Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2008



Nick Fleming, Bill Roe, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Becca Gillespy, Lance Giles, Tony Robinson, Saul Kinderis


GUESTS:  Carl Winter, David Whiteespin, Paul Abdalla, Ruth Hesse




Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:39PM.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve November 2007 minutes by John O’Hearn, Tony Young seconded it and approved.


Motion made to approve December 2007 minutes by John O’Hearn after group reading/review and seconded by Lance Giles and approved.




  • Went over preliminary budget statement, should be finalized by April 2008
  • Aggregate account balances are ~$12,000
  • We owe New Balance Grand Prix Series and Road Runner Club of America roughly $6700
  • We expect to break even on the New Balance Grand Prix Series this year


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy


  • E-bay auctions netted $371.55 and there are still a few more items that Becca may put on at a later date
  • We are working on the new Club Northwest logo for t-shirts, and getting some ordered with youth sizes included
  • Also working on new jerseys/singlets for Club Northwest athletes that will be Olympic “legal” in terms of logo sizes, etc.
  • Becca is hoping to get the January 2008 newsletter out soon
  • Two new members this month of note-a heptathlete and a pole vaulter-a few other new members as well
  • Becca considering making a proposal for handling membership duties for a fee and resigning her board membership.  She will make a proposal next month.


Northwest Runner:  Bill Roe for Martin Rudow


  • Received $955 for December 2007-normally would have been more, but with our compensation rewards Martin for increasing over budget which he did!


EVENTS:  Brian Oster


  • Many members are turning out for the Winter Grand Prix-Club Northwest has the greatest number of runners out of all of the clubs represented
  • Division leaders include:  Megan Johnson, Mack Young, Tony Young, Jerry Zyskowski, Gail Hall
  • We have 175 series participants; the third race had 193 runners!
  • The Spring Break Open will likely be at King’s, Becca still working on confirming this with pricing from Dante TBD and working out an auto timing system
  • All-Comers track meets this summer will likely be at Shoreline
  • The Road Runner Sports/Club Northwest Polar Bear Dive-Trip and Dip Run was a smashing success with over 1300 runners and 30+ volunteers


TEAM:  Bill Roe/Lance Giles (Chuck Bartlett/Shelley Neal not present)


  • Bill will put together contracts, need to be reviewed by attorneys
  • Promotion Events contract would be a good one to look at (John O’Hearn to handle if it is E-mailed to him)
  • Lance wants to require that top track athletes run at Club Nationals and they would be compensated based on performance rather than just sent there without proper incentive.
  • Lance would pick the group that is “ready to compete” with recent marks and will raise money for “above and beyond” support.
  • Junior Olympics will not be funded
  • Lance would also like the funding/reimbursements to be tied to working directly with him on coaching-no “lone wolves”.



WEB:  No report



PNTF:  No report







USATF:  Bill Roe




  • Craig Masback USATF CEO has decided to leave USATF for a job in the private sector, Bill will be spending at least 3 days per week in Indianapolis this spring as the chair of a transition team helping out and looking for a replacement





  • New orange and blue flagging will be ordered soon by Club Northwest to replace our old and weathered product, approximate cost is $200.
  • Ruth Hesse/Massage Therapist attended the meeting, she is building a practice in Seattle and offering discounted massage sessions to Club Northwest members and considering sponsoring events in upcoming track meets.
  • Next meeting will be 2/11/08


Motion was made to adjourn by Tony Robinson at 9:06PM, seconded by Becca.