Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Saul Kinderis, Tony Young, Bill Roe, Ed Ledger, Lance Giles, Aretha Thurmond, Regina Joyce, Bill Roe (via phone)


GUESTS: Joey Dominguez, Nectaly Barbosa, Tom Cotner


CONTRACTORS:  Brian Oster, Chuck Bartlett


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve April minutes as amended by Ed and seconded by Aretha. March minutes will be voted on next month.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

  • Magazine redesign has been successful with readers and generated more revenue, this month Martin reported $2999.04
  • In results area subscribers names have been added
  • Publication date to be advanced 6 days earlier in the 4th quarter 2007
  • Our two credit cards have apparently had their limits combined


Membership:  Becca Gillespy

  • At West Seattle meet this weekend many Club Northwest members represented us  in a variety of events
  • Lance expects to have 9 new track and field members within two weeks
  • Nick will do the Club Report in the future for Northwest Runner


Events:  Brian Oster

  • All-comers potential location still up in the air-now the issue is the beginning of the summer
  • Possibility of going back to Edmonds
  • Becca to hear on Kings this week as an option
  • Tony to investigate Redmond High School ($93/hr) for the whole series on 5/15/07 and will talk with Bill Roe
  • “Road Runner Firecracker 5000” will be 7/3/07


Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett

  • Several athletes ran Eugene Marathon and Half
  • Mark Mandi won the Half by 2 minutes
  • Susan Empey and Erica Hill hit Olympic qualifying times
  • Several athletes have committed to Club Nationals for track
  • Chuck has Seafair Half Marathon/Marathon and Torchlight Run comps to give out-commitment this early an issue
  • Picked up new member Chris Randolph-Decathlete but SRC also talking to him
  • Five new members joined online last month
  • At least 3 Club Northwest members won PNTF championships at West Seattle last weekend
  • Aretha has several field event potential members but needs questions answered relative to uniforms, financial support, who to deal with i.e. manager vs coach

We discussed what physicians are available to Club Northwest members-John Robertson, in the past treated members free if they were on an approved list.  Currently, Michael Allison will treat any Club Northwest members for cost.


Regarding Club Nationals, we have 15 spots for the 7/13-14 “Icahn Stadium” (NY) meet as discussed last month.  To date no one has made the $200 deposit-has not been well-communicated to athletes.  We extended the deadline for the non-refundable $200 to 5/22/07.  It was suggested we communicate the need for this fee directly to the athletes and they can send a check or pay online.  Shelley is working on travel arrangements for the group.


We have 5-6 athletes going to Indianapolis for USATF Championships 6/21.


Bill talked about need to start fund-raising-silent auction etc give our expanding presence in some of these track and field events.  It is hoped we will generate more “general fund” dollars by sales of Club Northwest gear.  A donation button was suggested for the website.


Bill suggested working more closely with Jesse at Brooks given our increased numbers in Track and Field.  Maybe we could get increased support from them similar to what Nike has done for Oregon Track Club.


Chuck and Lance need to get together to decide how they will manage the track and field, long-distance runners so as to minimize “stepping on toes”.  No date was set for this meeting.


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett

Various ideas were given to Chuck about how to post results on the website for Club Northwest members.  Links will be sent to him on meets, races that he could then download and post.


New Business:  Nick



The move to adjourn was made by Tony Young and seconded by Nick Fleming.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM.