Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2008



Nick Fleming, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Saul Kinderis, Ed Ledger, Ed Haywood, Will Conwell


GUESTS:   Tom Cotner


CONTRACTORS:  Brian Oster, Becca Gillespy


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:40PM.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve May 2008 minutes as written by Saul, seconded by Tony Young and approved. 


John OHearn to send May minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Bill Roe (Saul presented in Bill’s absence)


  • Aggregate account balances are ~$14,000
  • Actual in checking account is $8200; we have $6000 in PayPal and still have some income pending for Resolution Run.
  • Northwest Runner- no check this month, it did not get to us on time but Martin says the receivables are looking good-much better than last year at this time.  Next month should look much better.
  • With the receipts from just two All-Comers meets, we have already paid half of the summer rent to Shoreline.


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy/Nick Fleming


  • Becca did not have exact numbers, but saw a few new members and overall says numbers are increasing, not decreasing even with increased membership fees-we have not seen the “Firecracker phenomena” yet since that usually happens two weeks out from the race.
  • Still discussion of whether or when the membership list will be “databased”-nothing was mentioned for a time frame at this point.


Northwest Runner:  Bill Roe for Martin Rudow


  • No check this month-see above.  Receivables are looking good.


EVENTS:  Becca Gillespy


  • Third week of All-Comers this Wednesday-numbers have been up.  Week one was the largest 1st meet in 10 years with 297 competitors and receipts of $1200.  Second week was decent at $800-900; we are still selling a lot of season passes so that can inflate the numbers early in the year.
  •  Beach Vaults occur over the July 4th weekend-will not be a big revenue draw for us, but great publicity-32 participants have signed up so far.  Tacoma will be 7/4 and Alki 7/5.
  • She has raised $1300 so far, but most will go to meet expenses as this meet is more for Club Northwest publicity than fund-raising.
  • We may have some Masters Runners in the 3K exhibition at the trials-Tony Young, David Cannon, Mike Lynes and Keefer Whan-but only Tony has run a qualifying time so far.
  • We were supposed to have a wrap-up of the Resolution Run last month-Brian was at tonight’s meeting, but this was not provided.


TEAM:  Lance Giles/Becca Gillespy


  • Will is working on the uniforms we expect to have them ordered, etc within 2 weeks.
  • Will and Kate Conwell have qualified for the Olympic Trials-we have 7 others that are very close, i.e. Chris Randolph
  • Eugene is going to hold another qualifier on 6/15/08
  • Becca has a fund raising goal of $10K for Olympic athletes
  • PNTF 5K Championship was 6/6/08 at Fremont.  Club Northwest had several notable performances, Kristi Houk 1st place overall female, Leif Kohler 2nd place overall male (1st overall won by Uli Steidl-Seattle Running Company).  First place 40-44 Masters, Kevin McGinnis, First Place 45-49 Masters, John O’Hearn, First Place 55-59 Jerry Zyskowski
  • A “Legends of Club Northwest” cross country team is being planned for the Club Nationals in December 2008 at Spokane.  Jerry Lindgren, Herm Atkins and Don Kardong may run for Club Northwest-according to Tom Cotner
  • We spent a lot of time going over the proposed budget Lance submitted for expenses so far and what is required to support the balance of the track season.
  • Lance will have a team roster to Saul by COB 6/16/08 so we can advise the athletes to purchase tickets, Club Northwest will reimburse a portion of the ticket and the individual may use their reimbursement account as applicable for the balance.  We will not purchase tickets-they will purchase their own for Club Nationals.
  • Lance will draw up a letter detailing information for each participant once the roster is finalized.
  • The board will vote on the final budget details once Lance supplies us with the roster and other pertinent details-he still intends to take 30 athletes and indicated it will be a very “strong squad”.


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett-not present



PNTF/USATF:  Tom Cotner/Becca Gillespy


  • No major report-discussed PNTF in EVENTS with regard to the PNTF 5K Championship






Motion made to adjourn by Tony Young at 9:18PM and seconded by John OHearn.


Next meeting 7/14/08