Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2007



Nick Fleming, Tony Robinson, Lance Giles, Becca Gillespy, Tony Young, John O’Hearn, Saul Kinderis (via phone), Bill Roe (via phone)




CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster, Martin Rudow


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:34PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve October 2007 minutes by Nick, seconded by Lance once corrections have been made-will be E-mailed out this week.




  • We currently have $8000 in our bank account after paying for Club Nationals cross country plane tickets
  • $50 in memberships has come in and another $100 in matching gifts from Microsoft has been received


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy


  • See above, two memberships received this month
  • Member newsletter went out was a great job by Becca and a good start in improving our communication with members.
  • We still need to update our ad in Northwest Runner-suggested that we update the old ad-Becca will ask Brian for an electronic copy of it and hope to get that done by December deadline of Northwest Runner.
  • We also discussed having some type of membership sign-up card that could be used at the Northwest Runner booth for soliciting membership at races.  It was suggested that Bill might be able to work up a one-pager and forward to Becca
  • Saul still needs to work with Martin regarding the online data base for membership
  • Becca still has some articles to sell on EBay from the garage sale and will wait until closer to Christmas
  • Becca presented a motion to let the Seattle Marathon Training Club pay a reduced fee of $40 per person to get a Club Northwest membership for a year since we had not told them of increased fees by last June.  This will generate $1600 for us-hopefully by the end of the year, the motion was passed.




  • No renewals or new members this month-Martin still needs information from Becca
  • Martin needs help at Seattle Marathon Expo 11/23, 11/24 from 12-8 each day
  • Northwest Runner brought in $4200 for October; ads typically fall off at this time of year due to a lack of races to promote.  We have a lot of money out at this point and Martin hopes to collect as much as possible before the end of the year.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster


  • The sponsorship of the Resolution run by Road Runner Sports is still on.  The location has not been determined yet because of issues in utilizing Hangar 27.
  • Road Runner Sports will not be sponsoring either Firecracker or All-Comers.
  • Bill still working on getting bids for Shoreline-Edmonds for Spring Break Open (March 22) and All-Comers. 


TEAM:  Chuck Bartlett


  • Chuck advised that cross country teams for Club Nationals in West Chester, Ohio 12/8 had to be selected earlier than we had intended due to requirements to have names on tickets one month in advance
  • We will send 6 Open Men, 5 Open Women, 4 Masters Women and 8 40-49 Masters Men, 5-6 Masters 50-59 Men.
  • Plane tickets for the Club Northwest cross country team have been purchased-cost was approximately $9000.
  • Three members ran at the US Olympic Trials Marathon 11/10/07.  Mike Sayenko ran 2:18.  None of them wore orange due to some technical issues regarding logos, etc that we are working on to have corrected for the future
  • We agreed to bring a 6th Women’s Open runner, Alison Tubbs.  Chuck will purchase a ticket this week, motion was passed to cover the cost of this ticket up to a certain amount by Saul and seconded by Lance.
  • Chuck currently starting negotiations with Brooks, Super Jock and Jill and possibly Road Runner Sports with regards to athlete sponsorship, i.e. shoes and clothing for 2008.
  • Athlete contracts need to be updated by the beginning of 2008


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • Chuck is waiting for Spring Break Open, Resolution Run and Grand Prix information to put on the website.
  • He is considering putting a link in to PNTF results




·         No report




  • Next Board Meeting will move to 12/17 because the trip back from Club Nationals is 12/9 (the day before the normal second Monday of the month)


Motion was made to adjourn by Nick at 8:45 and seconded by Tony Young.