Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2008



Nick Fleming, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Tony Robinson, Saul Kinderis, Shelley Neal, Ed Ledger, Regina Joyce, Ed Haywood


GUESTS:   Tom Cotner


CONTRACTORS:  Martin Rudow, Becca Gillespy


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:35PM.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve April 2008 minutes with amendments by Nick Fleming, seconded by Regina Joyce and approved. 


John OHearn to send April amended minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Bill Roe (Saul presented in Bill’s absence)


  • Aggregate account balances are ~$26,000
  • Actual in bank is $20K, but we are owed about $6K from Promotion Events for Resolution Run.
  • Northwest Runner this month was $10000
  • Firecracker is just around the corner so T-shirt cost is about to hit us and also Club Nationals Track Expenses.


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy/Nick Fleming


  • A few new members  came in this past month-Becca did not have exact numbers
  • Becca is still just billing us for her expenses we are not currently paying her per new member, but she will be doing this by June.
  • Nick is working on a comprehensive list or what our member discounts are at the various running stores so it can be listed on the website or where our members can see it


Northwest Runner:  Bill Roe for Martin Rudow


  • Martin said that overall the running business is strong now-races are doing well and the stores are too so advertising us up and so are the revenues for the magazine.



EVENTS:  Becca Gillespy


  • All 12 weeks of the All-Comers this year will be at Shoreline, starting the last week of May and concluding the second week of August. We have 8 sponsorships sold so far-according to Bill.
  • Beach Vaults occur over the July 4th weekend-will not be a big revenue draw for us, but great publicity-Becca thinks she can get T-shirts donated. More details to follow on this from her.
  • Firecracker Ad needs to be done and to Martin by 6/1/08
  • We NEED specific information on one sheet for the All-Comers with regards to sponsorship to professionally sell the rest of the meets/events (action item for Bill/Ed Ledger)
  • Tom Cotner said Sam Alexander may work with him on high-performance events like the 800 and 10K before the end of June-TBD.  We are considering some other special events “Masters Mile”, “Open Mile”
  • Olympic Trials are 6/27-7/4, limits what we can do with high performance events during that time frame
  • We may have 3 Masters Runners in the 3K exhibition at the trials-Tony Young, David Cannon and Keefer Whan.
  • We were supposed to have a wrap-up of the Resolution Run this month-Brian was not at the Board Meeting.


TEAM:  Shelley Neal


  • Shelley had a job description for Chuck as LDR coordinator, Tony R made a motion to vote on it as amended, seconded by Regina and approved.
  • Discussed “Member of the Month” for June-Ryan Bailey voted in due to strong performances in 100/200.  He is in the top tier of sprinters in the country right now and the highest ranked Club Northwest track athlete.
  • Reimbursement for Olympic Trials (women’s marathon) was discussed and approved for our participants.
  • Becca will move forward with a limited number of shimmels for the women runners-a few will be part of a gear package, the balance we will sell to recover costs-the orange singlets are not comfortable for many.
  • Lance discussed the Club National budget-he will have it in writing to Saul later next week.  He has a deal on hotels and a good proposal to have us fund $115 towards each athlete’s airfare-the balance paid by them.  His intention is to take 30 athletes and make a strong showing-maybe even win it.


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett-not present


  • Will be asked to list the new officers on the website
  • The Board would like an  hourly accounting of his time spent on the site on a monthly basis



PNTF/USATF:  Tom Cotner/Becca Gillespy


  • We had a lively discussion of a potentially better way to run the Pacific Northwest Track and Field Championships-they were this past weekend and held in conjunction with the Ken Shannon Invitational
  • Becca had some good points- people do not know about these championships and we are not bringing in as many athletes as we could but Tom said it is a matter of logistics and having the officials available, etc.
  • Further discussion will be necessary-someone would have to pick up the baton on organizing it and be the meet director-the Board noted that Club Northwest does not have a wealth of extra volunteers to take this on at this time




  • Nick showed us the information Bill put together for the binders detailing what Club Northwest is all about and asked for comments-everyone was on their way out and asked if Bill could send this electronically so we can review and send him comments.


Motion made to adjourn by Tony Robinson at 9:15PM and seconded by John OHearn.


Next meeting 6/09/08