Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

August 13,, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young, Bill Roe, John O’Hearn


GUESTS:  Rex Philpott


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve July minutes by Shelley seconded by Bill with reservation to check for minor typographical issues.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

  • Our current bank account balance is ~$5600
  • Bill sent out $5000 in stipends for Nationals and we have collected most of the $200 from the participating athletes.  Our total spend for Club Nationals-Track was approximately $10,000.
  • Lance owes (2)X $200 and another $100 for a ticket name change which is forthcoming
  • Reedus (SP) Thurmond won $400 for All-Comers performance and owes us $200 so we may just pay him $200.
  • Martin was not present but advised that Northwest Runner has generated $30,400 so far this year.  We have 5 more months to make $12,000 and this should be no problem.
  • Martin advised he attended the Association of Running Publications event in Tucson recently and has some new ideas with respect to the magazine
  • We discussed the possibility of putting USATF logo on the magazine to generate additional funding-Bill to check with Martin as to why this has not been pursued
  • Bill would also like some of the Club Northwest Board to take a more active role in attending meetings of PNTF-there is an annual meeting 9/16/07-Northgate Rec Center  
  • ACTION ITEM for September- Bill to check on receivable from Rob at St Pats Day run for advertising in Northwest Runner
  • There was more discussion about the necessity of fundraising as Club Northwest is now fielding more teams for Cross-Country and Track
  • No money has come in so far from the Washington Elite group that Aretha brought in-we had expected some in the way of sponsors, etc.
  • Resolution Run receipts were $1800
  • Brian to report on Firecracker receipts in September



Membership:  Becca Gillespy

·        Becca will host the Club Northwest Garage Sale on 8/25 and will E-mail athletes soon to let them know what kind of items are needed.

·        Membership and Board Members will be encouraged to help out any way they can  by transporting items for sale or helping after it is done on 8/26

·        Becca has put ads in Craig’s List and Seattle Times about the date and time and it is mentioned on the Club Northwest Myspace Page

·        Volunteers are needed for PNTF and Northwest Regional Cross Country meets this fall as well as at  other Club Northwest-sponsored events-last month we talked about VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR position

·        Bill mentioned that one of the reasons we are not as financially solvent as we were years ago is that we do not have the volunteer corps we used to have in putting on races and we are paying event management folks to set up and time races that we used to do on our own.

·        Strong consensus is that ALL members especially ones that are funded need to step up and volunteer-we have not been stressing this enough the past 3 years

·        Becca continues her “dogged” pursuit of the members in the database to make sure they have shirts, membership cards-her goal is to contact all 700 in the database so we can start cleaning it up.  A few changes were made to the membership cards, however we realized the logo still needs changes made-ACTION ITEM--NICK

·        We mailed out 81 shirts and gave some out in person in addition to many membership cards-we do not need to order shirts for another month or two

·        It is assumed many folks are falling off the Club Northwest wagon due to lack of communication from us-Becca working hard to change that

·        Becca’s suggestion to change the “less than Warrior-like” blue color of our logo was vociferously over ruled by Bill Roe

·        The member monthly newsletter planned by Becca is still in the works and might include some small “classified advertisements” that we could sell

·        Three new members since July


Events: Bill Roe

  • All-comers did not make money this summer, still waiting for final tally
  • Of the top 5 performers- 1,2,3 were students and do not get paid
  • Trying to put on the All-Comers with 3 sites was challenging, best cost for one meet was Kings @ $33 total.  Redmond was $3340 for 9 meets, most expensive was West Seattle at $438.75 for one meet
  • Regarding entries-the last meet was the biggest and for the summer.  We were at 2813 total entries which is a  255/meet  the average from other years has been around 275/meet
  • We talked about the need for better timing-currently Uli and Trish handle most of this and it is a lot to handle for two people given the number of races, etc
  • Discussed an electronic system, but this is very costly
  • Will be putting an All-Comers survey on the website in September to get feedback from participants
  • Future plans-- 12 meets for 2008, hopefully one site, maybe Kings or Shoreline
  • Continue to pursue additional Brooks/local retailer participation for the series
  • ACTION ITEM- Bill to meet with Tom/Kenny and Brian prior to September meeting to discuss New Balance Winter Grand Prix Series
  • For Club Northwest athletes wanting comp entries for Super Jock and Jill or Ryka Iron Girl-they need to talk to Brian Oster
  • Brian advised that the Resolution Run may not have Hangar 27 this year due to it’s
    “mothballing” this presents a challenge for where to finish the race-will check into this further with Magnuson management



Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett/Shelley Neal

  • Shelley wants a vote on the coaches contract in September
  • ACTION ITEM-BOARD MEMBERS , read contracts and be ready to vote in September
  • Research was done into plane tickets for Club Nationals Cross Country
  • Considering some type of fee for all participants due to Club Northwest current financials
  • 12 masters (males), 3 masters (females), 5 open women and and a total of (5) open runners expressed interest so far in running at Club Nationals
  • Shelley can book tickets without names for $470 each now and keep names open until 30 days out.  There are better deals out there but represent financial risk if a name has to change
  • It was suggested that a letter go out to all interested in this event mentioning our current financial status and what might be required from each participant to go to Ohio
  • Chuck talked to Jesse more about sponsorship from Brooks (in lieu of Club Northwest ) and there may be some opportunities for additional funding from them
  • We are considering a qualification standard for the Open Club Nationals Cross Country Team which may include a road race,  i.e. Salmon Days 10/7/07


No other PNTF/USATF business and no scheduled business to go over.  No new business either.


Move to adjourn at 9:15 by Nick and seconded by John.