Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2009



Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Saul Kinderis, Regina Joyce, Shelley Neal, Bill Roe , Ed Ledger, Ed Haywood, and Will Conwell, Tony Robinson




CONTRACTORS:  Becca Gillespy, Molly Loesche, Martin Rudow, Brian Oster


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:454PM by Saul Kinderis.


Motion to approve December 2008 minutes made by Saul Kinderis and seconded by Tony Young and passed.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn. 


John OHearn to send December minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.




  • We have $11,025.63 in all accounts.  We started the year at $12,730.30, so we have had a decline of $1704.75 for the year.   
  • We made money on All-Comers and Resolution Run this year or the deficit would have been a greater number.
  • Other issues with regards to finances, future fundraising, etc were discussed at the long-range planning meeting also 1/12/2009.


Northwest Runner:   Martin Rudow


  • Martin sees a flat future with regards to Northwest Runner revenues without a large increase in Club Northwest subscribing members.
  • 2008 was a record year for revenue for Northwest Runner with $51,170.54 going to Club Northwest; the old record was 2006 when we generated $49,650 to fund our activities.
  • Martin is incurring some expenses for the new website that will occur in January 2009-February 2009-however, he says February is looking like a record month-but it is never very strong so hard to compare it with an “average” month.



MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy/Molly Loesche


  • We added a few new members this month and expect to get a newsletter out soon.  Molly is almost done with the “database” (excel) spreadsheet updating our membership and will be providing a monthly update of lost/new members starting next month.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster/Becca Gillespy


  • Trip-and-Dip was 1/1/09-our largest ever with 1400 participants and over 800 went in the water.
  • Super Jock and Jill Winter Grand Prix: on 2/6 we had 153 participants, 12/20 road race was snowed out.  We rescheduled this for 12/27 and only 90 people showed up.  For the 1/10 cross country race we had 223 participants, did it in two races and this was an all-time record for numbers!
  • 1/24 is the “predict your time” event, 2/7 is track at Nathan Hale with both Bill and Brian missing-the finale will be on 2/23.
  • King’s will be hosting the Spring Break Open on 3/28-we will need plenty of help because Brian and Bill will be missing from that one too. Becca looking into particulars with regards to someone to run the meet and also do the announcing and timing.
  • Bill talked about All-Comers and we kicked some ideas around about High-Performance Events and also making sure we have enough officials that would be willing to commit to 9 out of 12 weeks.


TEAM:  Shelley Neal/Becca Gillespy


  • USATF Club Nationals Spokane-our teams did very well, with several top finishers in their age groups in the masters divisions and two National Championship teams-women’s masters and means 50-59 masters (for the third consecutive year)-our teams won $1000 in prize money!
  •  Next year the USATF Club Nationals in Cross Country will be in Lexington, KY
  • Shelley is working on a survey so we can get input from our athletes on what their experience was like at either Club Nationals-Track or Cross Country so we can better serve and communicate with our people in the future.
  • Team Committee will be meeting 1/22/09 to select our athletes that we will fund in 2009
  • We discussed the need to order uniforms soon-and in general order more of them and less frequently to keep costs down


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • No report


PNTF/USATF/MISC:  Becca Gillespy


  • PNTF annual meeting is 1/19/2009.





  • None



Motion made to adjourn by Ed Ledger at 8:38PM and seconded by Ed Haywood.


Next meeting 2/09/09