Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young, Bill Roe, Ed Ledger, Lance Giles, John O’Hearn


GUESTS:  Tom Cotner


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:37PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve May minutes as amended by Ed and seconded by Becca. Motion made to approve March minutes by Ed and seconded by Tony.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

  • Our current bank account balance is ~$15,000 with $4300 in miscellaneous accounts receivable
  • Martin apparently has another receivable from an ad from the St Pats race-despite his efforts to collect it, he has not been successful.  Bill Roe suggested that he along with Brian and Al Bonney put pressure on Rob to get him to pay this money.
  • Chuck has figured out how to send himself money from the pay pal account-some issues with $500/month limit
  • We made $30.30 in interest for our Pay Pal money market account-currently we have $8421 in the account, it earns 5% interest
  • Martin promised a deposit of $4487 on 6/12/07-however last month’s deposit was just made this weekend.  He promises increased revenue over the coming months despite continued higher expenses from suppliers
  • The magazine redesign seems to be a source of the revenue increase.  Northwest Runner booth was seen at several large races recently; Bloomsday, Capital City Marathon, Tacoma Marathon, Furry 5K


Membership:  Becca Gillespy

  • Bill recently completed inventory-we found out we are low on some items
  • Recently a new member complained that it took 6 months to get his t-shirt and club card
  • We have seen 15 new members in the past 2-3 weeks. We expect a surge since we are near the Firecracker and due to the incentive we offer for entrance and membership we see historical increase in membership
  • At the All-Comers we have gotten 3 new memberships and took in $550 in passes in the first two weeks
  • Nick still needs to re-write the welcome letter
  • It was decided that Becca will visit Sand Point two times per month to follow-up on new memberships to determine if we are getting packets out to them expeditiously-she will report to the board on this new activity each month.  She will contact new members via E-mail to check on this.
  • Shelley suggested that Becca bring club gear to All-Comers meets for sale (John O to provide a Rubbermaid container) and Bill will bring the “what Club Northwest is all about” collage for display at the gate


Events: Bill Roe

  •  “Road Runner Firecracker 5000” will be 7/3/07 and we will be bringing brochures/posters to any and all events as well as All-Comers
  • Bill suggested we develop a “volunteer coordinator” position since many of the requests for help at events are done at the last minute
  • There is a possibility West Seattle may be available for the 7/25 All-Comers meet-VSM might consider sponsoring.  We are still looking for sponsors for other meets-Chuck still needs to check with Seafair
  • We had a lively discussion about the future of the 2-Mile Grand Prix Series.  Bill even suggested that Club Northwest and Federal Way TC run parallel series, ours in North Seattle and theirs in Federal Way with a finale at the end.   Club Northwest is considering taking on a larger role in the series now that Tom Anderson has moved on and Super Jock and Jill's participation level is uncertain.  Advertisements need to be in Northwest Runner by October 2007.
  • Tom Cotner advised some cross-country dates had been set.  PNTF will be at Lower Woodland Park on 10/28/07.  Regionals will be 11/18/07, Lower Woodland Park-this year open men and masters will run 10K, and all women will run 6K.  Other dates, Emerald City Open 9/8/07 and Sundodger 9/15/07.  Club Nationals are in Westchester OH, 12/8/07.


Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett/Shelley Neal

  • Much discussion about developing separate distribution lists for Track and Field (Lance), Long-distance and Cross Country (Chuck), Board of Directors (John OH) and General Membership (Chuck-undetermined) for better communication overall and with individual groups
  • Chuck suggested a simple database being set-up which would have buttons asking if you want Track and Field E-mail, LDR/Cross Country E-mail, etc
  • We could also have a button or questionnaire to find out if members have used their discounts to purchase products at which locations as well as how the E-mail lists are working


Regarding Club Nationals, 8 people have paid the $200 non-refundable fee for the 7/13-14 “Icahn Stadium” (NY) meet.  Club Northwest will pay for two other athletes and Lance to attend.  We went over the budget extensively and it includes the following; Airfare- approximately $7000, Hotel, $2250, Ground Transportation-not to exceed $600, Entry fees $600, shipping for poles $200 maximum.   Saul moved that this be made a motion and Lance seconded it so it passed.


 Shelley continues to work on the travel arrangements for the group.  She will purchase tickets this week and Bill gave her a check to cover these tonight.


Bill again brought up working more closely with Jesse at Brooks given our increased numbers in Track and Field.  We have spent $2300 on equipment so far and do not have a lot of money coming in to pay for more.   He had talked with Jesse recently and he seemed encouraged this might happen.  Brooks does not have some of the field event gear which some of our new members may need.  Chuck was given the approval to purchase needed uniforms for some of the same athletes for the New York meet since we estimate there are 5 uniforms needed in the XL or XXL sizes-which we do not currently have in stock.


Chuck needs board members to respond to his E-mails when he requests things like additional funding for uniforms as he sent one out a few weeks ago and got no response. Saul made a motion to get uniforms for the individuals referred to above for upcoming meets, 7 approved, 2 abstained with a maximum spend of $800.


Shelley presented a “Team Director” post for the board to vote on tonight-it was decided we needed a month to review the professionally written document and we will vote on it next month.  This post would put some teeth into Chuck’s position as well as specify a monthly stipend of $450 and “tighten up” the reporting in the team area-which all board members have felt would be a benefit.




WEB:  Chuck Bartlett

Chuck paid the annual fee for the site this week $70.  Week one of All-Comers are posted, week two are not yet.


New Business:  Nick



The move to adjourn was made by Nick Fleming seconded by Tony Young.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:31PM.