.  General feeling was we could have done a better job getting the information out there as some schools did not find out about it until during their spring break.


The Summer All-Comers meets in West Seattle were discussed and the first meet proof was reviewed. The fee is much higher at this facility ($500) than last year at Shoreline ($225) so entrance and sponsorship fees (now $400) are going up.  We are also losing some sponsors, i.e. TP and Seafair.


Chuck will contact Seafair to see if we can keep them on and Brian will contact TP to hopefully change his mind.


Two weeks of meets at the end-July, early August will not be available to us at West Seattle due to some construction projects planned there.  They will not commit to a definite date due to scheduling issues with their contractors.  Brian has checked and no Seattle area tracks can take us during this time.  Additionally, there will be major I-5 work going on around the same time (North end) that will make it difficult for participants to get to the event.


Becca will contact Lakeside to see if they will allow us to hold a few meets there, Tony will contact Lake Washington (Eastside) to see if there is a chance to move there.  Shelley will check on Mercer Island.  Bill commented that we should consider the meets during the time frame of July 7 through August 15 for this possible move. 


There is an All-Comers on 7/4 and the Firecracker 5000 the night before so both could be BIG given how the holiday falls on a Wednesday.   Brian advised that the Firecracker finish needs to move into Memorial Stadium since the music and announcements need to be off city streets given the time of the evening the event is held.


Brian also advised this weekend is Whidbey Island Marathon and the men’s and women’s overall winners will get their photo on the back of 4.5 million cereal boxes by Nature’s Path, the sponsor. 


Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett

Chuck reported that Club Northwest was well-represented in the top finishing positions at Mercer Island ½ Marathon with 2-3 finish in both the open men’s and open women’s.  Several of our runners ran PR’s as well.


We are not sending a relay team to the 5/20 USATF event in Denver, we are still trying to utilize 5 tickets purchased last year and never used.  They expire in May.


Shelley asked for reimbursement for an open runner Will Dobbie from Club Nationals in December.  She will provide documentation to Bill Roe and he will handle.


We have a few athletes going to Grandma’s Marathon; Mark Mandi, Susan Empey and Shelley Hack.  It was decided that we may pay some expenses for them if they meet the qualification standards for the Olympic Marathon.


There are a group of Club Northwest runners heading to the Eugene Marathon at the end of April.


Chuck advised that he gets some complimentary entries through New Balance for the Chicago Marathon and may not be using all of them for his Chuckit group so that may provide some opportunity for our athletes to get into the event.


We also have several runners heading to the Vancouver 10K Sun Run 4/15.


We discussed Club Nationals track in July at length.  As an elite development club we are allowed one entry per event regardless of qualification times.  Bigger issue appears to be athletes saying they will participate in an event then cancelling at the last minute when we hold non-refundable tickets.  Or showing up to events and not competing at the level we expected.


General consensus is that there needs to be a non-refundable deposit made a minimum of 6 weeks before the event to insure the athlete will commit.  This amount will be commensurate with the overall cost per athlete as some trips are much more expensive (i.e. New York) than others.


The following was decided for Club Nationals:

  • Chuck will approve 15 individuals for participation
  • Club Northwest will cover entry fees, air fare, lodging
  • Departure date 7/12 for New York, return 7/15
  • Athletes selected must pay non-refundable $200 by 5/15/07


The website has sold one singlet so far and as reported above we sold another $125 in uniforms at the Spring Break Open.


New Business:  Nick

Bert and Ed were not voted on the board last month-we had decided to wait a month to consider this further.  Ed was officially awarded a board position tonight.


Nick would like to change the Club Northwest logo slightly by putting the name “Club Northwest” around the outside of the logo.  Bill would like the name centered over the needle that points northwest.  This change would be made on stationary, business cards, advertisements right away and gradually move into uniforms, gear, etc to minimize costs.  This item will be brought back next month for further discussion.  Business card mock-ups will be available next month. 


There is a need to communicate with Lance Giles over his role as Head Track and Field Coach of Club Northwest and it was decided that due to scheduling conflicts this may need to be done via E-mail until the necessary individuals can get together in person.  Bill will take the lead on this.


The move to adjourn was made by Becca Gillespy and seconded by Shelley Neal.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM.