Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2008



Nick Fleming, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Saul Kinderis, Regina Joyce, Shelley Neal, Bill Roe (via phone), Ed Ledger, Ed Haywood, and Will Conwell


GUESTS:  Tom Cotner, Molly Loesche


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Becca Gillespy, Martin Rudow (via phone)


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:26PM by Saul Kinderis.


Motion to approve October 2008 minutes made by Nick Fleming and seconded by Tony Young and passed.


Minutes:  John O’Hearn.  


John OHearn to send October minutes to Chuck for posting on the website.




  • There is concern over $12,000 Promotion Events owes to Club Northwest-we like to keep one event credit with them and the number has grown significantly.  We still have $9866 in the bank; we owe approximately $4000 for top performances in All-Comers track series-with some miscellaneous receipts which should clear next month this number will be updated in December 2008.
  • We may consider allowing Trip and Dip payments to come directly to Club Northwest and we will manage financials for this event rather than have Promotion Events do so.  Changes would have to be made on our website to reflect this. Bill to speak with Promotion Events about their website.
  • We are attempting to schedule a long-range planning meeting on 12/20/2008 from 12-4PM to go over financials from this year and beyond.


Northwest Runner:   Martin Rudow


  • The Running Network, that provided us with $10-15K (10%) of our overall annual advertising revenue has split into two groups-Running Network and Endurance Sports Media Network, we went with Endurance Sports-according to Martin it is unclear how this will all work out at this point because this is not a strong time of the year for ad revenue from this source.
  • Next year is looking positive for Martin and we are getting a $1500 check for October with November looking to be a similar month.
  • Our own advertising revenue (outside of Endurance Sports) is still going well and while there is some concern Brooks and Road Runner may drop a little in 2009 overall we have not lost any major clients.
  • John OHearn put together a list for help at the Northwest Runner booth during Seattle Marathon weekend-forwarded to Becca to put out on Yahoo and fill in some more of the gaps.



MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy/Molly Loesche


  • We added two members this month and expect to get a newsletter out soon.
  • Molly is working on cleaning up the member database and is sending out expired member lists to the Board to follow-up on in the coming weeks.  We have about 340 active members and 60 are lifetime members.
  • We talked about fundraising again and the Molly/Becca will send a note to all members before the next board meeting so we can have members checking with companies they work for, own, etc for fund raising.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster/Becca Gillespy


  • Trip-and-Dip will be 1/1/09 and it could be the biggest ever due to the success last year.  Club Northwest will be taking over the financials and paying all bills this year.
  • Super Jock and Jill Winter Grand Prix dates are as follows: 12/6/08 Cross Country, 12/20/08 Road Race, 1/10/08 Cross Country, 1/24/08 Road Race (Super Jock and Jill serving treats), 2/7/08 Track-possibly at Nathan Hale, 2/21/08 Finale   We have seen some entrants already and the advertisement has been in the November issue of Northwest Runner.
  • We still owe prize money to those that competed this summer in the All-Comers Series and we should take care of Will Conwell as soon as possible since he is one of those we owe and a board member.


TEAM:  Shelley Neal/Becca Gillespy


  • We need to work on athlete evaluations in December so we can get them back in early January 2009 with a goal of filling as many contracts as possible early in the year.  We ended up with some Brooks contracts not being taken by athletes for a variety of reasons.
  • We had a great showing of orange at the Bellevue Cross Country Invitational and overall winners in both the men’s and women’s races.
  • Regarding Regionals-Chuck is making a list of who is going 11/22-23 to Spokane, Club Northwest will pay partial hotel and for vans to get athletes to and from-we have limited funding this year for this event.  Interest has not been what was expected and there are complications due to how we are structuring the requirements to make the teams with people not in enough races or not all of the team members at each race to make the results meaningful.
  • For Club Nationals, Shelley remarked that no one had paid the $100 deposit yet-but with no teams announced many do not understand what they are to do.  It was suggested that people pay and if they don’t make the team, we can refund their $100.
  • We put money down on the bus rental for Club Nationals and we owe more next week, it will be approximately $60 per athlete to ride the bus.  We also have to write a blank check to the hotel to hold the rooms.  Shelley to get this from Nick/Bill this week.
  • Our plan for Club Nationals is 17 rooms with 34 runners, with exact amounts per team and whether we have “A” teams, “B” teams still to be determined
  • Also discussed for next track season was that we only cover Nationals and athlete reimbursements-any additional meets, etc need to be covered by fund-raising efforts from individuals or through the Director of Track Operations-no other budget for travel during the regular season without these outside funds.  This may be put to an e-mail vote before the December board meeting.


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • Chuck needs the tax ID
  • Has added cross country meet photos and done a super job covering the races-thanks Chuck!


PNTF/USATF/MISC:  Becca Gillespy


  • There is a pending meeting regarding the future use of Seattle Stadium and what kind of events it might host in the future we went over what Becca would say at the meeting if given the chance and reviewed her super letter she had written to the Parks Department
  • The Parks Department is moving forward with an RFP process regarding the fate of West Seattle Stadium but Club Northwest is making its voice heard.





  • None



Motion made to adjourn by Tony Young at 9:06PM and seconded by Saul.


Next meeting 12/08/08