Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Tony Young, Bill Roe, John O’Hearn




CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:40PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve September 2007 minutes by Nick seconded by Bill and approved.




  • We currently have $10,600 between our accounts-this includes Northwest Runner deposit but not proceeds from Firecracker
  • A $4000 deposit from Firecracker is coming soon-would have been more but we also have to pay volunteers/staff approximately $2000
  • Bill received a note from the IRS saying we owe $1200 from a past tax return 12/31/06 and is going to look into this and figure out what it is from
  • Northwest Runner deposit was $6914 this month-we had been budgeted for $2450
  • We have already reached our overall budgeted amount from Northwest Runner of $36,000 with three months to go!


MEMBERSHIP:  Becca Gillespy


  • Only a few new members in the last month
  • Member newsletter did not get out this month-goal to get it out in October, hoping to be able to do it once per month in the future
  • Becca asked for information to put into it-was decided that she can go to certain people for updates rather than appealing to the masses i.e. team/meet/race results would be Chuck and Lance.


EVENTS:  Brian Oster


  • Road Runner Sports is still contemplating what kind of support they will give Club Northwest in 2008
  • They may only look at individual events and support the Resolution Run only
  • Road Runner Sports has been disappointed over the lack of interest from Club Northwest members both in events they put on at their store and also a lack of members coming in to buy gear and shoes
  • Current Club Northwest discount for members is 15% at Road Runner Sports
  • Dawg Dash is 10/15/07-this is not a Club Northwest event but expects to draw some members and another 2500 runners
  • Bill met with Tom Anderson and Brian Oster to discuss the Winter Gran Prix
  • Courses will both be at Magnuson-road and cross country.  This will save on set-up, permits, etc
  • New Balance will be on board to sponsor again and will provide $1500 in cash as well as various give-aways and prizes for the finale in February
  • Super Jock and Jill will be involved to help promote the race again but Club Northwest will present and basically run the event with the help of the Federal Way Track Club who provides very important volunteers and the money they get paid (approximately $2500) directly helps cross country and track programs in the area
  • We will generate some minimal income from the series but we all decided it is an excellent extension of our community support for running like the All-Comers Track Series.  Club Northwest (Bill) basically will be the banker of the event
  • Dates and themes were decided-  Random prizes/Christmas 12/15, Resolution 12/29, Cross Country Alumni Day 1/12, Predict time 1/26, 2/9 Track at Nathan Hale, 2/23 Road finale
  • We decided the board will put on the final party and it will be done in a large room we will rent at Magnuson as opposed to the crowded Zeke’s Pizza we have used in the past
  • Shelley presented a resolution that Club Northwest will officially take over the financial management of the Winter Gran Prix Series by hiring Federal Way Track Club, producing the event and also doing all that we did in the past, Tony seconded it and all in attendance approved.
  • Spring Break Open-date was set, it will be March 22, Kings is out we still need to get bids from Shoreline and Edmonds. 


TEAM:  Chuck Bartlett/Shelley Neal


  • Salmon Days had a lot of orange in the field as many open and masters showed up to run and gain points towards cross country selection.  Ahrlin Bauman out kicked Mike Heidt to win the overall title in 31:07-just off the required time for full Club Northwest funding for Nationals in December
  • Sean Sundwald qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon with a recent performance
  • PNTF Cross Country date is 10/28/07 and Regionals 11/18/07 they are the final selection races for our cross country teams at Club Nationals in December-West Chester, OH
  • We talked about how to limit funding for our athletes that make our standards for various events i.e. track since lately Chuck has been getting calls to give money to various members that have attained certain marks
  • We talked about instituting a 6 month time period as a member before any cash would be paid out for performance standards
  • This needs to be added into our athlete’s contract that will hopefully be updated before next year


WEB:  Chuck Bartlett


  • No sales off the website lately but we do not have a lot of product available either




  • PNTF annual meeting was this past weekend (10/6) not a lot of new members attended
  • There was discussion to hold a combined Masters/Open PNTF in the future
  • Regarding USATF- Marion Jones-blah, blah, blah, very unfortunate for the sport as people are now shutting off from track because they feel all of our athletes are using performance enhancement drugs
  • Testing for track is so much more stringent than other sports, i.e. football where these drugs are practically encouraged by overzealous capitalistic team owners that need to win at all costs




  • Scheduled Club Northwest long-range business planning meeting 10/21 from 11-3PM at the “Roenstown Compound” on Whidbey Island board members and significant others are encouraged to attend
  • Next Board Meeting is 11/12 just in case any of the board have missed a meeting or two this year and did not k now when they are scheduled

Motion was made to adjourn by Nick at 9:09 and seconded vociferously by Tony Young.