Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2008



Nick Fleming, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Saul Kinderis, Regina Joyce, Shelley Neal, Bill Roe , Ed Ledger, Ed Haywood, and Will Conwell


GUESTS:  Tom Cotner


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Becca Gillespy/Molly Loesche, Martin Rudow, Brian Oster


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:34PM by Saul Kinderis.


Motion to approve November 2008 minutes made by Will Conwell and seconded by Ed Haywood and passed.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn. 


John OHearn to send November minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.




  • We have approximately $8500 in our checking account.  We need to send full payment to the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane prior to our stay there for Club Nationals since we still owe for Regionals-apparently there was a misunderstanding about them charging our credit card.
  • At any rate, we need to send approximately $3400 immediately to secure our rooms for 12/12-13 in Spokane.
  • Total credit balance with Promotion Events is $10.5K, tonight a separate meeting was held with the Club Northwest Finance Group and Promotion Events to work out a payment plan.
  • The long-range planning meeting has been scheduled on 12/20/2008 from 12-4PM to go over financials from this year and beyond.


Northwest Runner:   Martin Rudow


  • We will see the effects of our first price increase for Northwest Runner in quite some time-November receipts for Club Northwest from the magazine were $2600.
  • Martin talked about a possible fund raising opportunity for Club Northwest-a company that makes a “chondritin-like” product-we need to check on the ingredients to make sure there is nothing that is a banned substance prior to giving it a “stamp of approval”.
  • We discussed the potential budget next year for all Club Northwest (track and cross country) events for 2009-we feel it will be approximately $45,000.  This year the magazine will generate approximately $49,000.
  • We had several board members and other Club Northwest members that helped at the Seattle Marathon booth of Northwest Runner over Thanksgiving weekend.



MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy/Molly Loesche


  • We added a few new members this month and expect to get a newsletter out soon.  Molly continues to work on the database since it had not been kept up well over the years.
  • Becca reported on the money she generated by the EBay Auction-go BECCA!  The total was over $700 for Club Northwest.
  • We talked about fundraising again and the Molly/Becca will send a note to all members before the next board meeting so we can have members checking with companies they work for, own, etc for fund raising-this was brought up again this month.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster/Becca Gillespy


  • Trip-and-Dip will be 1/1/09 and it could be the biggest ever due to the success last year.  Brian advised of particulars regarding the location and logistics-also we are getting some free advertising on the radio in the coming weeks.  Beer garden will be back and new this year-a gaming tent as well as extra tents in the event of bad weather.
  • Super Jock and Jill Winter Grand Prix dates are as follows: 12/6/08 Cross Country, 12/20/08 Road Race, 1/10/08 Cross Country, 1/24/08 Road Race (Super Jock and Jill serving treats), 2/7/08 Track-possibly at Nathan Hale, 2/21/08 Finale   First event was 12/6, 152 runners showed up-a great start.
  • Nick Fleming was a HUGE help at the first Winter Grand Prix-Shelley helped by setting up some of the food we brought, John OH helped after the event-volunteers from Nathan Hale did a nice job and thanks to Joe Bisignio from SRC for working registration.


TEAM:  Shelley Neal/Becca Gillespy


  • USATF Club Nationals Spokane-this weekend lots of discussion on hotels, etc.  Most athletes have contributed $100 to help defray our costs and hotel rooms are allocated to those that need them.
  • Next year the USATF Club Nationals in Cross Country will be in Lexington, KY
  • We are considering the Track and Field coaching/directors position and will be talking to Lance to see if changes will be merited in the title and responsibilities for 2009.
  • Financial issues are making us consider changes in the way we handle track and field and participation in various meets for 2009
  • Also discussed again this month- for next track season was that we only cover Nationals and athlete reimbursements-any additional meets, etc need to be covered by fund-raising efforts from individuals or through the Director of Track Operations-no other budget for travel during the regular season without these outside funds. 



  • WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • No news to report other than Chuck continues to do a super job adding photos from the various Cross Country meets this fall-thanks!


PNTF/USATF/MISC:  Becca Gillespy


  • Tom Cotner was named Committee Chair National Hall of Fame (USATF) Library Committee
  • The new president of USATF is Stephanie Hightower who takes over for our own Bill Roe after many years of exemplary service.
  • Joe Gray-who will compete for Club Northwest for the first time at USATF Nationals Cross Country, has been named Mountain Runner of the Year.





  • Club Northwest long-term planning meeting will be 12/20/08 at PME Office at 10AM



Motion made to adjourn by Tony Young at 9:10PM and seconded by Nick Fleming.


Next meeting 1/12/09