Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2008



Nick Fleming, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Becca Gillespy, Lance Giles, Tony Robinson, Saul Kinderis, Shelley Neal, Ed Ledger




CONTRACTORS:  Brian Oster, Chuck Bartlett, Martin Rudow


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:35PM.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve January 2008 minutes by Shelley Neal, seconded by Tony Robinson and approved. 


John OHearn will send November, December minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.




  • Aggregate account balances are ~$15,000
  • Still awaiting Resolution Run 2008 receipts from Promotion Events-Brian committed to having this to us by 3/12/08
  • Fund-Raising needed in the area of Track and Field-based on plans for team travel


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy


  • We are about to order t-shirts (orange) for members and it was suggested and approved, that we use one of our members to get the printing done.  Saul made a motion for a “not to exceed” expenditure on t-shirts of $1500, seconded by Ed and approved by all.
  • Chuck still has 100 technical t-shirts from Brooks-we discussed getting them printed and maybe using them for returning members with the orange cotton shirts for new members
  • The new Club Northwest logo is finished
  • The 2008 Club Northwest annual meeting will be 3/12/08 at Brooks Headquarters in Bothell, most likely an athletes meeting from 6:30-7:30 and meeting after that-this is pending approval on the time/date from Jesse
  • Also still working on new jerseys/singlets for Club Northwest athletes that will be Olympic “legal” in terms of logo sizes, etc.
  • January/February newsletter came out this week
  • Becca had a proposal ready for Director of Membership and if/when it is accepted she will resign from the board, it did not happen tonight


$150 per month for:

  - processing new memberships

  - Printing membership cards

  - mailing membership cards and shirts (fees listed below)

  - Monthly member email newsletter

  - mailing uniform orders


Plus the following fees:

  - $2.50 per renewing member (no shirt)

  - $5 per new member (or renewing member who never got a shirt)

  - $10 per family membership

  - These fees include the cost of mailing shirts and cards.


Reimbursements for:

  - Printer supplies

  - Mailing uniform orders

  - Other costs not included above


Creation and maintenance of a running buddy matching program would be

$50 extra per month.


Motion was made to approve this as proposed by Saul and seconded by Tony R-all approved, Becca abstained.  Contract will be forthcoming but for now we will run her position as month-to-month.


Northwest Runner:  Bill Roe for Martin Rudow


  • Received $8445 for January 2008-great start for the New Year.
  • Martin commented that we still have numerous accounts receivable out over 90 days but this is the nature of our business and overall we are doing well.
  • Thanks to the efforts of Chuck Bartlett we are re-launching the Northwest Runner website which has had some dated material on it for the past several years.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster


  • All 12 weeks of the All-Comers this year will be at Shoreline, starting the last week of May and concluding the second week of August.
  • The Spring Break Open is set for King’s on 3/22/08, Becca still working on some schedule changes with Bill.  Club Northwest members that pre-register are free!
  • St Pat’s Day Dash is 3/16/08, it is not a Club Northwest event but all are encouraged to attend and wear their ORANGE.


TEAM:  Shelley Neal/Lance Giles/Chuck Bartlett


  • Team applications for Track and Field, Long Distance Running and Cross Country were posted on the web two weeks ago-athletes have until 2/25/08 to sign them.
  • Chuck had resigned his post as Team Manager and is now interested in coming back with some involvement in Long Distance Running and Cross Country, albeit in a more limited role.  We decided to shelve this discussion until next month.
  • Lance brought a proposal for “Club Northwest Olympic Development Program Code of Conduct/Athlete Requirements.”
  • This proposal would modify some of the qualifying marks required for funding and put some teeth into eligibility requirements both for funding and also participation on our teams.
  • The proposal also dealt with possible sponsor issues with regards to compensation/remuneration of coach/athletes.  It was decided that this would be a “future consideration” since we were on the verge of signing a contract with Brooks.
  • Overall we agreed to table the discussion with regards to the entire proposal until the next meeting since it does represent a change in philosophy by sponsoring athletes with regards to sport vs as members. 
  • All in attendance recognized the need to treat Track and Field with more attention/funding for this year and in the future, we have not “put a fence” around exactly what is needed at this point due to the uncertainty of the funding Lance has raised so far.
  • Lance promised his fund-raising would increase “substantially” with some changes to the Club Northwest website, he will send the necessary changes/links to Chuck this week
  • No specific fund-raising totals for 2007 were brought up in Lance’s proposal or discussion
  • Lance asked for reimbursement of expenses related to coaching from September 2007 until now-he will submit receipts by the next board meeting
  • Tony Young/Saul Kinderis asked Lance for a list of his athletes and specific accomplishments in lieu of the binder that he brought for our review
  • Shelley made a motion to accept the Brooks contract as written, this was seconded by Becca and passed with none opposed
  • Saul made a motion to approve the Club Northwest Roles and Responsibilities from Shelley’s 2/7/08 E-mail-this was derailed and further discussion is needed because of Lance’s objection to his potential roles.








WEB:  No report

PNTF:  No report

USATF:  No report







·         Next meeting will be 3/12/08


Motion was made to adjourn by Tony Robinson at 9:41PM, seconded by Tony Young.